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    Inappropriate ads

    The ads are every where and not restricted to TBN. Sex and violence attracts viewers. Look at the majority of television programs. All it seems are centered around one of the actors sexual dysfunction or sexual escapades. It is a given when watching a tv program and a female actors enters the...
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    Tools & equipment that are fantastic.

    Nothing like using a pole saw to cut an overhead limp with your arms fully extended and have the limb pinch and grab the saw blade. Then the fun part starts, walking to get a chainsaw, the ladder and a rope all to use to cut the limb, secure the pole saw so it will not fall and damage it when...
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    Bobcat GPS locator killing battery

    True. Your equipment you can do with it what you want to. Now consider this if you remove the gps sender and light finger harry steals the unit will the insurance company pay for the loss? Will the police look for the unit if they discover you had removed the gps. If my unit I would install a...
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    Bobcat GPS locator killing battery

    Built in GPS‘s are becoming common place because stealing has become the job of choice For many. It would not in my opinion be wise to post anything on an Internet forum about how to disable such theft deterrent devices.
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    Kohler 7000 Series Popping through Carburetor

    In addition to the good advice provided in the above post by Randy T you may also Want to do a compression check.
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    Help With Driveway Drainage

    From the photo's you provided it appears you have more of a soil problem than a water problem. Most states have and offer free soil testing and provide what nutrients that are needed to grow grass. If me I would delay the French drain project and get a soil sample and check for Grubs. Your...
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    What is the cheapest way to produce hydrogen? Steam methane reforming It is currently the cheapest source of industrial hydrogen. Nearly 50% of the world's hydrogen is being produced by this method. The process consists of heating the gas to between 700–1,100 °C (1,292–2,012 °F) in the...
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    2305 Bucket Control

    I don’t think an attempt to install the bucket control lever should be tried without the service technical manual for the 2305.
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    Nope problem with hydrogen fuel is it is expensive. “How much does a gallon of hydrogen fuel cost? Hydrogen fuel is much more efficient than gasoline, but it's also four times more expensive, roughly equivalent to about $16 a gallon.” What is the major downside of hydrogen power? Another...
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    Ford decided it did not need a vehicle to fit between the Ford/Mercury and Lincoln so it incorporated the Edsel features into the Ford/Mercury lines. “What features did the Edsel have? Features or Values -Ford introduced a lot of technical innovations in the 'Edsel' car like Teletouch...
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    CVT Belt replacement

    Messicks says they have the primary clutch belt. Check your credit card before you call they are asking, $1257.22.
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    Warranties on hand tools

    I have a file cabinet in the basement. When I purchase something with a warranty I staple the sales receipt to the owners manual/warranty and file it in the cabinet. Ever now and then I clean the file cabinet drawer out and marvel at the price increases over the years.
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    Cleaning lawn of branches

    Forget a landscape rake. Focus on a Pine Needle rake.
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    Foam filled tire turns inside rim

    People who operate where there are thorny bushes or cactus like foam filled tires to prevent constant flats.
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    Foam filled tire turns inside rim

    I would jack the rear or front up, put one of the ratcheted tie down straps around the tire and reflate the tire. I don't think sheet metal screws would with stand the force generated by the spinning rims inside the tire.
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    A timber frame cabin memoir

    I have always had good luck with the 4100 fiber fill concrete. I also spec wire or rebar under concrete I have poured.
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    My Farmtrac 60 WON'T CRANK......

    Jumper the starter and see if it will spin over.
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    CT225 head gasket?

    My guess is the head gasket or intake valves. Also check the air filter. A easy test for the air filter is to remove it and start the engine and see if it smokes.
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    Major water leak Massey 165

    Cylinder heads have four sides. The top is covered by a valve cover. If the cylinder head cracked on the top the water will come out the head on the top. If the head is cracked on the top near a valve guide you will get water in the oil pan and in the valve cover.
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    Foam tongue and grove panels

    What you are trying to do is not a one person job with the only tools being a electric screw driver and drill job. My suggestion is to rent one of the devices drywall installers use to install drywall on ceilings. Find a couple of old bumper jacks, (Junk Yard) and fabricate two tools you can...
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    2020 Mahindra 3650 w/ 24 Hours

    Nice tractor. Like the tires. That is a lot of rubber contacting the ground.
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    New MT573

    Look at the beeping noise as an on board instructor teaching you how to USE not ABUSE your tractor.
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    The Hydro Plane Miss Budweiser owned and raced by Bernie Little had a Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine.
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    rk 55 acting like battery is dead when starting

    When you turn the ignition switch to the start position voltage is sent to a relay (clicking sound) voltage from the relay is sent to the solenoid on the starter. This causes the solenoid to collapse providing direct battery voltage to the starter which spins the engine creating compression in...
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    What causes tractor rollovers?

