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    Placement of doors in 40x60x14 workshop

    HA! So true, I have three doors on my 40x72 pole barn. All on the non-gable side. It's the only way it would work, without a lot of extra excavation work. If I were to do it again, I would have done it differently, knowing what I know. But never having a steel roof and new to pole barns...
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    Inflated Prices. Buying Used vs. New.

    I felt the same way a few years ago, spending $23k for my x1100c, with a set of tracks. Couldn't believe I was spending that much money on a UTV. I wondered what was wrong with me. I'd never owned one of any kind prior. Within a couple of months, I knew it was money well spent. As of...
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    How many of your friends do NOT have tractors?

    Most do not. I live in the city and spend the weekends "up north". None of the city slickers have them, but a few of my northern neighbors do. I help people up there with my tractor whenever they ask and can find the time. Weekends are pretty short. Those jobs usually turn into a...
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    The day the music died.

    Great story! and good on you. Another of those bands where I sadly say "Wish I would have seen them live".
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    The day the music died.

    Dan McCafferty, singer of Nazareth just passed away. Hair of the Dog was such a great album. Played that vinyl over and over for years.
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    From mow to snow.

    How much damage can, or do, chains cause to an asphalt driveway?
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    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    Living in Minnesota. I buy a new vehicle about every four years for my wife and me. She gets the new truck and I take her four-year-old truck. So, we keep them for 8 years with about 150k-170k miles on them. No undercoat and have never had a rust problem on them. Been doing this for 30...
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    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    Thanks Moss. They don't ship, but now thinking about it. Found it on Amazon, but you have to buy in bulk. Found it on their own website, but $20 to ship for $5 cheese. Not the same stuff I grew up with but..... Will look locally first. If I order it, I'll report back after a taste...
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    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    We do not. Do they carry it?
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    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    hahaha, yes I remember that too. It was bad. But I loved it, I wonder if I still would. that's why I'd like to find it.
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    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    When I was a young lad, I used to eat a spreadable limburger cheese. I loved it. I remember it being referred to as "deer" brand" because it had a deer logo on the jar. I'd really like to try it again, but have had no luck finding anything like it at all.
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    Should a new tractor come with a full tank of gas?

    My RTV-1100C came with a near full tank of gas. Worse thing ever.... When I bought it three years ago, they found one for me in Texas. Didn't get to me until December and outside temps were -20's. When I picked up up at the dealership it was already outside running, as they showed me...
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    My Evolution of Burning Fires

    Love burn piles, great way to spend weekend time. Never been as large as the OP's post however. Been clearing and burning an area for our home for years. Finally built last year, and I miss it. Starting the process on another piece of land, and will start clearing other areas near the...
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    New House Build (What I would do different after a year of living in it)

    Nice build! I Recently finished a new build of my retirement home. Put two refrigerator's in the kitchen. We entertain quiet often, and have always looked for extra space. One has become a purely beer/Seltzer/pop fridge, the other is strictly food. Nice to not have to walk to the garage...
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    Bull thistles

    I did that exact thing just last weekend. I have new spots that pop up from year to year. It works out to be quite manageable, once I got through them the first year. The numbers get less and less over my 70 acres. Tooke me all of 20 minutes last weekend.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Sorry to break into this thread, but a question. I'm new to Arc Fault breakers. Our new home has a number of them, and we've had three lengthy power outages in the area in the six months there. A week or so ago this happened. In talking with the electrician who did the install, apparently...
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    Caught by the inflation demon

    I found this interesting today... Guardian does sell glass to residential window fabricators. "Wow. Well on a day that it was announced U.S. Inflation was at its highest rate in 40 years, another bombshell was dropped. The news, in case you missed it, was a 40 percent price increase on glass...
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    Lawn Sweeper

    I have a sweeper and like it. Look at a good quality one. I have two, one is great, a cheaper one is terrible. The better quality sweeper has a much better adjustment to get closer to the ground if needed. Picks up grass clippings, mulched leaves, sticks well. I have both up north, and...
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    Need a solution. Back problems and my Zero Turn.

