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    Anyone using insulin for diabetes?

    I have been insulin dependent for over 10 years now. Has it been a lifestyle change? Yes and no. Stay active physically, shed a few pounds, and lay off the sugar. blood sugar testing is a simple. Procedure as is the injection protocol twice a day in my case. Interestingly after a short time, I...
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    Another backhoe question

    My New Holland TC45 tractor with a sub frame mount BH has more than paid for it self over the 20 years I have owned it. I built a castered dolly for the BH making it very EZ to put on the tractor and the attachment can be stored in an obsecure corner or the barn when not in use. would a tracked...
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    Deer Hunting and deer hunters

    Good point on the aspect of charging for hunting privilege. i don’t charge as the deer population is huge and needs to be thinned out, I do however accept gift certificates that are offered by the invited hunters.
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    Deer Hunting and deer hunters

    Here in Michigan the 2022 deer season is about to close and in my township relatively close to a metropolitan area there is no shortage of requests to hunt deer on private property and certainly no shortage of trespassers. As a land owner it is my understanding the potential exists to be liable...
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    About painting a steel sided building

    I used shur Kryl from Sherwin Williams on a metal building that was erected in 1972. i first washed the building with a 2,500 PSI hot water pressure washer and double coated with an airless sprayer using a .017 gun tip. the results were spectacular and now 3 years later the building still looks...
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    Land conservancy decisions

    In Michigan the current owner and future owners do not have to open the protected property to public access.
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    Land conservancy decisions

    Budweiser John looking for member opinions/experiences in putting land into a conservation easement. Background. My wife and I Own 80 acres in southern Clinton County Michigan. We purchased the raw land in the summer of 1971, built a house and over the years have added 5 out buildings and raised...
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    Small towable graders?

    I took 3 pieces of railroad track about 8’ long and spaced them parallel about 2’ apart on a lever surface and then welded two pieces of 4x4x1/2” angle iron across the top of the rails about 6” in from each end. Torched a couple holes through the ends of the angle for a couple chains And pull...
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    What is the dumbest thing you have done with your equipment ?

    This incident did not happen to me but happened to a lawyer friend of mine. My friend recently purchased a new Kubota 26 HP tractor with all the bells and whistles. My friend is also a boating nut and his boating collection includes a fair sized sail boat. last spring, he decided to use his new...
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    Wood working clamps

    Pipe clamps work well but only buy the clamps intended for 3/4” pipe. lenth cab be zero to infinity depending on the length of the pipe. I have a stash of threaded pipe from 12” to 60” and a handful of couplings so if necessary can couple assorted lengths together to obtain a length suitable...
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    Cleaning Up Substantial Yard Debris

    My son has one of those with a grapple and they are amazenly gutsey machines
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    Anyone insured?

    The cost of the premium is not the issue. If you purchase a 50K piece if equipment and do not insure it you’re being stupid. A major barn fire in 1983 and the resultant settlement hassles tought us the value of doing business with a reputable company and spending time to record and document all...
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    Splitters and Wood, show your pics!

    Not sure if I should focus on the splitter or the splitee
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    Splitters and Wood, show your pics!

    Here is a couple pictures of how I process about 6 cords I use to heat my shop building. in the field I cut logs to multiples of 16” long and with a grapple bring the logs to my processing area where they are cut into 16” rounds and pushed into a pile with my FEL. At this point, they are split...
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    Splitters and Wood, show your pics!

    Cutting table? Sounds interesting can you post a picture(s)?
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    Need advice on a larger chainsaw for an older guy.

    I will add my endorsement to the Stihl easy sharpener. I also own a Oregon chain grinder but find the Stihl easy sharpener to do a superior job with out having to remove the chain from the bar and fiddle with setting up the grinder. B. John
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    New Stihl?

    I have a Circa early 90s Stihl 029 and a MS391. the 029 can sit for months in cold weather and will start with 3 to 5 pulls. the 391 is a much different story, that sucker needs to overnight in a warm environment to have any chance of starting. Once started and warmed up it performs as...
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    Galvanized bolts? Need 36 carriage bolts, washers and nuts

    👍👍 Now, from one Michigander to another. It’s time to build the tunnel before it’s too late. Bolt that puppy down……
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    Galvanized bolts? Need 36 carriage bolts, washers and nuts

    I live in Michigan where the water is salt free and shark free. ACQ treated lumber eats up steel fastners faster than a Bear on steroids but I’ve had good luck with anything ‘Spax’ or green label ‘Simpson’ and I love those Torex star heads. when restocking my bolt bin for farm use, TSC bulk by...
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    considering this trailer...

