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  1. jkk04

    Sudden failed yard machine log splitter fixed.

    Couple years ago I acquired this splitter for $100 at the local craigslist. Replaced engine from vertical to horizontal engine. Ever since It works like champion, Suddenly It failed to split the log a few days ago. I discovered one part of Lovejoy was worn completely without any knowledge. But...
  2. jkk04

    Have you ever seen this kind of hailstorm in central California near the Sacramento area?

    It happened on March 15. 2023. The elevation is only 320ft in this area. I am enjoying sudden surprising weather. Probably this kind weather dropping a lot of hailstones would be the last seen in my life. jkk
  3. jkk04

    Goldenrod 415 fence stretcher splicer you must have for ranch life.

    Recently, the rain and strong winds caused many trees to fall down in central California. Also, It caused the barbed wire fence to need repair. Goldenrod 415 fence stretcher splicer The starcher is very convenient to repair the broken wire fence as seen the video, It was easy to scratch the wire...
  4. jkk04

    60 MPH high wind smashed so many live oak trees in central California

    January 7, 2023, it was high wind, more than 60 MPH that caused so many beautiful live oak trees to fall down during the night in central California. Sooo Shame... Of course, I can cut the trees and split them with a log splitter for firewood but it is too much for next year.. I might sell some...
  5. jkk04

    A Couple days of heavy atmospheric river rain filled an empty lake. Unbelievable....

    Last several years in California, there was a severe drought. A Couple days of heavy atmospheric river rain filled an empty lake. Unbelievable.... Some local areas were flooded but welcome to rain. We need more rain.....
  6. jkk04

    Air tank from retired air compressor for $15 πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    Recently. I have upgraded the air compressor due to the 10 years old 8-gallon Harbor freight compressor died. However, I needed a portable air tank for inflating the tractor tires that could be flat in an emergency situation. So, resurrecting the tank from a retired old compressor. The total...
  7. jkk04

    Jenny (Emglo) k model air compressor pump on old Craftsman 30-gallon tank

    I purchased a used compressor from local craigslist recently for $150 replacing a 10 years old Harbor Freights compressor that served well for more than 10 years. The reason I bought it was the Jenny (Emglo) K model attached to the old Craftsman 30-gallon compressor tank. That pump is made in...
  8. jkk04

    Have you ever used a riding mower spindle pulley for bending 1/2" copper tube?πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    I needed some project that required me to bend a 90 degree on 1/2" copper pipe. I don't want to spend some money buying a bending tool for one time use. So, I figured out a riding mower spindle pulley that is for 1/2" belt. Little idea makes life easy and save some money. ^^ It works really well
  9. jkk04

    Kimchi from my garden only fertilizing aged horse manure.😜😜

    Making Kimchi from the garden grows napa cabbage and horse manure only for fertilizing. Harvest the napa cabbages from the garden. Kimchi is a fermented food that is naturally rich in probiotics (good bacteria for your digestive system). It is the most famous Korean food for thousands of years...
  10. jkk04

    Does anyone here know who made this air compressor?

    I just purchased this compressor for $150 to replace a 10 years old harbor freight compressor. The prior owner said it was made by Jenny but I couldn't rocated any model number or serial number label on the tank. I researched it on the internet but only found the pump was made by Jenny. It is a...
  11. jkk04

    Cat door installed on the wall for $16.00

    I have a lovely cat who needs her own door for in and out. Used to open the sliding door for the summer season. But I need to install a cat door on the wall for the winter season. Purchased a cat door from Amazon for $16. This is for the door not for the wall which is only 2/1/2" thick and no...
  12. jkk04

    Earth Auger shaft adapter 7/8" to 3/4" DIY..πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    I had a very hard time digging the hole with a demolition hammer a couple months ago for installing a doghouse sail. It was so heavy for my age. So, Purchased used post hole digger from the local craigslist for $50 for future need. That is a powermate 43cc earth auger with 7/8" shaft. But it has...
  13. jkk04

    Horse manure as a good garden compost?.πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    I have used horse manure as a garden compost for quite a long time. No other commercial compost or fertilizer but only well rotten horse compost. Definitely., I recommend rotten horse manure as a good garden compost. Jkk
  14. jkk04

    The members here are better off growing and eating a lot of garlic.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    ***Health benefits of garlic*** 1. Better Blood Pressure 2. Lower Cholesterol 3. Reduced Risk of Heart Disease 4. Garlic for Colds and Flu 5. Better Athletic Performance 6. Stronger Bones 7. Improved Memory 8. Super Skin
  15. jkk04

    The members here are better off growing and eating a lot of garlic.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    ***Health benefits of garlic*** 1. Better Blood Pressure 2. Lower Cholesterol 3. Reduced Risk of Heart Disease 4. Garlic for Colds and Flu 5. Better Athletic Performance 6. Stronger Bones 7. Improved Memory 8. Super Skin
  16. jkk04

    Harbor freight wood chipper shredder for $30 πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    Couple days ago, I purchased this chipper from local craigslist for $30. The title of the sale was "non-starting wood chipper for $30". It is Harbor freight wood chipper 5.5hp engine. It looks fairly new and not much used. I suspect the problem is that the main jet was plugged in due to being...
  17. jkk04

    Craftsman Edger restored from the 7 years of non-operation. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    This craftsman edger was given to me by a friend. Model No: 536.772210 It hasn't been operated for more than 7 years but looks really good except it doesn't have an air filter and housing. other than that, it seems hasn't been used very much. It was a good, fun project. John's Ranch JKK
  18. jkk04

    Charcoal grill and fry pan from the farm plow disks.

