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    Fixing up an old Howse Finish Mower

    I bought an old Howse C360 Finish Mower for about junk value a few years ago. It had been sitting under a tree for about 15 years I think. But it didn't look rusty. I greased it up, changed the oil in the gearbox, replaced a few tires that had dry-rotted, and actually used it for a full...
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    John Deere 3038e Rear Axle Outer Seal Loose

    My 2012 3038e appears to have a solid flat disk as the outermost seal on the rear axle. It has loosened and seems to expose an inner seal. There is no leaking of hydraulic fluid or anything. The part appears to be a single flat washer-like piece with no threads anywhere and, I guess, should...
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    Cub Cadet 3185 w/ broken driveshaft.... Anyone fixed such

    My 1998 Cub Cadet 3185 had made a lot of racket with the primary drive shaft earlier, but it finally broke apparently as I was heading to the shop. I'm going to try to repair. I know I have to pull the engine out - but the tractor is in such good shape it'd be a crime not to repair it. Anyone...
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    Front Wheel Issue - Husky YTH20K46

    My Husqvarna YTH20K46 riding lawn tractor has a pretty basic front wheel structure. The spindle simply runs through the tire rim with a clip on the end of the spindle. My problem is that something is worn badly so that the wheel wobbles a lot on the spindle and the tractor can't be steered...
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    Picked up a Cub Cadet HDS 3185 - Needs Work

    A neighbor just gave me a 1998 or 99 Cub Cadet HDS 3185 to get it out of his storage building. It's got about 400 hours on it and has been sitting in his enclosed shed for about 3 years. He said it stopped running and a CC mechanic told him it needed some part attached to the transmission. I...
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    Icon Links Across Top Frequently Don't Work

    For no discernible reason, the icon links across the top of the TractorByNet pages (HOMEPAGE, TODAY'S POSTS, etc.) frequently fail to work in my MS Explorer 11 browser. When I'm in forum pages, those icon links are not even recognized as links by my browser. All other links on the page - and...
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    Old John Deere In Germany

    Found this going through some old photos of an acquaintance who immigrated to the US in 1947. This is a relative of hers about 1940 in Bavaria. Best I can tell it's a JD A, probably late 1930s.
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    Damaged Threads in Wheel Hub - Thread Chaser or Tap - Or Call For Help

    I already posted about my stupidity in not noticing loose wheel bolts on my JD CUT rear wheel. Almost lost it. But one bolt came out with enough motion to mash up some of the threads in the hub. I bought some new bolts, but can't get a bolt in this hole. I hear advice from some who say I...
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    Not paying attention... Lost a wheel

    I know... I know... The JD manual says to check the wheel bolts for the first 100 hours. But the focus of the manual and a lot of comments here seems to be on the front wheels. I did that. Today a rear wheel almost fell off. One bolt is holding it. Really embarrassing. And the tractor is...
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    3-Point Hitch Weird Thing - Link Broke

    The left lift link on my JD 3038e broke this afternoon - at a time when I was doing FEL work and had nothing on the hitch. The lift link is the bar from the hydraulic arm down to the draft link, the bar that is a third of the 3-pt hitch. I was busy and didn't notice the break I guess, and...
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    Loader 330 FEL bucket rotates down

    Got a new JD 3038E with FEL - just 20 hours. Noticed that when running and not using FEL, the bucket rotates down a mite and needs to be pulled back. When using FEL with dirt, it also seems to rotate a little ... like it's weak. Works when I need it tho. I had an old 2030 before and its FEL...
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    Tires "Wide" tire setting in 3038E - Good or Bad

    The fellow who delivered my new JD 3038E with ag tires indicated I could flip the front tires side-for-side to gain width and stability. He said he had done it easily on his 32E. The manual seems to call this the "wide setting" and allows if for uses other than FEL. Since I frequently use my...
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    Comparison 3038E vs 3320

    I'm trading in my good ole 1974 JD 2030 for a compact tractor. I've looked at other makes, but decided to stick with JD for a host of reasons - dealer relationship among them. I'm looking at a 3038E vs 3320. I like the 3320 for its weight, although it has less HP. And it's substantially...
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    New To TBN: Not Tractors

    I grew up on a farm with two John Deere oldies, plus a Ford and a MF. Now retired on a part of the old family farm, I have used a JD 2030 for 11 years, but am trading it in on a JD 3038E because it'll do what I need and is a lot easier to get on and off. Besides, I want to go for a while...