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    Log in every time

    Starting this morning, having to log in every time. Checked save my login but doesnt work. Noticed that address bar shows Not Secure now. Thought I used to see the keylock with https in the web address bar
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    Bush Hog blades not swinging freely

    Have a bush hog brand SQ600 purchased new in 2007. When new the blades would fold up if needed and then unfurl to correct position. Last few years this has been gradually worst where they will not straighten out if they hit a limb or other object. Seems like it is getting grass and debris...
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    Cutting up white oak tree

    Several days ago there was a storm at the farm that my brother and I share, a large decaying white oak tree came down during the high winds, about half the tree was in the soybean field so we decided today was the day to cut it up. started with a small limbing saw to cut up smaller limbs. After...
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    Diesel Fuel Rationing?

    Thought this was interesting: NYC Billionaire Catsimatidis Warns of Looming East Coast Diesel Rationing
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    Medicare Plan G

    My wife and I are nearing Medicare age and have decided on a Medigap policy Plan G. We have narrowed our choices down to Humana, Aetna, and Mutual of Omaha. All are only a few dollars difference in price from each other per month. All three seem to have similar ratings and seem to be well...
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    Hydro Oil Capacity

    Have a 2007 TC34DA that I finally got around to changing hydro fluid in today. Owners manual says 8.8 Gallon. Drained all 3 plug locations and fill matched amount that drained out. At best 6.5-7 gallons brought it to fill line. HST filter was changed but left the main hydro filter on as it only...
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    Kubota SUDT2 in TC34Da

    Have a hydraulic fluid change coming up in the fall. Wondering if anyone has tried the SUDT2 kubota UTF in their HST Boomer. Believe this is a synthetic fluid compared to the New Holland conventional fluid. In winter time tractor can be really sluggish in cold temps until it warms up.
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    Remove bush hog blades with cordless 3/4 impact wrench?

    Will probably be replacing the blades on my Bushhog Squealer SQ600 purchased in 2007 with the original blades having never been removed at the end of this mowing season. Considering a 3/4 drive impact wrench for the task as I have read many stories on how tough this can be to remove the bolts...
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    Bush Hog SQ600, gearbox oil has caramel colored oil

    Have a SQ600 purchased new in 2007. While doing maint. on it this weekend I found the gearbox oil had a caramel color or a coffee color with lots of creamer and smelled to high heaven. I do not recall seeing this color before when I checked it but it has been a couple of years since I had check...
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    Hyd oil leak at cooler, TC34DA

    Yesterday while hooking my battery maintainer back up on my TC34DA I noticed a leak where the rubber hose connects from the hard line to the oil cooler was wet. Not sure if it was coming from the hose or the connection from the rubber hose to the cooler. Had used tractor to clean driveway of...
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    New Battery for my TC34DA

    Was checking under the hood of my TC34DA this week and noticed signs of corrosion on the positive terminal clamp and the hold down bolts, mounting platform looked a little damp from a small leak also. Decided to replace battery although tractor was cranking fine due to close proximity to...
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    Tc34da hood seal

    Was bush-hogging yesterday and seemed like that the tractor was a little underpowered but just figured it was because the fescue was around 4 feet and very thick. While refueling today I saw that pieces of the foam hood seal had been sucked into the air intake hose and was partially clogged...
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    Replacing power steering line on TC34Da

    Yesterday I had a 1" split show up in one of the rubber power steering lines that goes from the metal hard lines to the cylinder beside the left wheel. Only one line is leaking but I am going to replace both lines while I am it. Lines were ordered yesterday and should be here this week. Hoses...
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    Teflon Tape or Teflon Paste

    Blew a power steering hose on my New Holland TC34DA today, not a complete blow out but a split about 1" long. Tractor has 2 rubber hoses about 12" long that goes from metal pipe to the power steering cylinder at left wheel. Decided to replace both hoses while I am at it. Ordered them from local...
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    Change oil or run another season?

    Usually in October I change oil (Rotella 10W30) and filter, change fuel filter, change antifreeze every 2 -3years and give all the zerks a liberal shot of grease. In a normal year the hour total would average 50-60 hours since the last service in October of the prior year. This year due to our...
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    Honda Rancher won't idle unless choked

    Have 2005 Rancher 350 ES that has been flawless until today. Will not idle warm unless choke is partially on. Doing occasional spitting and sputtering also while riding. At higher rpm's it seems to be ok but when it idles down after letting off throttle it dies unless you feather the throttle...
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    Multi fuel forced air kero heater

    Purchased a Master 75,000 BTU forced air heater at Tractor Supply this week. The label states at it will burn K1 kero, JP8/Jet Fuel 6, #1&2 fuel oil and diesels. Fired it up this morning on #2 ULSD Shell diesel and seems to burn fine as I did not have any K1 at that time. Anyone using diesel in...
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    87415600 Oil Filter