    400 gallons of water is about 3,300 pounds. Be extremely careful of the balance point of the tank so it is tung heavy. I would pop for a two axel trailer minimum. B. John
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    Starting over - the allure of country!

    I’m 78 my wife is 75 we have lived on our 80 acre farm for 50 years this November. About 12 years ago we seriously considered relocating but given the fact that would interrupt our life and cost a bunch of money we elected to stay put and looking at the trials and tribulations of several close...
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    Chipper Shredder

    The great chipper vs brush pile debate will rage on forever, here’s my take: Both are necessary. I bought a Wood Max 8H eight years ago and with one minor hydraulic valve issue (taken care of by Wood Max) the machine has performed as advertised. As the question goes, are you cutting down the...
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    A few pics from today’s square baling

    Let’s just say 30 years ago when hay season rolled around and small square bales were the norm the anticipation of a barn full of green sweet smelling hay was almost as good as making love ( note the term almost), we had an inventory of willing young Teenagers mostly striking for that first...
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    3pt or Stand Alone Splitter

    Stand alone. Here are a few pictures of my wood processing set up. Average about 6 face cords per year.
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    Stopping re growth of cut brush

    Thanks guys, Crossbow and RM43 are on my radar.
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    Stopping re growth of cut brush

    Just a point of clarification on my brush removal. Everything I’m on the warpath for Is 1 to 3” in diameter.
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    Stopping re growth of cut brush

    Last Christmas Santa brought me a Husky handlebar style brush cutter. Now having exercised said cutter, I’m wondering what is the most effective and perhaps the least expensive chemical I can spray on the stumps to prevent future re-growth? if any one has a magic potion commercial or home...
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    Get your woolleys warming.

    Yes, here in the Great Lakes state (Michigan) the forecast is for lows below zero. Deer have been enjoying chowing down on the radish cover crop. Last evening from my great room window.
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    cataract Surgery on the docket next Tuesday motnin

    Any TBNers out there willing to share their experiences with Cateract Surgery? I am not terribly concerned about the procedure and the doctor has performed the procedure 17,000 times with only 8 complications in the last 12 years but the delimma is, I have only one good eye as the other has be...
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    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    Re: Big Barn痴 Retirement Farm Shop Not exactly in the same league but. I finally installed this auction find a few weeks ago. 7 1/2 HP 2500 CFM 10.5 of static pressure. Interior piping comming soon, more than enough Moxie for a one man wood shop
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    Landscape water feature advice

    Looking for advice on landscape water features. We are in the beginning stages of creating a interesting water feature along the lines of a disappearing waterfall rather than a water impoundment (pond) as a pond would become a private playground for our yellow lab. Matters of pump capacity, pipe...
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    Todays shop time.

    A new shop acquisition a couple months ago. This is a South Bend Lathe originally born in the 1920s or 30s as a Lin痴 shaft driven metal lathe. I have no idea about it痴 life history other than my late neighbor owned it and used it as a wood lathe for a number of years. I acquired it out of his...
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    Todays shop time.

    Here is a picture of a recent neighborhood barn find. Eight foot long bed, variable speed DC motor with controller and a box full of accessories. I haven稚 turned wood since high school almost 60 years ago so looking forward to new shop adventures. This machine is branded South Bend but I cannot...
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    Asking the collective wisdom of this site about RV generators

    We recently downsized our RV from a 36 fifth wheel boxcar to a 27 Airstream bumper pull. Our reason for the change is simply the fifth wheel was too big and too high to do any back County boon docking and leaving the seclusion of our farm for a typical crowded RV park simply was not our idea of...
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    Older Stihl pole saw does not pick up the load when cutting

    I have a Stihl pole saw purchased new in 2006. This saw only gets occasional use so for all practicable purposes is in like new condition. Saw started right up today after being unused for over six months but will not pick up the load when cutting. Following the directions in the owners manual...
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    TC45D Range Safety Switch problem

