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  1. JESSE1

    Fast Internet

    My only option for years was either dial-up or Hughesnet. Hughesnet Gen5 worked pretty good until covid hit and then I was lucky to get 2 mbps and no upload. I put a deposit down on Starlink in February '21 but even now it's still not in my area. Last November I was able to get T Mobil 5G home...
  2. JESSE1

    820 Diesel Utility tractor (Mannheim)

    Went to a local tractor show and there was an 820 for sale. Decent tractor, owned locally. Surface rust, needs new steering wheel. Front of hood was dented. Almost new tires. Owner priced it at $4500. I'm thinking about going back to drive it but wanted to know what these tractors are worth and...
  3. JESSE1

    Thinking of 4020 for work and tractor shows

    I've had John Deere tractors for the past 40 years but never had a 20 series. Always heard that a 4020 was one of the best JD built. I'm considering trying to find a good one for some work but mainly for taking to tractor shows. Any opinions on what to look out for or years to avoid?
  4. JESSE1

    First Cutting for '17

    We had a tremendous amount of rain the last few weeks but I was finally able to cut a few days ago. Raked and baled today. Using a '96 JD 6400 and a '91 JD 535 baler. Raked with a Kuhn SR110 ten wheel rake.
  5. JESSE1

    RTVX-1100C Stolen

    I got a rude awakening this morning. I went out to feed the cows and discovered someone had broken into my shop and stolen my '14 RTVX-1100C. Only had 500 hours on it. Also took my Milwaukee cordless drill and grease gun. They drove it down through the pasture, cut the fence on my hay meadow and...
  6. JESSE1

    RTVX-1100C Stolen

    I got a rude awakening this morning. I went out to feed the cows and discovered someone had broken into my shop and stolen my '14 RTVX-1100C. Only had 500 hours on it. Also took my Milwaukee cordless drill and grease gun. They drove it down through the pasture, cut the fence on my hay meadow and...
  7. JESSE1

    New Air Compressor for Shop, Wheels for Truck

    My 30 year old Emglo compressor finally rusted out. It would have cost more than it was worth to try to find new tanks or fix it. I decided to buy a larger shop compressor. I bought a Gardner Denver with a 13hp Honda engine. Got it mounted on my welding trailer today. Runs great, builds up to...
  8. JESSE1

    White Christmas!

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Here's the typical White Christmas we have at my place, sometimes you just have to improvise!
  9. JESSE1

    New Truck

    New to me, anyway. 1964 White 4200 winch truck. The engine is a White-built 470A Mustang, six cylinder flathead, 477 ci, five speed main trans, three speed auxiliary trans. The truck has less than 100,000 miles on it because it was used locally by a oil well servicing company. I bought it from...
  10. JESSE1

    Pull Those Skid Plates!

    I'm doing service on my RTVX-1100C which requires pulling the rear skid plate to change the engine oil. This time I figured it would be a good idea to drop the front skid plate and clean it. Good thing I did because there was probably 50# of mud on top of it that can't be removed unless the skid...
  11. JESSE1

    Christmas Present for my Cows

    They probably won't appreciate getting a new squeeze chute.
  12. JESSE1

    Kubota RTV-1100C

    I've had John Deere Gators for many years but I recently looked at the Kubota RTV-1100C utility vehicles. Utility Vehicles - RTVX1100 | Kubota Tractor Corporation Very nice and appear to be well-built. Since I retired I've been using my Gator for some heavy work and I think the Kubota may be...
  13. JESSE1

    '15 F-450 Pickup

    Just came in this morning. I ordered it on May 6, built July 17. Ford didn't start production on the '15 F-450 pickups until the first week in July so I knew I'd have a long wait. These trucks are equipped with a Dana 111S rear axle and have the wide track front axle standard. 40,000# GVWR.
  14. JESSE1

    2015 Ford SuperDuty Specs

    Ford has announced the hp/tq of 440/860 for the 2015 SuperDuty with the 6.7 diesel engine. GCWR of the F-450 pickup is now 40,000#. 2015 Ford Super Duty Truck | Power Stroke & King Ranch | The 6.7 Ford diesel is also being offered in the new F-650/750 Superduty Commercial trucks.
  15. JESSE1

    Ten Hours till Retirement

    Although I won't officially be retired until 12/31/13, tonight will be the last shift I'll work. Started with the company on 10/19/81, working rotating shifts almost the entire time. I'm really tired from working shift work, hard to get quality sleep during the day. Over 32 years is good enough...
  16. JESSE1