    Went this week to local New Holland parts counter to get 2 o-rings and some filters . Bought a fuel filter and a 87415600 oil filter as am only doing an oil change and changing out the fuel filter this fall. Price of oil filter was $13.48. WOW! This thing probably holds around 1/2 pint of oil...
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    Saw needed with 24" bar

    I am in need of a chainsaw with a minimum bar length of 24". I am considering the Stihl Ms391 (14.1 lbs., 4.4hp, $535.00), Husqvarna 460 Rancher (12.8 lbs., 3.7 hp, $470.00) and the Husqvarna 359 (12.1 lbs,3.9hp, $564.00). The Stihl hp looks good but the weight looks very substantial. The...
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    Kubota SUDT2

    Have recently noticed that Kubota has released a synthetic version of the SUDT UTF. Has anyone considered running this in a non Kubota HST tractor (mine is a New Holland TC34Da). Thought this would be comparable to the Amsoil brand that seems to be fairly popular on this board when switchig to a...
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    sluggish power steering

    Yesterday I backed my TC34Da out of the shed it is stored in and noticed the power steering was barely functioning. While turning the steering wheel it was extremely jerky and noisy. After the fluid warmed up a little it settled down some and the noise and jerky action mostly dissipated. I...
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    Testing Fleet Charge antifreeze

    Today I decided to drain the green antifreeze from my Tc34da and replace with Fleet Charge. Owners manual recommends to replace every 12 months and I have owned the tractor for 3 years but it has less than 200 hours on it so I thought now would be a good time to do it. Drained and flushed...
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    Front axle pressurized?

    Checked the fluid level a couple days ago on my TC34DA and when I unscrewed the dipstick there was a definite sound of pressure being released. This is the first time I can remember this sound when the dipstick has been removed. The fluid level was up to the full mark but not beyond it, tractor...
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    Severe flooding in Tn.

    Since early yesterday morning we have had close to 10 inches of rain in my area of middle Tn. (north of Nashville). Some areas south and west of Nashville are approaching up to 15 inches with up to 5 more inches possible before tapering off later tonight.There has been 5 area deaths due to high...
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    2002 F150 for towing

    I am considering Purchasing a 2002 F150 XLT with automatic transmission and 5.4 liter engine with 3.55 rear end. This is a one owner truck with 38,000 original miler already equipped with trailer hitch and brake controller According to owners manual this combo should b good for 8300 lbs trailer...
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    Oil & Fuel Locking Fuel Cap

    Has anyone found a locking fuel cap for the Class II boomers (TC29-34). I looked on the New Holland website but all i see listed are the OEM caps
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    50 Hour Service on TC34DA

    With 45 hours on the clock I am getting ready to do the 50 hour service on my TC34. The maint. schedule calls for changing out the HST and hydraulic filters. Since this is my first time to replace the filters I was wondering if the hydraulic system has to be bled after new filters are installed...
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    Slow HST Pedal Return, TC34DA

    MY TC34 has 41hrs on it and I have noticed the rocker pedal seems to be creeping back to neutral instead of the rapid return it had when new. Below about 1800 rpm's it returns fairly quickly but above that it seems sluggish, especially if I have a bush hog behind it at 2500 rpm's. When the...
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    Rear Blade 6 Ft. Rear Blade

    I am considering purchasing a rear blade to use with my NH TC34DA. I want one that Tilts as well as rotates 180 Degrees. Does anyone have any recommendations to the various brands out there. Bush Hog makes a 35-06 that looks like it may be one to consider.
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    TC34DA, Mid Pto Problem

    I have an new TC34da with 19 hours on it that has suddenly developed a problem with the mid pto system. Today while dismounting the tractor while the engine was running, transmission in neutral, and parking brake set the enigine shut down like it would if the transmission had been left in gear...
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    Max. Time for Glow Plugs, Update

    I posted a question a few weeks back for max. time for glow plugs for my TZ25DA. Several people took time to respond to my question and I would like to thank you for your help. Turns out it wasn't a glow plug issue to start with. I decided to check the battery voltage again as I had checked it...
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    Max. Time for Glow Plugs

    I own a Tz25Da that is getting difficult to start in the colder weather. On the TZ25 there is a light in the dash that stays on for 5 seconds and then goes out when you energize the glow plugs. As long as you hold the key in the glow plug position they are still energized. The New Holland manual...
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    SUDT in TZ25DA

    Has anyone on TBN used Kubota SUDT in their New Holland hydro. Mine has 84 hrs. and is not getting any quieter with the NH 134d oil. Someone told me this may help reduce transmission noise, especially when cold? Thanks!
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    TZ25Da/10La loader

    Yesterday I was bush hogging for 3 hours non-stop. I stopped the tractor and let bucket down to take pressure of of loader while engine killed. When I restarted tractor I could not get bucket up without bringing rpm up to 2200, but my bush hog would lift with the tractor idling and my empty...