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    M7040 sudden fuel line separation

    In my area a major storm is coming and because my wife is very ill, I was readying the M7040 and blower so I could keep our lane open for medical supplies or an ambulance. I backed the tractor out of its storage location and was getting ready to drive it into my heated work shop. When I got out...
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    M series steering joint often overlooked

    M5040,6040, 7040 steering joint For owners of M*040 and M*060 with cab. There is one splined slip joint in the steering shaft that owners are not greasing and locally one has seized. It is only visible with the hood open. Dave M7040
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    Tires Kubota 2012 M7040 Mitas tires badly cracked/aged with 330 hrs. stored inside

    When I bought my new M7040 with cab and FEL in Oct of 2012, I wanted R4 or industrial tires to minimize damage on lawns etc. rather than the R1 radials on it at the dealer. Dealer had to order tires and wheels from Kubota as the sizes and thus wheels were different than the R1 for some reason...
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    New snow blower option for gravel and soft ground

    Over the years many forum members have been seeking ways to avoid their blower digging into gravel, lawns and other soft surfaces where they need to blow. I came across the option of hydraulic controlled wheels to keep the blower off the ground by Pronovost, a very innovative Canadian...
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    Advice needed on oxy acetylene torch

    I am having to remove the fan/impeller on my farm tractor size snow blower. Manufacturer said some heating of the hub will be needed to get it to release from the gear box splined shaft. Years ago when I was doing a lot of work I had a heavy duty torch set made by Purox. That set eventually...
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    M7040 mounting fire extinguisher in cab

    I have had a close call with a squirrel nest built around my turbocharger. I would feel better having a fire extinguisher handy but finding a place to mount one in the cab seems next to impossible. Anyone have any suggestions? Dave M7040
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    3-Point Hitch M7040 relief vave(s) setting. How FEL valve affects 3pt hitch operation

    I have some info owner's of M7040 with FEL may find interesting. I was having trouble lifting my large heavy snow blower (when the blower was covered in snow and ice) on the 3pt hitch in spite of using the lift arm holes which provide the greatest strength. My shop manual provided instructions...
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    Close call with FEL

    Thought I should share this close call with others. I have a new M7040 with cab and FEL. Rear tires are ballasted. I was moving fill from my farm to my brother's home a short distance down a paved road. I wanted to pile the fill on some tarps to make clean up easier. The tarps are heavy. The...
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    M7040 rear light question

    I have a M7040 with ultra cab about 2 yrs old. One of the yellow signal lights on the rear fender had a bulb burn out. When I removed the lens to replace the bulb I could not tell if there was a gasket between the lens and the lamp housing. Pieces of a small round rubber like material came out...
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    Kubota M7040 remote valves cables freezing up

    M7040 Kubota, 220 hrs, with two remote valves. In cold weather the valve levers cannot be moved until the tractor cab gets quite warm. Dealer replaced one cable when tractor was new because of this problem but it did not fix problem for long. When I remove the cables from the valve levers I can...
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    Hydraulic question for old Nuffield tractor

    I had a Nuffield 465 for 40+ years which I did a lot of work on to keep in top operating condition although appearances were not a concern. Ill health finally forced me to sell it and buy an new Kubota but I still have warm feelings for the old girl. The new owner is a serious farmer and is...
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    M7040 fire risk

    My M7040 has 130 hrs now. It is parked in an open shed. Last weekend we had a late season snow fall and I was blowing snow. The tractor was working hard and suddenly I was smelling something burning. I shut it off and jumped out to look but could not see anything wrong. I could not open the hood...
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    Backhoe Flying Kubota excavator

    I came across this old photo from a project I managed a few years ago. I needed to do work on the head of a well which was located in the closed courtyard of a high school. When the school was first built the well was just in a field beside the school but over the years, as additions were built...
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    M7040 industrial tire pressure

    I have a new M7040 with FEL and cab which came with industrial tires. The front tires are 12.5 x 20 MITAS which is a size not shown in my owner's manual. The tire sidewall has a cautionary label about only qualified people servicing the tire but there is not a max pressure shown to use to seat...
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    M7040 limited slip front axle

    It has snowed and I am getting to use my new M7040 under slippery conditions. The literature says it has a limited slip front axle but at times one front wheel just spins with the tractor stationary as both back wheels are also slipping. Tractor has 15 hrs on it. Can anyone advise what a normal...