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    Uh, ok.....

    Say what?
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    Manual tree pole pruner, what's the trick?

    First, a rule-of-thumb: Don't stand under the pruner! If the falling branches don't get you the "sawdust" might fall in your eyes and gift you with a very bad day[emoji2959]. Secondly, there's a reason you cut, sand, drill, etc against a heavy platform, table, vice, etc - so what you're working...
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    How do you store your outside generator?

    Just build a doghouse. Make it 3-sided with the roof and the "front" removable for service and be absolutely sure you include vents or louvers for air passage.
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    Son just got an old dr power wagon

    Is there a Harbor Freight store near you? I'd look there to find a match. Looks like a vertical shaft engine and replacement should be do-able.
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    Vacuum muck from old well

    I'd go the suction dredge route if it's doable. Thing is, and I don't recall clearly, any suction will only lift x feet. So in mines, as an example, they have multiple lifts.
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    RANT New "safety" gas cans?

    I've always thought - Yellow for Diesel fuel, Red for Gasoline, Green or Blue for water.
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    RANT New "safety" gas cans?

    'Nother case of the safety nannys going overboard. Just how many gasoline fill "accidents" have there been anyways?
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    Cleaning out Drain Pipe

    If the pipe run is solid PVC and well glued how are the roots getting in? Gotta be a gap somewhere.
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    Bad Dogs Bad Neighbor

    By all means talk to an attorney. Just remember that previous "arrangements" can effect your understanding with a local guy.
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    Bad Dogs Bad Neighbor

    PS. I'm not a lawyer and I'd bet nobody on this forum will admit to being one either. Having said that I recall a similar situation, back in the 80's(?), where it was mentioned that messing with the Mail was a Federal Offense. Document EVERYTHING and consult a lawyer! Or retreat and lick your...
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    Bad Dogs Bad Neighbor

    If you are the newbies in your local area you're starting from a handicap. If "They" are old money, or original (anything over 10 years) residents or settlers you're starting from a handicap. If They are handicapped or elderly you're starting from ... Etc (big time). Not to say you cannot...
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    13 + 2 + 75 = 9

    I don't know enough to judge but 75 mph (Speed Limit (!)) on a spare? Raises my hackles for sure.
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    Spreader or sprayer?

    I have been looking @ Rural King, Home Depot, Lowe's and Ace. And the preponderance of fertilizer I have seen is dry for a spreader. Hey that's okay, we have a broadcast tow-behind for the lawn tractor but I was thinking the liguid, concentrate, would be an advantage. Hasn't worked out that way.
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    Spreader or sprayer?

    Thanks! I haven't looked at Agri Supply in several years. Worth a shot, maybe.
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    Spreader or sprayer?

    I have a tow-behind sprayer. Probably a 25 gallon unit and I'd like to use it but here in north central Florida I've had zip-O luck finding liquid lawn fertilizer! Seemed like a great idea. And I bought it so I could use it with Graze-On and such so the horses (2 minis) would get the benefit of...
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    Fencing my property

    Interesting conversation! Seems like "Good fences make good neighbors." AND Good neighbors make good fences (!).
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    Fencing my property

    I recall a discussion about "Adverse Possession", probably in the 80s(?) and the conclusion was that it was an old and outmoded concept and no longer applicable. That being said a true legal opinion is needed. As with most things YRMV.
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    What to do about a rusty frame?

    Only one solution - IF & only IF, because of the effort and price involved, is to remove the frame from the body and the engine & running gear, strip and repair as needed, then high zinc primer then paint with "undercoating" (covers and still allow the frame to flex) then put everything back. Of...
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    Fencing my property

    One last thing - don't let yourself get trapped into some emotional feud/spitting match, life's too short to be a child longer than needful.
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    Fencing my property

    One - you're gonna have neighbors whether you like them or not. Two - you want them to respect your property as much as you do theirs. Three - clearing enough to allow you to maintain the fence is cheapest NOW and EXPENSIVE later. Last if you make an agreement with your current neighbors you...
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    Water Well pump removal ideas

    Is the well string in a casing? (Should be.) It is possible to use tall "farm" jacks to lift the entire string and pump, 2' at a time with 2 jacks but you'll - need to have a large pipe wrench or clamp of some sort to tighten on the string (yes this works _much_ better with metal pipe!) to keep...
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    What's wrong with Canadians?

