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    Brushhog vs Dirt Dog vs Rhino vs ?

    Looking at a Hydraulic rear blade and a box blade. What's everyone's choice? Can't seem to find much on most of these brands here in my searches. Looking for American Made as much as possible with a little better build quality than Landpride seems to offer if possible. EA isn't an option for me.
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    Help me judge an aluminum weld

    My goal is to eventually be able to weld up my own river boat but I haven't done any mig/tig but.... On an aviation forum a industry guy posted this as an example of his work. As a self taught stick guy I'd be telling myself I should grind that off and try again if I want it to stick. Is this...
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    Owning HP wakeup call

    Coworking from the UK was talking, I guess "a thing" among him and his friends was owning 1,000 HP by the time they were 40. Didn't matter how many engines or what type it took to get to 1,000 HP. Of course I had to start calculating...1,569 HP was what I came up with. Pretty respectable but...
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    RIP Andy aka Harmless Farmer

    What an inspirational guy. Recent battle with cancer, not many men could go through what he has been and still smiled.
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    Changed my whole operation

    I don’t know why I had such low expectations for a small square grapple. Maybe I watched too many videos of them on skid steers and didn’t think it would be that easy on a tractor. Wow. Maxilator Acumagrapple is game changer! Gone are the days of all six of us chasing down a trailer though a...
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    Let’s play a game

    For today’s game of inflation costs how much? What did this cost? 15-40 Gear oil 0-20 for a Tacoma and oil filter Two fuel filters Oil filter Bottle of Diesel kleen
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    Horrible first day

    It’s only trained a measurable amount three times in the last 60 days, yield was down dang near 50%. Then on the last bale my brand new PTO shaft for an unknown reason just let go. At least I got it all baled I guess.
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    Perfect…or too close?

    Cleaning out the last hay I have from the last barn to bring it home to feed. This is everything until I cut next week…weather permitting. Didn’t run out but dang, I bet I feed all of that before I bring in any hay. If they’ll even eat it, it’s been pretty rough the last few weeks with warming...
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    Getting baler 12v power from tractor

    My new square baler has a fan that blows off the knotters and I'm trying to figure out which way I should wire it. I have a John Deere style 3-prong plug in the cab and I have a 7-pin round semi-trailer style plug on the back of the tractor. There's no controller just needs constant power to...
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    Trailer tires…what the…

    So I’ve never seen this before but pulled the trailer out yesterday to tow the small tractor to a job. Tires on one side perfect, tires on the other side both cracked really bad, not like dry rot, there was a line where I could see slight tread separation. I had already committed to the job so...
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    Cognitive bias....

    Ever stare at a problem for over a year, prepare yourself to spend money on it, then one day the light comes on? I've got a disc mower for hay, it has one hydraulic hose that uses the float detent valve. No problem. I decided put it on a caddy to relieve the stress on the tractor which in...
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    What's going on with wheat?

    Just fear or is there a bad forecast for this year?
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    Who runs a CV joint on their PTO shaft

    I've got a 9' disc mower for hay I put on a caddy, it has a Walterscheid overdrive shaft from the caddy to the mower but I'm getting some vibration on turns and I'd rather not blow a $2k gearbox if I can avoid it. I think I need to upgrade the PTO shaft form the tractor to the Caddy with a CV...
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    Bird flu got me...

    Been setting up to sell broiler chicks locally for about two years now, this was going to be the first summer. Looks like that wont be a revenue stream this year, dang it. Frustrating.
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    So looking at a new big?

    I'm so confused now...thought I used to know the numbers for being under CDL but never heard of this 10k limit for the towed vehicle before. Just so I'm not already illegal. If I have a 7k tow vehicle, a 5k trailer, with a 7.5k load my total weight is 19.5k so I am under the 26k threshold and...
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    Anyone have a small hydro electric system?

    I've got a pond that's fed by 4-6 artesian wells and I have estimated 12k gph flow and right at 20' of head so I'd estimate I can probably do better harnessing that than solar. Just kicking it around and interested to see if anyone has one going.
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    Forum moderation

    I've noticed in the very recent past a lot of threads are being allowed to go on when they would previously have been locked or deleted and a lot of posts have been sliding by. Thank you, I feel I've been learning a lot more and even find myself agreeing some with folks I never agreed with...
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    It’s not a pulley idler wheel it’s a????