    Good to hear, thank you. I just put a 54" Titan in my garage last weekend. Now if it stops snowing, I might get to use it this spring. I didn't get the ability to test it over rough terrain, but it sure seemed like it should work well. I also didn't want to wait too long to pull the...
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    Need a solution. Back problems and my Zero Turn.

    Curious, of the "Wow!!", as in "wow, good" or "wow, not so good" ?
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    RTV 1100c Hand Throttle Question

    I've long wondered about operators manual stating that the hand throttle should not be used while driving the vehicle. I do not use it often, but I have on occasion. Here's my example, in the winter when I have my tracks on, and pulling an ice shack behind me, occasionally I need to climb...
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    Should the community make the rules?

    I joined as a never-had-a-tractor-before guy. Learned a lot here by reading lots of posts. I read right past any of the statements that are deemed "offensive" I guess. They don't bother me at all. After reading through these posts, what about a solution using technology. Of course...
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    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    I had an issue a few years ago. I purchased a piece of land fall 2016, asked the owner about the people hunting the property for ducks. I had previously seen spent shells and the area people had driven to to hunt. He said no one had permission to be on the property at all. Since I was...
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    Stories of how you came about your property

    Like many, mine took years to get where it is today. Originally purchased a small cabin on a lake in '97, less than an acre lot with 150' or lakefront. Being up there every weekend, we could see regularly other properties going up for sale. A couple years later, an empty lot came up for...
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    Snow boots

    There are lots of good winter boots out there. Many people forget about socks. All socks are not equal. Get a good quality pair, or two, of polypropylene socks. They will wick moisture away from your feet. Then wear a good set of wool socks to put over them. It'll help tremendously if not...
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    Value Proposition: What Makes Your Brand Of Tractor Better Than The Others?

    So very true. I bought mine, primarily because of my RTV-x1100 experience. Was impressed with that, and started my tractor search with the same dealer. It's my first tractor and I simply love it. I knew nothing of tractors when I purchased. Dealer was/has been great, for a guy who...
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    If you hit a dog in the road, would you stop

    I hit a dog probably 35 years ago. Late evening, pretty dark out. Came around a curve on a road doing 45-50, and there was a dog standing in the lane. Hit the brakes, and hit the dog. Pulled over as I saw it drag itself under a pine tree. There was a lone house, so I walked back to it...
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    Is Rural Living a Hobby?

    It is my hobby. I only get to my acreage/tractor/pole barn and associated tasks/maintenance on weekends. That life has taught me many a life skill. Neighbors tell me all the time to relax a bit. I'm 100% relaxed doing all those things. I also do tractor work for the neighbors, take down...
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    Smoke in the air

    Twin Cities as well the last few days.
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    Best chainsaw storage case

    I've noticed that when I lay my Husqvarna chainsaws on their side, they do not leak bar oil. Or very, very little. If this is standard, why are cases not made to lay them on their side in storage? Does anyone make a case with saws meant to be laid on their sides? I have two Husqvarna 445's...
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    I Hate To Even Think This, BUT

    When I bought my RTV-1100 a few years back it was through a discussion with the dealer, with a set of tracks as well. He didn't have one I wanted in stock, found one in Texas to bring to Minnesota. I was in no hurry to receive it, was in beginning process to build a garage, where it was to be...
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    Pond question

    Could be an oxygen depletion issue. Duckweed and other possible plant life dying using up oxygen in the decay process?
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    I turned 60 today and...

    Good thread. Body and mind has become disconnected as I age. I turn 60 in less than two months. Still play softball and still try to stretch doubles into triples with a 70% success rate, as most can't accurately throw from the outfield. That's the mind telling me how hold old I'm not...
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    The new rig Kubota 1100c..