    I have a propane grill, fire pit with a cooking grill and smoker. None of them are easy to clean and take care of. I decided to make a simple charcoal grill. The martial is from the broken farm plow disks that I have saved a long time ago. This grill is most convenient to use and cleaning also...
  19. jkk04

    Steel shooting target for rifles from retired 3-point scraper blade.

    AR500 steel is one of the more abrasion resistant steels and good for gun targets but quite expensive. So, I decided to make a couple of steel targets by myself. It came from a retired 3-point tractor scraper blade which is 1/2" thick AR450 metal as good as the AR500 (a little less strong). If...
  20. jkk04

    Sunshade for Dog house

    It is a good time to build a sunshade for a dog. 13x10 sail is good enough to cover the doghouse. Total cost is less than $30 but it is worth much more than that. Jkk
  21. jkk04

    Riding mower deck wash port installed in 10 minutes

    Installed a deck wash port purchased from Amazon. Needed a 5/8" drill bit and 24mm wrench socket for drilling the hole and tightening up. It took less than 10 minutes. It makes easy cleaning the deck Jkk
  22. jkk04

    Old Husqvarna riding mower. Can it be revived?πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

    The reason to purchase this riding mower was a long summer fun project.😜😜 I spent around $200 for this project It came up very well and was so much fun... Runs and cuts the grass very well too.🀣🀣 Good for a spear mower in case the main riding mower fails.
  23. jkk04

    Caught 4 small feral hogs at a time, this morning

    Last year, I made a trap for wild hogs( feral hogs) because they were damaging my orchard and gardens so badly. This morning , I caught 4 small feral hogs at a time, a total of 8 hogs ever since. And still so many hogs I can see in the video. It is happening in northern California. Unbelievable...
  24. jkk04

    Westinghouse Generator Model No: WGen9500DF review

    In the last several years, we have had horrible power outage situations in California Sacramento valley due to summer fire. Last week alone, we had two power outages for 2 1/2 days. The generator is necessary for living in California.... unbelievable Purchased this generator for replacing...
  25. jkk04

    Land Pride BB1248 box scraper made multi-function modifications.

    I just purchased this Land Pride BB1248 box scraper from local Craigslist for my New Holland TD24DA. Need to add some brackets and tow hitch for carrying the weed, poison oak killer sprayer and toolbox and hitch ball for carrying the trailer or log splitter. This adding and modification is so...
  26. jkk04

    Countyline 3-point post hole digger for New Holland TD24DA

    Purchased this 3point digger and Land Pride BB1248 box scraper for my New Holland TD24DA from local craigslist recently. Paid only $450 for both. (Very good deal) 🀀🀀🀀🀀 They are practically new. The previous owner's tractor didn't have enough power for carrying those attachments. It is the...
  27. jkk04

    Yamaha G14 Golf Cart Street legal lights installation.

    Sorry it is not for the tractor thread. But some members here might be interested. It was so fun to do so.. Jkk
  28. jkk04

    3 point log splitter for tractor.

    I purchased this splitter from local craigslist recently for a summer fun project. I even don't know who made this splitter but it seems like not much use and excellent condition as you can see and sturdy well made. Surprisingly the splitter works so well, split large size hardwood logs like...
  29. jkk04

    Ryobi RY3818 chainsaw for $100 from Ebay

    Purchased reconditioned Ryobi RY3818 chainsaw for $100 from Ebay recently, Overall, I am very satisfied with the $100 chainsaw. jkk
  30. jkk04

    Tractor 3-point grader blade cutting edge replacement

    I had this 3-point grader blade for more than 10 years, purchased used one from a local area. It has been served so well but time to replace the cutting edge due to the dulled I already flipped over the edge when purchased. I don't even know what brand name or which company made the blade. I...
  31. jkk04

    If the members here are looking to save a lot of money on propane gas, watch this video.

    Dual propane gas tanks system makes a tremendous saving of money for lifetime. It is fairly easy to add one more tank. Jkk
  32. jkk04

    Is it worth it to buy the Echo CS-310?

    I just purchased echo CS- 310 chainsaw. The reason to buy it is that it is much lighter than the Husqvarna 450 due to my age. The weight is almost 3lb lighter than 450. It makes me quite impressed after cutting some limbs, branches and dead oak trees. Jkk
  33. jkk04

    If any members here have a flexible well poly pipe, you must have this tool.

