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    cub 2072 thoughts

    as ive posted, i picked up a 2072 about a month back. it was down recently because the deck belt let go. it was my opportunity to borrow my fil's new husqvarna 2554. it has a 25 horse kohler in it. for what i can tell, the kohler magnum turns the 60c deck with more authority than the 25 hp...
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    cub cadet 125 questions

    i have a cub cadet 125. i'm trying to mount up the rear hitch on it and i seem to be having trouble. it has a brinly spring assist that seems to mount inside the right hand frame rail (looking at the rear of tractor) between the rail and rearend. this doesnt seem right with the limited amount...
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    2072 speeding up on its own

    i have a 2072 and need to adjust the speed control linkage to prevent it from taking off on me. anybody know where this adjustment is made at? i also need to do the trunion repair, which i temporarily shimmed the spring to fix and will do the right way as soon as funds allow, but i need to...
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    new to me 2072

    well, i got rid of my 3185 this weekend. i couldnt handle making repairs to it anymore. it quickly became the money pit and was constantly acting up. i got an even trade for a 2072. the 2072 is in good condition. its been garage kept its entire life and the paint is still shiney. has 60...
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    3185 pto problem

    i went to engage my deck today and noticed that nothing happened. i removed the side panel and discovered that everything seems to be working properly, except that i seem to be missing a keyway that connects the crank to one of the pulleys. the crank is spinning, but the pulley is not. does...
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    new to me 125

    ok guys, my dad ended up picking up a 125 to replace his craftsman. seems like a nice tractor. pretty much standard fare, 42" cut, new tires and wheels, new paint, tin in really nice shape, in overall good condition. i have 2 concerns. we were riding it around after it came home, and i...
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    stihl ms362

    well, i bought a 362 new at my local dealership. i was going to get a dolmar, but for 50$ price difference i went with the better dealer support. makita was out of the question since there are no authorized makita service centers near me. i have to say, this saw is sweeeeeeeeeeet. i love the...
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    3000 series deck hydraulics

    ive got a 3185 and the deck will not stay where i set it. it drops as im cutting. im figuring the valve is good, but the lift ram may be due for a rebuild. is this item rebuildable? or do i have to replace it? is this the likely culprit for this?
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    ok, ive been looking at chainsaws and ive got it narrowed down to 2. the dolmar 5100 and the 6400. i can get them for 395 and 569 respectively. i have a few very large pines that are going to need cut up soon, but, the rest of my cutting afterwards probably wont exceed 16-18 inch diameter. i...
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    differential questions

    i am looking at picking up a plow for my 3185. im getting a good price on it but im concerned about the open rearend. i have wheel weights and chains for it. i was watching some youtube videos of older cubs, a 1864 in particular, and both rear wheels appear to be spinning. i know these...
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    chainsaw decision time

    im trying to decide what chainsaw to get. so far ive looked at the dolmar 5100 for 435 or so, a husky rancher 455 for 350, and a stihl ms290 for 379. i was leaning toward the ms290, but i just looked at the dolmar, which i liked alot for the money, and the 455 husky is a pretty good price too...
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    new toy cc1650

    well, i picked up a new toy today. bought just the tractor, needs iso mounts, starter, and a carb rebuild. has the rear lift and tire chains. somebody put a really ugly paint job on it. i plan on getting a tiller for it and a plow to help out my 3185 around the yard.
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    cub 149

    i looked at a few cub cadet 149s over the weekend at a local dealership. was it an option to have headlights on these? the one in really good shape doesnt have them, but the other one does, as well as a mower deck and a tiller thats attached and working. the one with the tiller looks like its...
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    dead g1900

    my neighbor has a g1900 that died in his yard. he wants to work on it in his garage thats about 200feet away. he asked me to borrow my quad to drag the thing to his garage, but i told him that might not be a good idea since he cant find a hydro disconnect. is there ANY way to move this thing...
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    cub cadet 1872 info

    any infor on a 1872 super garden tractor would be appreciated. what rearend is in this tractor? i thought it was a cast iron unit but just read it was aluminum. opinions and info would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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    im curious to know how the 3000 series compares to the tractors of the past. i always hear that the old cubs are better built. would my 3185 be comparable to an 1872? 1864?
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    Oil & Fuel diesel in a 3185

    in know that the kubota 3cyl diesel was available in the super cubs, but how difficult would it be to put one in my 3185? i know the diesel is liquid cooled, so id have to mock up a way to put the rad in, but other than that, how hard would this be? i dont see it being too terribly difficult...
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    deck dropping

    my deck on my 3185 keeps slowly sropping. about 1/2 inch every 45 min. ive been keeping an eye on it to keep it from scalping the grass, but this is aggravating. would this most likely be the center lift mechanism causing this? ive priced them at 275 which is pretty steep. could i possibly...
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    what would you do?

    ok guys, ive been reading on here for awhile and decided to finally join. im in need of some advice. i spent the summer looking for garden tractors. i was looking at everything, almost bought an 1864 but that didnt work out. i ended up getting a good deal on a 3185 with a fresh motor and 54...