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    Battery for a Kama TS354C

    Any recommendations on a battery for my Kama TS354C. Tis the season for slow starts I guess. It's a strange looking creature, kinda long and skinny.
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    Manuals Needed

    Does anyone have a hard or electronic copy of the Yangdong Y385/485 engine manuals? I understand there are two manuals; the operations manual and a parts manual. If anyone could make me a copy hard or electronic, I would be glad to buy that from you on Ebay (reasonable pricing please!). Any...
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    Anyone heard from 3rrl?

    He needs to get to working on a project or make time for the forum junkies like myself. I need a good "how to" post! I need a fix!!!
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    Alternator appears to have quit after bath

    My alternator seems to no longer charge on my Kama TS354C after I washed her. I have survived by charging the battery periodically for the last couple of months but I need to find the problem. Any ideas other than the alternator is toast? If it is the alternator how do I verify that? I'm hoping...
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    Kama rear end drain plugs that lead to nowhere?

    I was inspired by one of 3RRL's recent great posts to change my transfer case and transmission oil today and came across something strange. Even stranger than the oil that came out of my machine( the crud was a milky tan color and had really bad lubrication qualities). I drained the transfer...
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    Kama TS354C Liftbox fluid

    Does anyone know where to check the liftbox fluid level? It appears the vent cap behind the seat is where I check it but I'm not sure. Chip, if you read this can you tell me what type fluid is in it if I need to add some?
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    Anyone have a parts manual for a Kama TS354C?

    I am in search of an illustrated parts breakout/ manual for my Kama, I have the users manual but no parts breakout. Does anyone know of an online source that I can download one or can somebody scan me a copy? Any help would be most appreciated! EC Rob
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    Head gasket replacement on my Kama TS354C

    Well after months of denial and watching the symptoms hoping they would change or go away I finally did something about it. The head came off and verified our suspicions(I say "our" because you guys helped me diagnose it) . The symptoms were: 1. spattering water out of the radiator cap overflow...
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    Kama TS354C Filters

    I went by Advance Auto(Parts America) to by some oil and a replacement hose for a dry rotted Chinese power steering return line (5/8" fit perfectly). I had a list of filters I was going to buy at NAPA on the way home and I asked them if they could cross reference the NAPA brands with FRAM or...
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    Oil & Fuel Kama TS354C Pwr Steering Oil?

    I have developed a small leak in the rubber hose below the power steering pump. I have to drain the resevour to replace the hose. Does anyone know what kind of oil is recommended?
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    Little Kama TS354 did well this weekend

    I'm a proud dad and I just wanted brag on my little Kama after this weekend. I helped a friend dig and install 300+ ft of french drain 2 ft wide and 2ft deep. All in 99 degree heat moving 100+ tons of sand and gravel while logging 20+ hours on the saddle without so much as a sputter! The real...
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    Bad Injector on Kama TS354C

    I have a bad injector on my Kama and was wondering if it would damage the tractor if I ran it like that. I am waiting on a part to arrive from Artrac but I really need to do some light work with it.
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    Adding hydraulic attachments to a Q.A. front loader

    Has anyone done this? I know 3RRL (aka-west coast Rob)has come close with his grapple, beautiful work by the way. I have a skid steer style quick attach loader mount on my Koyker 160 and I was thinking about using a PTO pump and possibly my backhoe reservoir to power a front end brushhog or...
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    Chip's trip to China

    Any updates on Chip's world tour? I would love to hear anything on the Chinese culture or tractor updates.
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    Special thanks to Chip from ARTRAC for all the info... TIRE PRESSURE: Front (With Front End Loader) – 35 psi Rear (With Backhoe) – 20 psi ENGINE FIRING ORDER 1 – 3 – 4 – 2 50 HOUR SERVICE Adjust Valve Clearance • Intake (Cold) .20 – .25 mm • Exhaust (Cold) .25 – .30 mm Re-Torque Head...
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    Tires Tire pressure for Kama TS354C?

    Does anyone know what the pressure is supposed to be? My front tires are a little too loose when the loader is full.
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    Kama TS354C Engine Running Rough

    When I first crank it up the engine runs fine but after running and working the tractor for a while the oil pressure seems to drop and it runs as if a cylinder is missing or not getting the right fuel spray. No white smoke or unusually heavy smoke. I can get the engine to the 2400rpm mark early...
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    Why is Kama not as popular as Jinma?

    I bought a TS354C from Chip and I have been really pleased with the machine and the dealer. I did the research and it appeared to me that the Kama was at least as good or maybe better than the comparable Jinma for a better price. I'm not knocking Jinmas, I really am wondering why Kama's haven't...
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    Oil & Fuel Fuel crud Problem on Kama TS354C

    I have read many posts on the fuel trash problem associated with the Kamas. I did not realize how big a pain in the @SS it is to try and clean this crud out. Does anyone have a good solution to getting it out for good? I have flushed the tank out 5 times with deisel fuel and more keeps coming...
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    Backhoe Anyone have a Nardi Backhoe?

    Any info you could share about the quality would be appreciated.
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    Dealer Dealer reference

    Does anyone know anything about Triple T Sales in Lebanon/Richland MO? Has anyone had a sales experience to share?
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    Dealer Are there any Jinma/Kama dealers in South Carolina

    I really want to look at the machines and get an understanding of what I'm buying. I like the Kama's but I'm thinking the Jinmas might be the smarter choice due to sheer import numbers and parts availablity. 10 years down the road will Kama be the Betamax of Chinese tractors??? Any info would...
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    Is there a hierarchy in Chinese Tractors? Who's #1

    Is there a hierarchy in Chinese Tractors? Who\'s #1 I like the Kamas, specifically the 454 but the comparable Foton model have turned my head too. If anyone has any advise on what to look for I would be appreciative. I live in Lexington South Carolina and I can't seem to find any dealers near...