    Congrats, you're going to love it!!
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    Architect for home renovation/additions

    I've been working for a year planning the new retirement home. Sticker shock was definitely there for me as well a year ago January. The designer, we didn't use an architect, knew what we wanted to spend. But, I could tell his main focus was designing the home we asked for. After his first...
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    Beavers !!!!!!!!

    I had an issue a couple years ago. Always new "some" were around but within the span of a year, I saw trees coming down at an accelerated rate. I only visit my cabin on weekends. It was incredible to see the destruction week by week. Not just the dropped trees, but all the trees they would...
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    Contemplating Career Change

    It might not be the career causing the stress. It might be where you're performing that career. Took me a couple tries to settle into a management position I plan to retire from. I feel like the luckiest guy around now, for the last 15+ years.
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    What kind of vintage car do you wish you had?

    '63 Split Window Corvette
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    What Do You Do With Your Waste Oil?

    Minnesota has the same law requiring businesses accepted the oil. I found a larger gas station complex that caters to truckers and has a maintenance facility on site. They have a large dumping station (pit) for oil open to the public. I stop by when I have 15 gallons of used oil and dump...
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    Tracks on a UTV

    Roy, I cannot tell you which are best. I have had Camso track systems on my Kubota RTV-x1100 for the last three winters. Definitely a bit of a chore to put on and off each fall/spring by myself, they are heavy. But, I absolutely love them. For me, it's all about traction, whether it be...
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    Surprised how much block heater helps starting diesel

    HAHAHA, says a guy from Minnesota.
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    What weird true stories do you know?

    So a few years ago I was out in the middle of a lake duck hunting. slow morning for ducks, but the sunrise was nice so I took a few panoramic photos with my cellphone. That evening checked them out and this is one of the 4 I took, and the only one with this "figure" in it. I'm not saying...
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    How many tractor hours per year?

    I'm at 80 hours total for the two years owning my B2650. I would say year two doubled the usage of year 1, I expect to double usage again next year. Year one was a test of creating and managing a food plot. I mean, my one acre weed patch. Learned a lot. Year two: Expanded the plot...
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    RTV-X1100c - Service Manual

    All: I've been looking for a RTV-X1100 Service / Workshop manual online. I cannot find one on the website. The closest is a RTV-1140 WSM. I see others claiming to be selling them, but I can't get a look at them first to make sure it really is a good Work Shop Manual...
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    Winter weight

    Agreed, I do a lot of chores in the fall when it cools down for firewood and such. Just moved 32 tons of rock, most every one of them moved from the bucket to final resting position by hand. Mid-thirties for temps and wind ahowlin', stayed just warm enough not to be cold. I did 150 feet...
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    Do you actually plow snow with your UTV? for multiple seasons?

    On thing I'll add, since the photo was taken and breaking the winch cable plowing, I added a block & tackle. It's a big difference for winch style plowing, I think. More control, by slowing the lift and drop by half speed and a true lift rather than pulling back to raise the blade. Easier...
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    Do you actually plow snow with your UTV? for multiple seasons?

    I'm three years into my RTV1100 for plowing. It's certainly a skill to push snow, hats off to those who do it well. I've had good luck with mine, I'll upgrade the plow when I move further north into retirement. For now it works great, for $600 with extended push bars to make sure the...
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    Securing/covering Pole Barn Windows

    Greetings, I have four windows in my pole barn that I cover with hinged pieces of plywood when I'm not in the area, which is most of the week. Right now the hinges are on the bottom, and drop the plywood down for light, and allow the breeze to come in. It's a pain as, of course, I really...
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    B2650 Overheated

    I was running my B2650 with rotary cutter this afternoon and ran into an overheat scenario. It was very dusty where I was working in a field, I as taking down some saplings as well, maybe 3 to 4 feet high. I assume it overheated due to radiator getting clogged up, but not sure right now...
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    Dog pics

    Been about a year since I lost my Coop. Still miss him dearly. May have been one of hardest things I've done in my life.... But lots of great memories and hunts. Best dog in the world. ( but ain't they all )