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  1. SuperAwesomeDOOD

    B8200D 4x4 CUT, what's it worth? This may be a more logical place for this question. The full details are in the thread above. Basically, someone is offering me $3500 for a running, driving B8200D with a factory front end loader. My wife...
  2. SuperAwesomeDOOD

    Kubota B8200D -- am I giving it away?

    Hello, I recently found a note on my front gate asking about one of my tractors. I had no intent to sell, but I don't use it much. I talked to the young man over the phone that night and explained the tractor to him. I said I haven't started it for a year. Before that, I hadn't used it for...
  3. SuperAwesomeDOOD

    Hydraulic Issues 2020 CK3510

    Hello all, I own a 2020 CK3510 HST with a factory backhoe. The hydraulics have never seemed adequate. Neither the FEL or the backhoe have the ability to perform multiple movements simultaneously. Examples: 1. When operating the backhoe at the recommended rpm (1800-2200) it will not pivot to...
  4. SuperAwesomeDOOD

    Top n Tilt questions

    Hey guys, I just picked up a hydraulic tnt from my kioti dealer. A few issues, but my main concern is side link travel. Is it normal for the hydraulic piston, when fully collapsed to be about 4” longer than the shortest possible length of the manual side link? The other issues I’ve had...