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    No Hydraulics after changing Transmission/Hydraulic fluid.

    New problem. I just re filled the transmission with universal Hydraulic/Transmission fluid. Now none of my Hydraulics work. No loader, no 3 point. No pressure. Screen filter was nice and clean so nothing should be plugged. There is no paper filter. I have the stop valve open. There is a little...
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    Flush Hydraulic system ?

    I bought a Viet Nam Yanmar 2210D rebuild. Checking the transmission I found some water in the fluid. White contamination. I drained the Trans and the Hydraulic unit. Pulled the screen filter and cleaned it. There was not a ton of water contamination but at least I would estimate a pint of so...
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    YM2210D wheel spacers

    I just bought a YM2210D grey market. So far it seems like a tight little tractor. I live on some really steep terrain. I turned around the rears and I am loading them with beet juice. I want to put some 4" rear wheel spacers on it. I cannot find anything. I found one fabricator but he is not...
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    Kioti LB 1914 running really rich

    When I got this tractor I was told it needed injectors. Supposed to have new rings and pistons. Ran but really allot of black smoke sometimes white mixed in and reduced power. I put in some new injectors. They were Kubota injectors. Looked and fit the same. The part number was even the same...
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    Fuel Injectors Kioti LB 1914

    Fuel Injectors Kioti LB 1914. Looking for Fuel injectors for this tractor. The part # number from my parts manual is 15271-53021. What keeps coming up in my search is Kubota 15271-53020. They look identical. I even searched the copper gasket part number 17011-53621 and it also comes up with...
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    Kioti LB1914 overheating

    Hi, I have a Kioti LB 1914. I am having overheating issues. Runs for about 20 minutes then starts to overheat and blowing coolant out the overflow. Changed out the Cap and the thermostat. Replaced the sending unit. The radiator seems to be OK and pretty sure the water pump is working. Looked...
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    Transmission Fluid for standard 8 speed

    I just bought a 1988 Kioti LB1714. I am still gathering information on this so I can start using it. Transmission oil is low. I want to fill it. Standard 8 speed trans. Can't seem to discern what it takes. From what I read, I think it takes UTF although I also see 90 weight gear oil and...