    Christmas Parade

    I drove my '56 White WC22 in a local Christmas parade yesterday. Almost got run over by a herd of antique tractors but otherwise an enjoyable few hours.
  17. JESSE1

    T8 Florescent Filxture Amp Draw

    I've been replacing my old florescent fixtures in my shop with new T8 4 tube/8' fixtures. How many amps do these fixtures draw? Sure makes a difference when the light actually comes on when it's cold. These are supposed to light down to 0 deg F so I shouldn't have to worry about them coming on here.
  18. JESSE1

    Big Footsteps to Fill

    Back in August I had to put down our nearly eleven year old German Shepherd male due to liver failure. Beautiful black and tan, gentle, bold and funny, Billy was an exceptional friend. We've had German Shepherds since my parents bought our first male in the '50's. We still had two wonderful...
  19. JESSE1

    1930 International

    Unrestored 1930 International, originally a Texas truck, purchased in Oklahoma. It has a 6 cylinder overhead valve engine, 4 speed non-synchro transmission. The owner doesn't plan on doing a full restoration at this time. Main issues are an out-of-round rear wheel that makes for an extremely...
  20. JESSE1

    A Ride in a Vintage White Truck

    This was the first opportunity I've had to get my '56 White WC22PLT on the road since I've had it licensed. The truck ran great, no bed or fifth wheel on the back so it was a little bouncy. Engine is a flathead six 250A White Mustang, trans is a five speed non-synchronized Clark with a two speed...
  21. JESSE1

    Antique Trucks

    A friend of mine recently bought a 1919 International and a 1930 International. Both trucks will need minimal work to get them running. He doesn't plan on doing a full restoration on either truck, just enough to get them running and reliable enough to drive around shows or parades.
  22. JESSE1

    Biodiesel added to Diesel

    I've recently noticed that all the area diesel pumps have a sticker that says "up to 5% biodiesel added". Is this a new requirement or a regional thing? I've heard biodiesel adds lubricity to the ULSD so it may be a good thing.
  23. JESSE1

    New 855D XUV

    I've had my HPX Diesel for over six years now so it's time for a new 855D XUV. I ordered it about a month ago and it came in last Friday. Naturally the accessories didn't come in at the same time so the dealer is installing them as they come in. The front fender guards and lights have been...
  24. JESSE1

    New 855D on the way

    I ordered a JD 855D a few weeks ago. Supposed to be here around Jan. 7. I've had my HPX diesel over six years now and figured it was time for a change. The new one is pretty well loaded, glass windshield, light kits, bumpers and fender guards. I hope it turns out to be as good as my HPX has been.
  25. JESSE1

    Hughesnet Problems

    I've been on Hughesnet for nearly two years. It's been pretty good, slow during peak times but otherwise hasn't been a problem. About two weeks ago I noticed an announcement on the Hughesnet customer page that they were going to be doing maintenance over the weekend. Naturally my internet...
  26. JESSE1

    Cows are Smart Critters

    When the weather turns warm, my cows start heading for the pond. The bull gets as deep as he can, the cows enjoy the water too. It was over 100 today so they hit the water early this morning and made several trips to the beach during the day.
  27. JESSE1

    Truck Restoration, Part II

    I've had my '57 White WC22PLT for three years now. Lots of small jobs finished, now it's time for paint. I dropped it off at the bodyshop today, it's probably going to be there a few months as they'll work on it when they can. The shop is a lot busier than it was last summer when I had my White...
  28. JESSE1

    Steel Barn Total Cost

    I'm looking at a Mueller 40x60x15 steel barn with two 14' roll up doors. The kit sells for $12795.00. Approximately what would the total cost be for the slab, erecting the building and wiring it? I know there's a lot of variables. I haven't checked with local contractors on construction costs...
  29. JESSE1

    Truck Restoration

    After 3 years of working on the mechanicals, my '59 White is finally in the body shop. It's not going to have a body-off restoration but I think it's going to turn out very well. The new color will be the factory Cleveland red like it was originally painted when Dad drove. No corrosion problems...
  30. JESSE1

    Restored 9N

    The antique tractor club I belong to hosted a two day show Friday and Saturday. A couple from Indiana had a 9N Ford that was purchased new by the owner's grandfather. The current owner had the tractor completely restored about two years ago. It was completely re-manufactured to company specs...
  31. JESSE1