    You are talking about constructed headlines (composed for grabbing the attention of gullible consumers - i.e. you and me) not accurate reportage. Sidebar - I refuse to call propaganda journalism any longer it's all the big lie. Term it agitprop, much more appropriate.
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    horse etiquette

    Horse Etiquette? Maybe the title of this string should be "neighborhood etiquette" instead. In any case a topic like this needs a non confontational approach.
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    horse etiquette

    I've been told that horse manure does not make good fertilizer. The vegatative matter is not as digested as cow manure. Possibly because cows chew their cud and horses do not(?).
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    horse etiquette

    I think the OP needs to clarify 2 things - the "community property" of the road and whether or not the neighbors are operating a commercial (and) for profit enterprise. We live outside of Ocala Florida so horses are everywhere. We have 2 minis, VSEs (small ponies) and keeping the quantity of...
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    Are you this old?

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    Bought a axe to my self as Jule present

    "Jule"??? Did you mean Yule?
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    Invasion Of The Marijuana Growers

    Knotheads are, unfortunately, universal.
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    Please answer without comment

    We heard of one, not a close friend, during early summer. But the local news was/is also full of reports, and numbers, of elderly in the retirement communities nearby that were passing due to COVID and complications. (I do NOT ascribe 100% accuracy to ANY news outlet, but there it is.)
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    3d Printers

    There was a brief surge of news about 3d printing houses. Now that would be progress.
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    Clay aroma

    I think most people would know the difference between manure smell and septic tank.
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    Clay aroma

    Yes that should have been encountering. Spelling Nanny got me again [emoji2959].
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    Good morning!!!!

    I've found that it helps to put a cup under the spout of a Keurig[emoji53].
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    Clay aroma

    I'm putting in a short length of fence next to the house, meant to hide the AC units - a honey-do. While digging the post holes it's come as a surprise to me to find how much clay I'm encouraging. The soil at the house pad is about 6-10 inches deep then a clay layer, then (about 16" deep)...
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    3000 and 2500/old 2000 series vs XT3 GS, GSE, GSX/ new 2000 series

    Sheet metal, time and advertising.[emoji2955]
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    new barn design help

    You're working on the shop building that I want (also) tho on a smaller scale. Mine would have two of the aisles, middle and left, drive thru with front and rear roll ups for wife's horse trailer and the truck and definitely I would add a john room with a toilet, sink and shower. Right aisle...
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    Dogs are great Beggar Lice finders. My pet-barber wife reminds me of that every time the pooch gets out!
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    House generator questions...second thoughts on whole house system.

    We are in North Central Florida, Marion county. moved here at retirement, 3 yrs ago. Moved from Brevard county, Florida east coast. Having spent 60 years in Florida, and feeling like the hurricane season wasn't about to ease off anytime soon. I refused to live without a whole house generator...
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    House hit by lightning

    Good to hear that all is being repaired!
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    Bahia grass wears out mower blades

    That wear is (extreme but) typical for blades used in sandy, Florida, soil. I have had to change and/or discard a set every 3 months.
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    Love Letters. Real Estate

    Won't work for me, doesn't work for wifie.
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    Well Pump Electrical Problem

    Ah me. This is a perfect example of a consumer trusting too much, too far, and too often. Once the house is done and occupied why do people believe the builder is still concerned. What _should_ have transpired is that with the deed and title of the property the owners gets a complete (and...
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    Does your 3 point post hole digger dig down 3 feet straight?

    3 point hitches have that peculiarity. They will not move vertically AND plumb without help. If they were "4 point" (ie a trapezoid) then you could expect the verticals to be, well, vertical.
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    Any value in this...

    Looks like a Rake of some sort Unless you want a hobby of restoring old stuff I'd pass it on. Maybe to a scrap metal dealer.
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    Tropical Storm Warnings Up -- LA, MS, AL

    I was considering a late August visit to New Orleans. Was. Maybe I'll reconsider.
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    Replace or extend slab around water well?

    34Willys I like your pump house! Ours is a 12x12 roofed corral made of 1x6 ranch boards and was done with fence paint. Ugly and dark inside. If I redo it, not in the budget just now, I'll use your doghouse idea. Also we need to run electric out to wife's horse stalls so probably will install a...
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    Battery powered hedge trimmers

    I picked up a Kobalt 40v string trimmer and then a hedge trimmer during a sale. They work well for wifie. I've got a gas powered Husqvarna string trimmer for heavy stuff.
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    Replace or extend slab around water well?

    I think it may be that your local authority _ might_ have an opinion on the slab around the well casing. But only to insure that nothing can sleep down along the outside of the casing to the water layer you're tapped into. We're it me I'd form and pour a large enough slab to build your well...
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    Thank you. I did not know that Kohoutek was a Czech word. (My paternal family line is Czech in origin).
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