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    weedeater uses a heck of a lot of fuel!

    Was wondering if anybody else was having problems like me? Have noticed that for every qt. of gas mix my weed eater uses it also forces me to consume appox. 4 qts. of beer. Tractor does not have that affect,lawnmower doesn't either,what gives?
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    does mtd make both cub and husky lawnmowers?

    Just trying to figure this out.
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    snapper LT200

    Going to be buying a new lawnmower but don't want to spend much more than 3,000,need about a 50 inch cut,don't want one of those zero turns. Could go buy about what I've been buying[lowes,sears,etc],but would like to get about the best I can for that money. The 100 series they sell of about...
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    tire air pressure

    I tried this on kioti forum,but there is alot more traffic here and I think many of you have simular sized tractor and tires,so will try here,[any others welcome too] I got size 15-19.5 titan rear tires, r4, on my ck30,[weighs about 3,000 according to book,no loader. Book says 30 psi rear[not...
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    air pressure

    Would like advise from others on how much air pressure to use in 15-19.5 industrial rear tires and while your at it 25-8.50-14 fronts. Book says 30 rear,,,50 front,period.,,That seems a whole bunch to me but these are 6 ply industrials,,used to running ag's,,, I am now using 20 in rear and 30...