    My New Holland TC45D tractor transmission range selector switch that only allows the tractor to be started while in neutral occasionally will not complete the required circuit to allow the tractor to start when the key is turned to the start position. There is a audible clicking sound at the...
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    Phase Converters

    Here is a picture of my three phase set up. The converter is a RotoPhase listed for 20Hp max but will operate up to 60HP total load. This setup has been in service for over 30 years and works flawlessly.
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    Time to paint a 40 year old pole building

    I知 sure this topic has been covered in the past but coating technology continues to advance so here goes the question. Given today痴 technology, who or what is the best paint product to use on a 1970s vintage steel building? The steel is rust free, weathered to the prime coat and originally...
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    Ethonal free gasoline storage limitations

    Finally located a source for etholal free gasoline in my area, popped for a wheeled gasoline caddy from Northern Tool and am about to treat the eleven or so small engines around here to a new healthy diet. Now, the sixty four $$ question: What exactly is the storage life of ethonal free...
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    Welding and Macular Degeration

    Over the last three years the course of Macular Degeneration (declining eyesight) is slowly claiming my ability to maintain my welding and woodworking skills. In the woodworking arena I have retro fitted where possible, didgital readouts on my table saw fence, thickness planer and cut off stops...
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    4,200# of slate, one 75 year old guy

    Not exactly tractor related but thought I would show off a recently nearly completed project. Our lower level has gone unfinished since we added on to the house several years ago. A few more weeks work including some natural Alder custom trim will add about 700 square feet of game room/guest...
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    Any members into solar enegery

    Several weeks ago my wife and I attended a local Home and builders show and struck up a conversation with a guy representing a local solar enegery co. His pitch was quite interesting and included tax savings, enegery savings and increased property values. Bottom line, we agreed to an on-site...
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    Some inexpensive shop srotage solutions

    Recently a lawyer friend of mind retired his law practice and was going to send the pictured file cabinets to the scrap yard. Much to the chagrin of my wife, I hauled the files home and with a little right angle grinder therapy to remove the partitions ended up with some very nice enclosed...
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    Am I crazy? Thinking about raising sheep and lambs

    OK, my wife and I have had the farm for 46 years and all of those years there have been 3 or more horses in the barn. At age 75 (me) and 71 (spouse) the time has come to stop playing cowboy/girl and sell the remaining horses. However... A barn with out life is only a building and both of us...
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    Questions for TBN members who own plasma cutters

    I am considering investing in a plasma cutter. I would seldom be cutting material over 1/2 thick and generally like to purchase American made quality equipment. My preference would be either Miller or Lincoln however, I could be swayed to other brands with enough TBN endorsements. Now a few...
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    A wood cutting/gathering question

    Asking the opinions of seasoned firewood cutters. Do any of you use a 'pickeroon', sometimes called a 'hookeroon' for gathering wood rounds in the process of stacking or moving firewood? I'm not exactly a spring chicken anymore, so bending over and picking firewood off the ground is getting a...
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    Improving the visibility of oil on an engine dipstick

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to improve the visibility of the oil level on a engine dipstick? Specifically on my 20Kw standby generator. I change the oil annually and because the unit is propane fired the oil is never really dirty so when routine checking or changing the oil (and due to...
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    Triple by passs and heart valve replacement on the radar. Any advice?

    OK now, at 74, I've never considered my self old. However, the good GP doc recently suggested I see a cardiac specialist. Well fast forward several months and several diagnostics culminating in a heart Cath, the cardiac guy casually says, yup, minimum triple by pass and while we're in there...
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    Brush b gone....

    Looking for advice on favorite and effective brush killers. Brand names or home brew, what have fellow members used to effectively discourage the enrichment of hauthorn, wild rose and other nusence brush in fence rows? Any and all suggestions appreciated. B. John
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    Any Shepards on the membership roster?

    Now retired and getting caught up on various personal/farmstead projects, I've been thinking about the pros and cons of a small flock of sheep. We live in central Michigan, so four weather seasons, and I own 80 acres of land. At 74, I'm not interested in bailing my own hay but have a reliable...