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  1. prairiegirl

    MF 4609 suddenly does not drive or lift loader

    It seems the hydraulic pump is attached to the transmission and there is a plate connection between the engine and the transmission that likely failed. It is at the mechanic now but he is quite busy.
  2. prairiegirl

    how much if ask a welder come to your home and weld a 2" length small metal plate?

    I don't have a number for you, but can tell you that they start counting time from leaving their place (sometimes even time for putting mobile welder on the truck) so you will not be paying for ten minutes. You will be paying for a welder person, a welder machine, a truck, fuel, set-up, It...
  3. prairiegirl

    MF 4609 suddenly does not drive or lift loader

    We were seeding and while turning around the tractor 'popped out of gear', anyway, it stopped moving forward. No broken linkages. Steering and loader no longer work either. Valves still work for loader will go down. It was running warm a few times because of plantmaterial on screen; removed it...
  4. prairiegirl

    Pop Quiz

  5. prairiegirl

    Subaru Automobiles

    I am always wondering: how does the lane assist work? Does it 'see' the lines when I can't? Dark / rain / snow / fog?
  6. prairiegirl

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    With solar 'farms' that size it is usually people renting out their land to the solar company, for extremely good money. It seems you can successfully grow some crops under them though. For example, tomatoes like the midday shade. Sheep could possibly grze under them. If not, it is a waste of...
  7. prairiegirl

    Good morning!!!!

    Good morning. Grey skies today in Southern Alberta. Not complaining; hoping for some rain.
  8. prairiegirl

    Spreader Tractor speed too high for compost windrow turner

    Dairy manure pile. Last year we have run it over the manure spreader a couple of times and made good compost but that takes way too much time.
  9. prairiegirl

    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    pick up your ATV when it's stalled and bring it home put a wide board over the forks and carry hay/straw bales poke through the loops of those 'mini' bulk bags of feed to move them (but you would have to lift pretty high) pick up/move self-standing fence panels (by the top, not the bottom!)
  10. prairiegirl

    Spreader Tractor speed too high for compost windrow turner

    Son wants to buy a compost turner but our slowest tractor goes twice too fast. Would it still work, or is there another way around this?
  11. prairiegirl

    Shop circulation

    Hi everybody, We built a new -heated- workshop, nice! But it is much warmer at the ceiling and mezzanine than on the floor. I guess it needs some kind of fan Trying to find out a way to turn it on as needed. It seems a bit much to let it run all the time. Compare top and bottom temperatures...
  12. prairiegirl

    Gov't mandates gas can flame arrestors.

    I had to look that up too, but it is some kind of screen. Won't pour any faster, likely :(
  13. prairiegirl

    I had to use the laundromat tonight... my house STINKS!

    a 'sud saver'? I've heard that term from a friend who had one
  14. prairiegirl

    How to "undercoat" mower deck.

    is that that sheep oil?
  15. prairiegirl

    Good morning!!!!

    Cooling down after a really nice week. Some snow. South Alberta.
  16. prairiegirl

    Cowboy boot care

    pool noodles, rolled up magazines
  17. prairiegirl

    Case Maxxum manual

    hi, we bought a used Case MXM 130 but don't have the operator's manual, and nobody seems to have it. It sure would help with operating the thing; it has a gazillion lights and buttons. Where could we get one? It is a 2004 and Case website only goes back to 2007.
  18. prairiegirl

    Looking to buy my first tractor

    new tractors in that horsepower range are not serious farm tractors, so you would indeed want an old one. They don't make them like that anymore. (unhappy MF owner)
  19. prairiegirl

    Can a propane tank be repurposed?

    not an answer to your question, but you don't have to fill your backpack sprayer all the way full - I usually stick to 10 litres lately. It also helps to have something to park it on as you put it on; an old chair, a garbage can, whatever is handy. But with your pressurized setup you might even...
  20. prairiegirl

    Disable tractor seat shut-off?

    Our Massey only squeaked when it did not 'feel' me or the boys (but not the boss :) ) Even that got to be very annoying, having to hop up and down every once in a while to remind it.
  21. prairiegirl

    Block Heaters 24/7

    Wow, it's only 9 cents here. Ontario?
  22. prairiegirl

    Block Heaters 24/7

    We plug them in at the start of milking (5 AM) to be ready for feeding. Three hours is enough. But when we expect or have heavy snow we will do it the evening before so it's ready for clearing it. They are outside though, at some distance from the building. and those are tin-sided and tin-roofed.
  23. prairiegirl

    Cleaning Up Substantial Yard Debris

    While a magnet would pick up a lot of the nails, there likely are shards of glass and other nasty things there to poke your tires. Sometimes the only thing is to pick up what you see and after that scrape/push the top layer into a big hole. But it seems there are trees there? Complicates things.
  24. prairiegirl

    Which brands have more metal, and which brands have more plastic?