    Loaded Up and Ready to Roll

    Loaded up yesterday evening to head to an antique tractor and engine show this morning. Luckily it was only about 20 miles away because I was only able to stay there for 5 hours before thunderstorms moved in. It's a two day show so maybe the weather will clear tomorrow. The pulling truck is my...
  32. JESSE1

    HPX Front CV Joint Boots

    With nearly 550 hrs, the front cv joint boots split on my HPX. My JD dealer ordered the boots and I dropped it off for them to be installed. I had been having problems with the clutch not completely disengaging at idle to I asked them to check it out. They found the rollers inside the clutch had...
  33. JESSE1

    John Deere XUV Limited Edition

    I looked at a JD XUV Limited Edition yesterday at my dealer. It is camoflage with alloy wheels. They had a diesel and a gas version. Very nice. If things don't work out and I don't buy the 6430 Premium tractor I might get the diesel XUV. It figures I'd see it because I just paid off my HPX.
  34. JESSE1

    997 ZTR Diesel

    Picked up my new 997 ZTR this evening. I tried mowing with it for a few minutes, mainly concentrating on just driving it and getting used to how it handles. It should cut my mowing time quite a bit. It's really built solid. Has the 72" 7 Iron deck, shaft drive to the mower.
  35. JESSE1

    JD 997 ZTR vs 2520

    I've been looking to replace my JD 4400 tractor with something that will be easier on the lawn and more maneuverable. I looked at a JD 997 diesel ZTR last week and was very impressed with the total package. It seems to be a very well engineered unit. Of course, the only thing you can do with it...
  36. JESSE1

    Ford 5600 Question

    A friend of mine owns a Ford 5600. It has a lever on the left side of the dash panel that is vertical and about 6 inches tall. It looks factory installed. He bought the tractor used and he has no idea what it's used for. I haven't driven the tractor so I could only guess what it's for. Any ideas?
  37. JESSE1

    I Need a Longer Trailer

    Hauled a load of hay this evening. I had baled this hay last fall on a field about 20 miles away. I thought I could get five rows side by side but I had increased the size of the bales so this was as much as could be loaded. Bales are about 1500#'s, baled with a John Deere 535 baler. Total of...
  38. JESSE1

    Want a New Mowing Machine

    I have a '99 4400 With a 60" MMM. Tractor has about 620 hrs. on it. Basically have only used it for mowing. I do use a fertilizer spreader with it. I'm getting ready to make a change and right now I'm seriously considering a 997 zero-turn mower. The 997 has a 31hp Yanmar diesel and can be...
  39. JESSE1

    Vintage Tractors

    Check out my thread "Henderson Texas Heritage Days" below in the South section of Regional Forums. I posted some pictures of vintage tractors that two clubs brought. I had my '59 White there, the only truck at the event. The 1/4 scale 8N Ford was a real jewel.
  40. JESSE1

    Old Iron

    Since there's been much discussion about the new trucks, I thought I'd show the two veterans I've been working on. The truck with the winch bed is a '59 White 4400TD with a 220 Cummins and a 10 Sp RoadRanger trans. Originally it was a tractor with a fifth wheel. Dad drove this truck when new. I...
  41. JESSE1

    Twin Calves

    This is only the second time in 30 years of raising cattle that we have had a cow give birth to twins. The mother is an Angus/Limosine cross and the sire is Black Angus. I'm keeping the cow confined in a small pasture so she can't leave a calf behind and forget about it. The twins are a bull and...
  42. JESSE1

    JD HPX Diesel Came Home Today!

    I went to my JD dealer today and test drove a new HPX Diesel. Couldn't find a real good reason NOT to trade my Diesel 6x4 Gator for it. Definately easier on the kidneys! Rear suspension works real well. I like the two speed trans and being able to shift into and out of 4x4. Has a high mounted...
  43. JESSE1

    Diesel HPX Gator

    The new diesel HPX Gator is now listed on website. Gives a description but does not list specs yet. One change - the diesel is a larger displacement and is 20 hp compared with the 6x4 diesel which is 18. Still built by Yanmar.
  44. JESSE1

    Brake noise in Gators

    I've had a 6x4 Diesel Gator for over 2 years now. I've changed the trans fluid twice in 300 hrs of operation. The brakes had become increasingly noisey; chattering and squealing when coming to a stop. I talked to the shop foreman at the JD dealership I use about the noise. He had the exact fix...