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    Building the Veggie Patch

    Five beds down, one to go.
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    Comparison Extrordinary JD3045 Cab Price Difference - Justified?

    I'm in Australia and have been looking at a compact tractor package for some months now, that includes a cab, front end loader and backhoe, plus the options that might even up the offerings. Based purely on which companies could provide what I was after, I narrowed my shortlist down to a John...
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    Comparison Kioti CK4220 (no, that's not a misprint)

    So, in Australia this is designated a CK4220. Based on the specifications, what do you think would be the most similar model in the USA?
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    New member from the Monaro in Australia

    Hi All. Have been trawling through these forums looking for information and advice in preparation for the purchase of a compact tractor with a cab to use to maintain our 25 acre lifestyle block and complete the landscaping around our new home. It’s a great resource you have here, and I think I...