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    8' pull-type disk behind L5460, possible?

    I'm in the market for a disc harrow. My land is flat and soil is easily worked up, sandy so to say. Tractor has r-4's loaded so tractor weight is right around 5500lbs plus loader. Looking to work up approx 5-10 acres per year, starting with 5 acres virgin ground this spring. I had my heart...
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    Stall Guard indicator light

    Just quick question. I recently have taken delivery of a new L5460. During drop off the salesman went through a few quick things and mentioned that the Stall Guard light stays illuminated all the time. Does this sound right? Up to now all I've done is drove down and back my driveway and...
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    L60 grand series block heater

    So I'm in the process of having my tractor assembled but up to this point haven't spec'd a block heater. Gets plenty cold here but tractor will be shedded in an unheated insulated outbuilding. My outside temp yesterday was -8 and my thermometer in the shed read 29 above. I've read where some...
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    Purchasing new L6060 question/opinions?!?

    So after 5 plus years of on and off shopping I finally decided on Kubota. My first choice would've been an L5460hstc. My dealer (Large/multiple locations) could not locate a single one in my state. An L4760 might have been semi borderline for future plan of a no till. My dealer listed 2 new...
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    Zero turns with steering wheels?

    Just curious if anyone runs one of these? Looks like John Deere and Snapper threw in the towel on these and that leaves only Cub Cadet for current models. It's my understanding that turf tear is far less with these vs. lap bars. Not sure if that's true or not?? I have some "mild" slope on...
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    Buying Advice Advice on used Massey 1742

    So I've been shopping for a tractor around the time Cabelas was getting out of the game and came close at a cabbed 55hp and decided against the purchase on the advice a farmer friend. I currently have my fathers JD 110 TLB at my disposal as he keeps it in my pole shed so no real big hurry until...
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    MN Kioti owners

    After a few years of research I've pretty much put Kioti to the top of my list. The problem with most CUT dealers is they're not Ag type tractor dealers thus any warranty, maintanence, diagnostics , etc may be done/attempted by a fella who sharpens chainsaw blades most of the day. So my...
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    Buying Advice Another TYM Cabelas post

    I'd like to say I'm new to the forums and want to thank everybody for sharing your tractor knowledge, opinions and overall just tractor "talk". Anyway, to my point. I planned on buying a CUT sometime in the next few years. I've researched here and there all different makes. I've yet to...