    Trying to repair an old side delivery rake, this is the pulley wheel for the V-Belt that is around the PTO shaft at the center of the rake. I’ve googled everything I can think of and it gives me idler wheels or key slotted style. 5.75” OD 1.5” ID Four hole, ~2.5” outside to outside ~1/4”...
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    Just numbers, with maths Through page 8, last response 3 Horse Ranch CA 7 4 1.8 AZ 1 1 1.0 FL 4 3 1.3 GA 0 2 0.0 KS 0 1 0.0 KY 0 2 0.0 LA 3 1 3.0 IA 4 2 2.0 ID 0 1 0.0 IL 1 3 0.3 NC 4 2 2.0 NH 2 3 0.7 NY 2 3 0.7...
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    Plastic welding and welders

    My search found a lot of folks talking about them and recommending them on the forums but I'm not seeing any tips/tricks/recommendations. I'm looking for one to repair broken seams on some fuel cans, patch an IBC tote, the odd crack on the fourwheeler/SxS/dirt bike. I'm also pretty dedicated...
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    MF 25 hay rake

    Anyone have a good source for old MF parts? Need the drive pully and a belt for a MF 25 I rescued out of a field. Some other bits and bobs if I could find them to church it up some but really those two would get it back to work.
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    GPS smart fence dog collar

    Anyone have one? Opinions? I’m starting to have an issue with my Pyrenees wandering up to the pavement and getting in trouble and they’ve never respected a fence even if I wanted to build one around the property.
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    First full meal off the homestead

    That's right! Butter from my dairy cow, steak off my first steer, eggs from my chickens, bread made from wheat berries we bought. I've done some basic calculations regarding the cost for this meal to include mortgage, fencing, aggravation, time spent, tractors and other equipment, shelters...
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    Water fire extinguishers

    I thought we had a big thread over water fire extinguishers and mounting/use on balers. Can't seem to find it if anyone remembers could you link it? Or just post up your opinions and favorite set up ;)
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    M4 vs 5075E surprised me

    This is not a one's better than other thread just an observation. I got my M4 last year and my neighbor just upgraded to a 5075 for round baling last week. Saturday I went over to help cut with my M4 and I was shocked at the size difference when side by side, the Deere is tiny by comparison...
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    Are tracked skid steers gaining on wheels for snow?

    Trying to decide on which way to go and last time I gave a hard look the prevailing opinion was wheels were the way to go if you had to deal with snow. Now it's looking like there are new track tread patterns and suspension more favorable or comparable on snow. ASV seems to really be pushing...
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    Cleaning out a boom sprayer

    Picked up an old trailered boom sprayer I plan to use to haul water to my garden. I have no idea of it's history, gentleman who owned it was 90 when he passed several years ago and he was the last known user so it likely hasn't been used in years. The pump was removed and the bottom had three...
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    M4 50 hr service

    Cracked open the manual to make sure I had all the filters I need for the 50 hr service and there's no hydraulic filter change called for at 50 hrs. Seems like cheap insurance to me, anyone change them at 50 hrs or am I being over cautious?
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    Now I remember why cities are just cancer

    I work on a military installation and live on the far side of it so I don't drive through the "big city" hardly ever, last time I remember doing anything in the city was May or June? We live near a small town and I do pretty much everything I need to there. Today I had to run up to the Kubota...
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    What are the general terms and costs for leasing fields?

    My feed requirements are getting to the point where maybe making some hay makes enough sense it's worth looking at the costs. Looking around at land near me in west GA there's a lot of idle fields that if I got on them soon I could brushhog and probably have okay cow hay next season, I haven't...
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    PTO water pump delima

    So I haul water to most of my critters in an IBC tote that I fill from my pond with a 12V pump. The 12V pump takes forever and it just died. So, now is my chance to change to something PTO driven. I've looked at a lot of them that chain on for sprayers etc but it looks like about 22gal/min...
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    Drain plug fell out of my MX

    Helping a neighbor brush hog yesterday in my MX5800, looked at the dash and saw the oil pressure light so reached down and hit the PTO switch to see what was going on and the tractor shut down. From the trail it looks like I went about 150 yards streaming oil pretty good. Never recovered the...
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    Kubota RTV1100 Workshop manual

    New in wrapper. $50 shipped.
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    Alaskan Chainsaw mill plates?