    Gravity is a constant. Operator error is what causes roll overs.
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    Kubota 10W30 oil, synthetic or dino?

    "Chevron is one of the largest companies in the world and the second largest oil company based in the United States by revenue, only behind fellow Standard Oil descendant ExxonMobil."
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    Kubota 10W30 oil, synthetic or dino?

    Kubota Super UDT is Hydrostatic Fluid for the Kubota Hydrostat transmission. Run as fast as you can if someone try's to sell you Super UDT to put in your engine. The fluid is very clear and is hard to see on a dip stick or in fluid level windows to check fluid levels in hydro transmissions...
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    CT225 head gasket?

    Freeze plugs are made to install without coating with RTV or any other sealer. They are force fit. Purchase the correct freeze plug for your cylinder head. Put it the freezer and leave overnight. Clean but do not enlarge the freeze plug hole in the head. Prior to placing the freeze plug in the...
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    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Careful. Crossing over into the political arena.
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    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    And the financial institutions holding the paper are going down faster then the titanic.
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    CT225 head gasket?

    If mine I would assume the freeze plug is metric given the manufacture of the unit. I would use a caliper and measure the hole in the head. (If you do not have a caliper, Harbor Freight sells a digital caliper for 20-25 dollars.) I would also insure the freeze plug was metric and not American...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    The patina of aged copper is different than the black or green color copper pipe changes too when exposed to a humid environment. This is why GI's used to spend so much time polishing the copper plumbing in latrines or bathrooms. "Due to its unique chemical structure, copper oxidation speeds...
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    John deere 2305
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    If you see Brasso on sale buy a couple cans. The copper pipe will discolor. The Army taught me to hate exposed copper pipes. When state side, we had to shine the copper pipes in the latrine with Brasso everyday. Tents didn't have indoor plumbing.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    “The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires outlets in kitchens. This article discusses accessibility to outlets over a counter. The NEC says every piece of counter 12 inches or wider must have an outlet over it. In addition, there must be at least one outlet every 4 feet.”
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Both mirrors should tilt down when placed in reverse.
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    Craftsman Lift

    The complete X320 weights 548 pounds. The lift will pick the entire machine up if you can/could keep it balanced on the lift.
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    Keeping mice out of your tractors engine bay over the winter and summer too.

    The WD-40 Stand for "Water Displacement test mixture number 40" I use the green Tom Cat mouse poison cubes in all outbuilding and basement. I also stick a wire through a couple and secure under the hood of tractors.
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    Anyone have a solution to eradicating moles ??

    If I had killed 300 moles in NC they would have me charged with 300 counts of Molecide. 😄:whistle::cool: “Since the star-nosed moles are a rare species, all moles are protected species in North Carolina.”
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    Broken fastener removal

    (y)(y) As i was looking at that a thought came to mind. The thought was I wonder how long it took to remove the parts to provide such a clean and open work area.
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    Anyone have a solution to eradicating moles ??

    Spray your yard for GRUBS. The moles or voles chase the GRUBS. Skunks and Coons will also dig them up and leave round circular holes...
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    JD2305 with Curtis Cab
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    Bad Day for Pole Barn

    Yep. I also took this into consideration from what the OP, posted. “How do you know if a tree is a hazard? If the tree is dead, dying, rotten, or diseased, or alive but obviously hazardous because it is leaning precariously toward another property, the owner of the property where the tree...
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    What is the coldest you have ever been ?

    I think they call that hazing.
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    Bad Day for Pole Barn

    If me, I would make a ton of photographs and measure the distance from your line to the base of the tree on the neighbors property. I would then request the name of his insurance company and request he report the tree fell and damaged your building. I would hold off on any tree removal or...
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    BX 24 vs a Cat 2 soil pulverizer

    Rent a tiller, till the ground in what is referred to as cross tilling which is simply tilling one way then coming back and till across at 90 degrees. Then rent a landscape rake and use it to achieve a flat surface.
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    BX 24 vs a Cat 2 soil pulverizer

    I doubt his BX would pick a category 2 pulverizer up. If he got it attached and pulled the three point raise lever the front end would probably come up or the hydraulics would dead head.
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    BX 24 vs a Cat 2 soil pulverizer

    “3 point hitches that fall into category 2 are designed for tractors with a 40 to 100 drawbarhorsepower. This is built heavier than category 1 and is intended for heavier equipment.Jul 28, 2022”
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    MF431 front spindle
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    If my gate I would put a support wheel on the end. Never seen a gate that wide open to many times before it started dragging the end in the dirt.