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  1. Jim Nelson

    Daylight Savings Time---yes or no?

    It should be called "Let's just pretend what time it is"
  2. Jim Nelson

    How to know when your parents may not want to drive anymore?

    I'm 77 and stopped driving about a year ago because I don't want to injure or kill a family due to my problems. I lost the vision in my right eye about 5 years ago and with it went my depth perception. Then my heart problems became much worse and I have to be on oxygen at all times. I'm very...
  3. Jim Nelson

    What the heck happened?!

    It was a mess the first day but everything seems fine today. The same thing happened the last time they up graded. I'm happy.
  4. Jim Nelson

    Royal Purple Marine hydraulic oil

    I found what looks like a deal on 2- 5 gal jugs of this Royal Purple marine hydraulic oil and can't find anything about using it for tractor systems. I would use it in my B7800 & RTV 900 Kubotas, has anyone had experience with it?
  5. Jim Nelson

    $ My differential lock stopped working $

    I've lost 3 of them on my B7800 and I believe that it is mostly caused by poor design in that there is too much linkage and no adjustment. On the HST tractors the pedal is on the left floor and goes under the floor then across the tractor and then back to the axle housing where it connects to a...
  6. Jim Nelson


    I use an Apple iMac desktop computer and only on this forum I cannot get my posts or replies to properly indent when starting a new paragraph. It will look fine when I proof read it but when I touch the submit reply it just runs on. I know that by hitting the enter key twice or more I can...
  7. Jim Nelson

    Good morning!!!!

    Thank you to all for your prayers and condolences for my nephew, very much appreciated. He was well known and respected in the community as an artist, rancher and all around good guy. He worked in several mediums including stone ,bronze oils ,water color, etc. Will try to attach a pic of...
  8. Jim Nelson

    No Squirrels This Year

    I hope this works. This is a squirrel on top of a squirrelinator trap contemplating suicide.
  9. Jim Nelson

    RTV900 replacement seat options

    I have a 2005 RTV 900 with real low hours and always kept covered but the seat, both cushion and back rest, is starting to go to pot. I think for its age this is to be expected and I can get both re-covered by a good upholsterer for $250-$300. This is based on another RTV1140 that I had to have...
  10. Jim Nelson

    Hydraulic drive for mower behind RTV900

    I have a RTV900T,Kubota with the auxiliary hydraulic package and would like to put a 3 pt. hitch on it to mount my Woods RFM42 mower and power the PTO drive with a hydraulic motor. I've seen a you tube video where a guy is powering a manure spreader like this. The system on the RTV delivers 5...
  11. Jim Nelson

    Hydraulic/Transmission capacity for RTY 1140 CVX

    I just bought a 2010 RTV 1140CVX and want to change all the fluids and filters.I got the WSM and parts books with it but for the life of me I can't find the capacity of the hydraulic/transmission oil. I've googled and come up with from 3 gal to 5 gal but nothing that seems to be definitive. I...
  12. Jim Nelson

    head gasket on RTV 900

    I've found an RTV 900 local to me that is in pretty nice shape but the guy says the head gasket is leaking.The story is that the machine was being serviced and the coolant was drained out when a young employee needed to get another machine out so he started this one up to move it then left it...
  13. Jim Nelson

    Portable generator

    I recently acquired a Baldor 6000 Watt generator powered by a 9.9 hp Hatz diesel engine. It's a 1 cylinder with elec. or recoil start rated at 3600 rpm.It starts right off and seems to run real well but I have never heard of the Hatz engines. Looking on the net I can't find anything negative or...
  14. Jim Nelson

    Trying to locate the 3ph Pressure Relief Valve on my B7800

    I'll try to attach a photo of the page from the WSM on how to access the valve
  15. Jim Nelson

    Wood splitter had. cylinder dis assembly

    I picked up an old Duerr 20 Ton splitter with a bad engine a while back and have been re building it. So far I replaced the trashed Briggs with a Yanmar clone diesel,installed a 2 stage pump and replaced the control valve. The had. cylinder has a small leak around the ram that makes a mess over...
  16. Jim Nelson

    Diesel fuel at Sam's Club

    Our local Sam's Club is remodeling their fuel island and adding diesel fuel.While I was in there this morning I was talking to one of the employees there and he said that several outlets like grocery chains and Target etc. that hadn't previously carried diesel were adding it. He said that the...
  17. Jim Nelson

    Switch on camera card

    Like most I've been using a digital camera for the past few years and recently got a trail camera to check on the critters around our property and been pretty happy with them but a problem popped up today.I haven't been getting any action the last week or so and after fooling with the game cam...
  18. Jim Nelson

    Car Guys What's in your garage?

    As I've grown older I've slowed down and my vehicles show it.My daily driver is a '93 Daihatsu Hijet and my work truck around the place is a '95 Suzuki Carry which I've outfitted with a dump and scissor lift to make my chores a little easier.
  19. Jim Nelson

    squirrel bait

    I live in rural San Diego county in Southern Calif. and we have an on going problem with ground squirrels.They eat part of everything we try to raise then burrow under the roads causing constant problems there too. One of the most popular ways of trying to control them has always been bait...
  20. Jim Nelson

    Bearcat shredder knives

    I picked up a really nice SC5540 Bearcat chipper/shredder and it's just about due to have the shredder knives turned which means next time they will need to be replaced.I tried a search of the forum and came up with 1280 threads that may or may not refer to Bearcat shredder knives so decided to...
  21. Jim Nelson

    Broken axle

    I just turned over 1000 hrs on my B7800 so I serviced it all up and put a new pair of front tires on it and took it for a spin to make sure everything was ok. I had the mower on it so I went chasing mustard weeds and at the bottom of a slope I turned right and heard a terrible...
  22. Jim Nelson

    slow stabilizer

    I have a BH75 backhoe on a B7800 Kubota and the left stabilizer all of a sudden is real slow going down but raises up fine.There is not full travel with the lever,it feels like there is something in the bottom of the valve.I've looked at the drawing in the parts list and don't see how any thing...
  23. Jim Nelson

    pto clicking noise

    I just bought a B 7510D gear type tractor to use mainly to run a chipper.Everything seems to work well until I decelerate while running the chipper,then it starts a rythmic loud clicking noise that gets worse if you depress the clutch or shift the pto to neutral.It does not do this with out any...
  24. Jim Nelson

    Is this a fair deal

    I need a second tractor for a couple of months and have a shot at a 1401D for $3500.It has a loader and box blade,neither of which matter to me for what I need.I will be wanting to re-sell this tractor in the next 6 months.I would grade this tractor at about 7 on a 1-10 scale.It starts and runs...
  25. Jim Nelson

    yet another seat question

    I have a B-7800 with the junk seat that everyone knows about.My dealer,who has been real good about everything else,will not budge on this because my tractor was over 2 yrs. old when I brought it up.When I was at the dealership the other day I looked at a B-26 with a killer seat that looks quite...
  26. Jim Nelson

    Backhoe Backhoe attachment from KPX

    Has anyone tried the three point backhoe attachment that KPX is advertising? The price sure seems right.I don't need a real stout hoe or I would go to a traditional frame mount.I want something for my B-7800 Kubota that will be fairly quick to change out. Thanks Jim