    Anyone know what plates this guy is using to support those rails for the first cut (start at 3:50)? I need to buy or build a set.
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    Why do practice beads not...

    Bractice beads seconds before weld, pretty proud, feeling good. So weld:mad: Ohhh well, more practicing:p
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    WoodMaxx getting close to my last nerve:-(

    Sorry this is long. So in late October I reached out to WoodMaxx to use their .mil discount while I was deployed to get a chipper. At the time the chipper wasn't in stock but supposed to be back in production early December which isn't that big of a deal and the emails implied December-ish...
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    Air Compressors

    Wha's everyone using to push air to their plasma cutters? I have an old DeWalt that I thought I'd be able to limp along but it turns out that's not the case:o So what's the smallest I could probably get by with(I'd like to not have it bolted to the garage floor and don't have 220)? What brand...
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    MX electrical...something

    I've been away from the tractor for about 9 months and during that time it got run a little less than monthly by my son who did driveway maintenance and some other chores and it was on a battery tender most of the time. I got back a few days ago and the MX5800 has had a weird issue starting...
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    Call me crazy...silo question

    I need a shop bad. I've been going back and forth about a steel building or a big pole barn, then I happen upon a CL add for three large silos (24' diameter) and a few gain bins and other odds and ends for what seems like a screaming deal to me. So has anyone ever relocated a silo? Do they...
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    What's your shovel?

    I've got a few rogue tools and like them a lot. Recently my goto shovel had an unfortunate incident between a tree and my tractor:o It wasn't anything great, just the best I could judge the big box store had. Looking for some quality shovels, recommendations? USFS shovel worth it or the...
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    Mini-ex in steep terrain?

    Moved to some new property in GA and about 10 acres of the property is choked up with what we call around here "wait a minute vines" which is basically a nice way to say you ain't getting through there. I was thinking about getting a little tiny mini excavator and clearing some of the vines...
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    Recover electric fence?

    Who's got the best free/cheap method to spoil your electric fence wire back up to move it? Made a giant ball of yarn looking thing with my rope and that worked okay but don't thing that's what I want to do with the wire:o
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    MX10 on a MX5800?

    Anyone running a really big brush hog on their MX? Been shopping for a while and an MX10 just popped up for a reasonable price so I'm doing big my research :anyone:
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    Instrument fault reset? Help!

    Yesterday the spousal unit and son were cleaning up the yard a bit in prep for Hurricane Matthew and the boy was using my MX to move chicken coops. They says there was a little puff of smoke and he shut it down. Didn't say there where any noises or anything else. He's young so my standing...
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    Mower price check

    Local I've got bush hog and Landpride dealers and I'm looking for a 7' finish mower. Bush Hog RDTH84 is 3,195+tax Landpride FDR 2584 is 3,499+tax Sound right? I like Landpride but is it worth the extra $300?
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    Pig talk

    So we've been talking about getting a cow or a few pigs for a while and finally picked up two pigs. We have about 2 acres fenced that the goats haven't been able to escape from so I figured pigs should be okay until they get big enough that they can damage the fence by leaning on it. So got...
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    Who's made a claim on their kubota insurance?

    About how long did it take and how much work was it? Need to get a lot more done sooner rather than later but I'm down for the count:(
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    Useful life of a CAT excavator

    A Cat 307 popped up on CL near me with 4400 hours for what seems like a really/too good price. Any opinions on how many hours they should be useful for?
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    BX instrument cluster died

    So I found a few threads that seem to describe what happened but not final answer on what to do.
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    Anyone running an EA 72" cutter on an MX?

    Or comparable sized tractor? I'm about 100% certain I can turn it just curious how it handles with the heavier blades on a fairly light 50hp tractor.