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    Worlds hardest oil filter to get off

    RjCorazza, that is also my "go to filter tool" for removing a stubborn factory installed filter. Funny, we used similar tools made my Ridgid with 5' handles on them. They had two sets of teeth and much larger size chain. Used them on 4-8" threaded pipe. All bull work!
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    Let's see some homemade 3 point ballast!

    My 2' x 2' x 2', (4 cubic Ft) concrete block, w/2" trailer receiver hitch cast in. (12-13) 80# bags of Sakrete, approximately 1150# with hitch iron in the block.
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    Uncomfortable noise on finish mower

    I would say the issue is in the PTO drive shaft yokes. Either failing or phasing. Most drive shafts are designed so that they can't be assembled wrong but some with square shafts can.
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    Are backhoe buckets universal?

    This may help with the dimensions you should be comparing:
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    Big Zerks

    Are they button head grease fittings?
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    New welder... probably multimatic 215 but not sure

    "When you bought a welder back in the early 80's you could expect to put it in your will." I know my Lincoln Idealarc 250 will outlive me. Purchased new in November 1980 for $668.00.
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    Tractor News Any rumors of Kubota coming out with a new L series tractor?

    I am seriously thinking of trading my L4200 GST which I purchased in 1997 for a new L5060 GST. I am planning on getting quotes from a few dealers in my area next month. However, I wouldn't want to go through with the purchase now if Kubota was coming out with a new L series in the near future...
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    Do you like foxes living near your house.......

    This guy keeps the foxes at bay around our house.
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    Last L/Grand L series NOT Tier4?

    I presently have a L4200 GST and am looking for a 50-55HP Grand L tractor. I am looking for a little larger Kubota Grand L series tractor. Prefer not equipped with a Regen. system. What was the latest Grand L series produced by Kubota without a Regen. system? By the way, my L4200 which...
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    New Signature Series X700 Coupon for $500 Off from Deere Corp.

    For anyone contemplating purchasing a new X700 Signature Series GT. Got this tip from a forum member on another site...