    Our 'new' Massey has flimsy plastic/fibreglass fenders. Brittle as anything. Replaced it once, now just put piece of metal there. I much prefer metal.
  25. prairiegirl

    Bad news big repair

    Keep the $6000 and build a heated shed with it maybe.
  26. prairiegirl

    Do i hay or crops

    Look what the neighbours are doing. If they all grow hay or pasture, you probably don't want to get into the ground too much (potatoes, beets, carrots) ,or even seed every year (all other crops). If they do grow potatoes, talk to them. They might want to rent, or swap one for two. Anyway...
  27. prairiegirl

    Well today I learned 5 things about post hole augers

    I start at a bit of a slant so it will straighten out as it goes deeper. If you stop the auger before you lift it out, a lot of the dirt will come out with it. Don't drill it into the ground and let it freeze in there either (why I hesitate to loan some people stuff)
  28. prairiegirl

    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    We are very happy with our Kubota diesel. Only one bench though. It does have limited speed, which we actually think is a plus so the kids would not race it. Much safer than the Kodiak RTV 'beast' we had before. Hydraulic lift bed is great.
  29. prairiegirl

    Sooty Massey

    That explains it, thank you. These new diesels are certainly not built for fuel-efficiency. Should have bought an old tractor, I guess. it will not run without the turbo -took hose off- , no power at all.
  30. prairiegirl

    Setting an offset disc

    Oh, no, we are using the old Case for that. 150 HP. Yes, it has hydraulic leveling, but the manual shows it working with a crank.
  31. prairiegirl

    Sooty Massey

    Thanks, will have a look. For now, hubs redirected the stack so it blows soot on his foot instead of his face :)
  32. prairiegirl

    Hi, new member. Welcome to the club. Problems? Questions? Post them and see what happens.

    Hi, new member. Welcome to the club. Problems? Questions? Post them and see what happens.
  33. prairiegirl

    Sooty Massey

    It seems all new tractors blow black smoke. Much better than the old ones, eh.
  34. prairiegirl

    Setting an offset disc

    Hi, not sure if I am in the right category here, but this is our question: Our new Versatile offset disc last year did a rough job. My son moved the hitch to pull it straighter behind the tractor ; now the result is better but the tractor has to be steered to the side like terrible! We asked a...
  35. prairiegirl

    Truck bed extender legality

    While Bill's reply was useless, to you- it would work quite okay for most other people. We did not know what your plan was. Interesting competitions though. Scary to leave such a large thistle alive :)
  36. prairiegirl

    Used Value vs Age

    and there's a new round coming in 2027. 'The Western Producer': that will add $58,000 to the cost of a heavy-duty truck. An extra SCV, double DEF, electric exhaust heater, cylinder de-activation. And if any of these things are on the fritz, you're just standing there.
  37. prairiegirl

    Sooty Massey

    Hi, our Massey 4609 loses about a litre of oil while running the hammer mill. We would not know where it goes, but when we work it a bit harder it blows it all out of the smokestack - soot all over! Checked the turbo -leaky seal could cause this- seems to work fine. Dealer thinks a leaky valve...
  38. prairiegirl

    ROPS and my apple trees

    We just bought a small Kubota that had that done. If you are -or know- a good welder, it can be done. Make sure it is still tall enough to do something. Maybe the top-end of the ROPS needs to be extended.
  39. prairiegirl

    Saplings and brush around pond banks. Suggestions?

    does need a good fence to keep them out of your good stuff
  40. prairiegirl

    Should I cab or not. Getting ready to buy

    Cab gives shade on a hot day, but a canopy does too. Cab glass gets dirt and condensation, open station does not. Cab you are out of the weather, but no cab you get on and off easier. A cab will keep mosquitoes out. There is a lot of advantage for not having a cab if you don't need it. But the...
  41. prairiegirl

    Mowing in reverse with SCUT and MMM

    If you can find what activates it... I believe I put a zippy on something. How can you mow around things and in corners if you can't back up?
  42. prairiegirl

    Hello from Southern Alberta

    Hi everyone, I was born a city girl but became interested in farming and ended up marrying a farmer and living/working on a dairy farm. Loving it. I get asked to give my opinion on tractor troubles all the time :confused2: ; not that I know enough about it but I try. Google helps and I hope I...