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  1. Cycledude

    MF 1835M loader support collapsed on tractor

    If warranty doesn’t cover it that would be the last MF I would ever buy. I suspect there were some serious mistakes made when it was built.
  2. Cycledude

    Verizon Wireless slow on Friday evenings

    How many Gigabites have you used this month ?
  3. Cycledude

    New Owner Need Draw Bar

    According to Google the Yanmar 336 was built in Japan from 1980-1991 so apparently the original drawbar got lost or stolen somewhere along the way. Glad you were able to find a replacement John Deere drawbar that fits. My LS also has a 3 cylinder Yanmar engine, so far with only a little over...
  4. Cycledude

    New Owner Need Draw Bar

    Did you buy the Yanmar 336 new or used ? Hard for me to imagine a brandnew tractor being delivered without the center drawbar.
  5. Cycledude

    Can you live without a TV ?

    About 10 years ago my tv quit working so my plan was to go 1 year before buying a new tv, well about 10 months later I actually got lucky and won a new tv at a home show.
  6. Cycledude

    XR4140 Fuse Box

    Would love to see some pictures showing where and how you mounted your camera.
  7. Cycledude

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    What is making you think the bearings are shot ? to me it doesn’t look like it was ever used very much so I suspect the bearings will be fine. Pretty big job to replace the bearings. I would like to have a nice little disk myself but I wouldn’t really have a lot of use for it and prices are to...
  8. Cycledude

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Looks like a nice little 3point disk ! Those notched front blades definitely help.
  9. Cycledude

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    3 inches of new snow here overnight so depending on how much it melts today I might Have to plow off the concrete in front of garage.
  10. Cycledude

    What are you using to lube your implements and tractors?

    Wow using 150 pounds of grease in only two years that’s a lot of grease !
  11. Cycledude

    Gateway tech support; real or scam?

    Exactly what model did you buy ? I bought a Gateway GWTC51427 a couple weeks ago at Walmart, computer things sure keep changing a lot, simple things like turning it on or off are much different than they used to be, took quite awhile to get this new stuff figured out but so far it seems to be...
  12. Cycledude

    PTO won't engage

    I believe if your not sitting in the seat the transmission has to be in neutral and the parking brake needs to be on in order for the PTO to work. At least that’s the way it works on my XR4155 .
  13. Cycledude

    LS or TYM

    I am a very happy LS owner, currently a little over 300 trouble free hours. About a month ago I saw my first TYM tractor at a farm show and was pretty impressed, if I was buying a new tractor TYM would definitely be a possibility. I believe there hydraulic system is as good or better than...
  14. Cycledude

    ~50~60Hp compact cabbed tractor with a good loader and lots of stability?

    TYM would be a very good choice, they probably have more lift capacity than any other 50-60 horsepower tractors, and superior hydraulic pump capacity .
  15. Cycledude

    LS XR4145HC starting problem....

    I would Try disconnecting the battery and working all the switches that could possibly cause it not to start then reconnect the battery to see if anything changes.
  16. Cycledude

    LS XR4145HC starting problem....

    Have you been able to make any progress ? Are you sure there’s fuel in the tank ?
  17. Cycledude

    I'll sure miss this oak tree...

    Probably won’t miss the tree much after you pay the bill for having it removed
  18. Cycledude

    How to lube Husq sprocket tip

    My Husqvarna dealer told me over 40 years ago not to bother with greasing the roller because they usually last longer when not greased, greasing seems to force dirt into the bearings
  19. Cycledude

    After years of hand filing, went and bought myself an Oregon chain grinder

    If you are unable to cut straight after hand filing your chain then the power grinder is definitely the tool for you ! Or maybe some manual chain filing lessons from a good teacher Would would help.
  20. Cycledude

    After years of hand filing, went and bought myself an Oregon chain grinder

    I mostly sharpen by hand but occasionally take chain to dealer and pay $8 to have it sharpened. New chain is only $20 from local dealer so I have 3 Spare chains on hand. I also have a power sharpener but seldom use it because I’m willing to pay the $8 to have It sharpened by a pro...
  21. Cycledude

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I’ve owned a 12 ton bottle jack from Harbor Freight for about 5 years, it’s been trouble free but I don’t use it a lot. It’s very handy not having to crawl under stuff to pump the jack. Also used a 20 ton at a shop I used to work at and it was also trouble free.
  22. Cycledude

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Don’t let your imagination get to carried away, I also heat my home with mostly wood, it’s a much more comfortable heat for my old poorly insulated house but there sure ain’t nothing cheap about it. You might be making out ok with your other woodswork projects but I find it very hard to...
  23. Cycledude

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Very nice setup you have ! One thing for sure there’s nothing cheap about wood heat .
  24. Cycledude

    Summer or winter diesel?