    I know this video is not adequate on this site, but the tool is very important for people who have a flexible poly drop pipe and need to replace the pump in an emergency situation. A Couple weeks ago, suddenly no water from the kitchen and bath faucet. It could be a nightmare with no watering...
  34. jkk04

    Brush(bush) hog connecting to the compact tractor.

    Since I purchased this tractor last year and repaired the transmission crack, it was my first time to hook up the brush hog for major weed mowing. Hope, this video helps someone who needs correct connecting and adjustments for the brush hog. If you have any better method, please share your...
  35. jkk04

    Earthquake MC33. *** Easy way to operate***πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    It was an almost useless cultivator. One of member in the club recommended to remove the wheels then let it go forward, drag it backwards That way is 1000% better than what the factory recommended. The Earthquake manufacturer should revise the owner manual instruction. Jkk
  36. jkk04

    Earthquake MC33 cultivator review.

    I purchased this Earthquake MC33 cultivator from Lowes recently for the small space garden. I didn't expect a lot of performance on this cultivator but not like these disappointments. My final judgment on this cultivator will go to 3 stars Hope this video helps people who are considering...
  37. jkk04

    The biggest tree I ever cut in my life with a John Deere backhoe and MF 30 tractor.

    There are a couple of reasons to decide to cut this lovely tree. First: the tree continuously causes trouble to the water line because drought is worsening in California. It causes the tree to consume water more aggressively. I had to repair the broken main water pipeline two times in 2...
  38. jkk04

    Champion 2700 PSI pressure washer revived from the dead.😊😊

    I got this pressure washer for $30 from the local Craigslist for a spring fun project. Hopefully this video helps someone who needs to repair a pressure washer. Jkk
  39. jkk04

    Yard machine log splitter engine replacement.

    I purchased this splitter for $100 from the local Craigslist for the fun project..... Actually, I was looking for a splitter that can split the logs vertically or horizontally. I was hard to lift heavy logs on the horizontal splitter that I used to have it because of age... Total cost was less...
  40. jkk04

    The Craftsman DYT4000 mower will resurrect from the free?

    Acquired this Craftsman riding mower DYT4000 from local craigslist for a free... A Couple tires were flat and had no starter ignition coil and battery. At Least it runs now hahaha... It was good experiment and fun I really like to discuss this project with members here. Jkk
  41. jkk04

    The most dangerous trimming of the tree branch with a John Deere backhoe in my life..

    I have a digger pine tree next to my house that is more than 100 years old. It needs to trim the agley branches which look so ugly. It is quite high, about 30ft or more. So, I had to utilize my Ryobi pole saw, a Husqvarna 450 chainsaw and John Deere 410 backhoe. It was very dangerous to cut the...
  42. jkk04

    64 years old TD14 dozer still pulling the Giant logs. Unbelievable......

    Several giant digger pine trees that I needed to cut down due to the tilt. It could fall down very soon and be dangerous to our family. I have had this dozer for more than 15 years and cleared my 80 acres property. This is a 1958 International Harvester TD 14 142 Series. It is 64 years old...
  43. jkk04

    Husqvarna 450 chainsaw maintenance and chain sharpening.

    I am an amateur firewood guy and have been cutting wood for more than 15 years with Husqvarna 450 & 440 chainsaws without any major problems. Because of maintenance and sharpening the chain after each cutting. If you have any good experience on the chain saw sharpening and maintenance, please...
  44. jkk04

    Feral hogs trap the building of my own (DIY).

    Have you ever thought about making a trap for feral pigs? Here is the answer to how to make it. The cost is less than $50. John
  45. jkk04

    Cordless drill winch from hand winch

    One of the members on this site gave me inspiration for the cordless winch from the hand winch. it was a good experiment John
  46. jkk04

    Small sprayer on the New Holland Compact tractor

    This small sprayer is necessary for living in the country for an easy life. Investing a little time makes a really good result every year. If you have any questions about this sprayer, please leave your comment. Thanks John..
  47. jkk04

    John Deere Rotary Cutter (Brush Hog) restoration to life

    I purchased this brush mower and 3 point quick hitch for $100 from the local craigslist 3 months ago. Then sold the 3 point quick hitch for $80. Guess how much I paid for the mower???? ^^LOL^^ Sometimes I have really good deals on Craigslist. Of course, I have to invest the time in looking...
  48. jkk04

    Yard machine log splitter 26ton changed engine from vertical to horizontal.

    It was a fun projection and I am glad the splitter works well. If you have a problem with a vertical engine, better to consider changing to a horizontal engine. It is much easier to maintain in future. Hope this video helps someone who needs to do so... John
  49. jkk04

    Hand winch on the utility trailer installed

    I had a real problem loading a couple non operational riding mowers to my utility trailer without a winch a couple weeks ago. The mower has flat front tires that cause it to roll so hard. It was too hard to do by myself. I should have had this winch on the trailer a long time ago. Hope this...
  50. jkk04

    John Deere Rotary Cutter (Brush Hog) restoration to life

    Another long hot summer project has been done...