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    GC1705 CRI grapple installed

    Finally got my Cold Roll Industrial grapple installed on my GC1705. Not much seat time yet but a sneak peak of what it has accomplished in a short amount of time.
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    GC1723EB hydraulic plumbing

    Does anyone know the flow of the GC1723EB? I just got done adding front and rear remotes on my GC1705 but i still lack a backhoe. Its around 9k to add one, so I decided I'll be ordering a GC1723EB in the morning. I may just make a setup for the rear with the backhoe lines, but Im wanting to...
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    GC1700 series top link specs

    Does anyone happen to have the length specs on a stock Gc1700 series top link? Just got my hydraulics set up to run a hydro top link and want to get one on order but I am out of town for a couple days so can't measure. Thanks.
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    GC1705 Project-additional hydraulics

    The GC1705 has been sitting WAY too much since I bought it in 2017 (60 hours). Looked at trading in for a 1725MB but have decided I can get more for my money with DIY mods. Starting this thread to document progress over the next few weeks but plans are this: 1: SSQA dl95 adapter, mine...
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    GC1705 loose loader joystick

    11.9 hours on my gc1705 now. Today I moved a few stumps and when I was done I noticed the loader joystick rod as been rubbing on the loader support. The joystick has quite a bit of free play before it starts to work the valve (in all directions). This doesn't seem right but I could be wrong. Has...
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    Box blade size for gc1705

    I am looking to order a box blade asap. I already have brand picked out, but Im not sure if I should go with the 48 or 54 inch version. Im leaning towards the 54 inch but looking for advice based on experience. Wheel base is about 46-47 inches. Thanks.
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    New GC1705 owner

    Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a new owner of a 2017 GC1705 which was delivered this past Friday. Haven't had too much time to play with it due to historic flooding here in Missouri. I did get to move some tree stumps I had laying around to the fire pit, tractor did well. I...