    Is there some reason not to install a block heater ?
  25. Cycledude

    Fast Source for LS Xr4155 Cat 2 Sway bars or 3 pointt parts?

    Mike Thanks for telling us about your problems, just noticed today that one of the bolts for my left side bracket wasn’t quite as tight as it should be, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if you hadn’t mentioned it, all 4 are tight now.
  26. Cycledude

    Placement of doors in 40x60x14 workshop

    Built My first garage-shop with no windows, put windows in my second Garage-shop and now wish I wouldn’t have put in any windows. Windows need to be cleaned, loose wall space, seem to attract flies, often block vision because of sun in eyes. My opinion the windows were mostly just wasted money.
  27. Cycledude

    Trailer new to me, what is the pictured dip in the frame for?

    Might be helpful to see a better picture that shows the entire trailer
  28. Cycledude

    Placement of doors in 40x60x14 workshop

    Lots of great ideas ! My garage-shop has end doors and side doors, the side doors are a pain when it snows or rains, thankfully it has a nice overhang so that helps a little. Every building and building site is different, I highly recommend listening to lots of opinions so hopefully you will be...
  29. Cycledude

    Keep politics out of it.

    I THINK they were discussing guns not new tractors last time I looked.
  30. Cycledude

    New MT573

    Why is it beeping ? Hopefully you are not driving it with the parking brake on ?
  31. Cycledude

    Backing up a Gen Trailer

    Plenty of options that’s for sure.
  32. Cycledude

    New MT573

    Congratulations that’s a VERY NICE TRACTOR !
  33. Cycledude

    Backing up a Gen Trailer

    Maybe you could make extendable hitch pole for your trailer ? A longer pole would make it much easier to backup
  34. Cycledude

    Rural King RKTractors RK55HC 550-hour service

    Very nice detailed write up !
  35. Cycledude

    Cool Nature Photos

  36. Cycledude

    Grease Couplers for FEL

    Here is a link to the Macnaught KYPLUS grease coupler that many folks have been recommending in this thread but I am wondering about this warning ? IMPORTANT – DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BLEED GREASE GUN WITH KYPLUS COUPLER...
  37. Cycledude


    Heard pretty much the same story from KTM dealer at Eau Claire farm show last week. I always liked Branson tractors but until recently there never was a dealer near me or I might have bought one. The show was the first time I ever actually saw a TYM tractor and I was impressed just like I was...
  38. Cycledude

    Can I get some thoughts and opinions regarding Echo chainsaw?

    I own 3 different chainsaws one is Echo 400, light weight very easy to start, works fine for small jobs, for bigger jobs I highly prefer my other 2 saws which happen to be Husqvarna’s Electric chainsaw I don’t own one but have used them and they are very handy for small jobs. Not having to mess...
  39. Cycledude

    Cleaning lawn of branches

    4 acres of lawn would be way more than I want.
  40. Cycledude

    Best 3 trucks you've ever owned.

    Have owned 4 pickups, Chevrolet and Ford, they were all decent but my favorite was probably the 1988 Chevrolet S10 fwd with 2.5 liter engine it always got excellent mpg, if it wasn’t for rust I would probably still be driving it. Last fall I bought a new 2022 Ford F150 fwd with 2.7 liter eco...
  41. Cycledude

    Front-End Loader I Want To Add a Loader (FEL) To My Existing Tractor.......

    Looks like a very nice little tractor that probably really wouldn’t need power steering until you install the FEL-front end loader. To me the $2750 price doesn’t sound cheap but it’s not crazy high. The price of adding a loader very likely will drive the price higher than I would be willing to pay.
  42. Cycledude

    Eau Clare Farm Show March 7-8 2023

    There seems to be quite a few steam shows scattered around Wisconsin, the only one I ever attended was Edgar, attended twice it’s very big and nice. Went to a logging show once where they also had had quite a few steam operated machines on display, it’s amazing...
  43. Cycledude

    LS XR4145HC starting problem....

    Why did you replace the original battery did it test bad ? The “Duck Quacking“ sound that’s a complaint I never heard before.
  44. Cycledude

    What to do with a Ford 4000?

    By the pictures it looks like someone beat the heck out of it.
  45. Cycledude

    Eau Clare Farm Show March 7-8 2023

    There is a old equipment event a few miles south of Eau Clare every summer, I have never attended it but have driven by while it was going on and it sure seems like a pretty popular event.
  46. Cycledude

    Eau Clare Farm Show March 7-8 2023

    Went to the Farm Show today and as usual it was EXCELLENT ! I might even go back tomorrow.
  47. Cycledude

    Dk50C with Woodmaxx Blower

    You might get lucky tightening them with a air impact wrench
  48. Cycledude


    Bought a pair a couple days ago on sale, have used them for handling some firewood and seems like they are excellent , the coating seems like it will be very durable, pretty sure I will be buying more.