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  1. JM7500

    Well pressure tank: Does well-side supply line pressure match tank pressure?

    If you have the check valve between the spigot and the pressure switch, it will keep the pump from starting when the spigot is opened. My system has a check valve upstream from the pressure tank and pressure switch. I have a tee with a valve by my well head but have to "force" the pump on to...
  2. JM7500

    Mahindra 5145 or Branson 4820R

    I bought my 4820R in March 2021 and put 285 hours on it. It's been a great machine. The closest Branson dealer to me when I purchased was 100 miles away. I had a fuel leak right after I got and the dealer repaired it without any hassle other than taking it back to him. It has done one...
  3. JM7500

    Sleep apnea, CPAPs and other sleep health solutions.

    My snoring drove my wife into another bedroom. I tried wedges, sleeping on my side, nose strips, mouth pieces, etc. but nothing worked. So I went to a sleep doctor in 2019. I did the home study and it showed it was bad off and they wanted the overnight study. I got the Phillips and within a...
  4. JM7500

    Starlink Best Efforts

    We've had the SL on Best Effort for 6 weeks. It was a big upgrade from using my ATT phone as a hot spot. SL normally runs 15-25 MBS, but has been as high as 175 MBS and down to 8 MBS. We've got 2 laptops, 2 pads, Dish network and a couple of other things. No problems with video conferences...
  5. JM7500

    3 phase equipment protection

    If the voltage is too low entering your facility, the feeding transformer can be re-tapped to increase the voltage. Or this can be done inside if you have transformers. For a motor with a starter, it shouldn't be an issue. If there are VFDs on the machines, they may be more sensitive. If you...
  6. JM7500

    Branson 4820 problems

    I use a 6' medium duty cutter with my 4820R all the time without issues. My rear remote levers are stiff and if I bump the standard (spring return) valve lever sometimes it will stay open without me realizing it. The detent valve lever stays in place. I have to watch it carefully with my...
  7. JM7500

    Mounting electrical panels on wooden utility pole

    I suggest talking to an electrical inspector for your utility or building inspection. Requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and utility to utility. Some require a permit for any alteration, others may not. They should tell you what is acceptable. I recently took down an old...
  8. JM7500

    Brush Hog

    I have an Atlas MD685. It's ok and I think was $1900 when I got it, but the have gone up the past couple of years. I've only had minor issues like replacing the drive-in zerks. It didn't come with a manual or customer support. It is heavy and I like the 2 tail wheels...
  9. JM7500

    EA Attachments vs Homestead Implements

    Lighter weight can be an advantage for lifting. A 100 lbs can make a difference when lifting logs.
  10. JM7500

    Water Well Advice ? A/C or Solar ?

    There are battery-less DC systems available such as this: And Amazon has them too. Some just fill a tank with an overflow and only shut off if the water runs or sun goes down. You can add a DC light for the well house during...
  11. JM7500

    Will this set up operate a hydraulic top link?

    That's what I've got. I marked the coupler and hose so I always put the hoses on the same ports.
  12. JM7500

    fixing ruts in field with tall grass

    I agree with hiring a dozer. Last month, I hired a local guy. He was $150 per hour and used an old D5. He could do more more work in 1 day than with the dozer than I can do in 2 weeks on my tractor and do a better job. All though it can be done with a tractor, a dozer is better suited for...
  13. JM7500

    Chassis grease point on 3620h?

    I found the zerk on the 4wd lever today. I've completely missed it before. I was able to reach it from the bottom. Mine has a 45 zerk turned at an odd angle. I'll be doing my 300 hour service soon and I think I'll replace it with a 90 zerk pointing down. That's 10 on the tractor plus 16 on...
  14. JM7500

    Chassis grease point on 3620h?

    There's a zerk inside the left wheel well near the 3 point positioner. I'll have to look and see if I missed one by the 4wd lever.
  15. JM7500

    Chassis grease point on 3620h?

    I've found those 9 on my 4820R. I have my rear tires set at the widest spacing, which makes getting to the fittings inside the wheel wells easier.
  16. JM7500

    50hr service 3620h, what oils? And any tips?

    This is what I used. It's what my dealer would have used if I let them perform the 50 hour. 1. Rotella T6 in 15W-40. You may need a different weight. 2. O'Reilly's Premium Tractor Fluid 3. Useful hints: The front axle has 2 drains, one on each knuckle. I missed this at my 50 hour. Be ready...
  17. JM7500

    Has anyone done their 50hr service (or any service on the hydro fluid) w/ the backhoe on the 20 series?

    I store my backhoe in the back of my shed with the bucket end against a concrete block wall. It gives me something to push against when adjusting the backhoe to fit it on the tractor. You will need 24 mm and 27 mm wrenches for the bolts that hold the 3 point arms. There are tabs to keep the...
  18. JM7500

    Has anyone done their 50hr service (or any service on the hydro fluid) w/ the backhoe on the 20 series?

    It will make refilling more difficult as well. Without my backhoe on, I had to try several funnels to find something that would work for me. I could not have filled from a 5 gallon bucket with the backhoe in place. If you use a pump, it will be not be an issue to fill with the backhoe in place.
  19. JM7500

    Branson 3620 dual lever remote for top link and level - parts?

    I got the factory kit. It was $873 installed in March 2021. I have one regular remote and one detent remote. I use a hydraulic top link but not a tilt. It's a little on the quick side and I need to add a flow restrictor. The other remote is for a log splitter when I get around to buying or...
  20. JM7500

    My favorite implement

    My favorite is my grapple. I'm always using it to move things, like tree or busted concrete. I can also use slings with it to carry my generator.
  21. JM7500

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    The operators manual and service manual being different got me. My dealer wasn't sure which was correct either. The only thing I have that takes 450 lb-ft is my 2=5/16 hitch ball. I don't have a torque wrench that big, but I think I got it to around 350 lb-ft. I tighten it every time I use...
  22. JM7500

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    I like to make a line from the threads to the nut, to the washer and to the wheel. And look for a break in the paint line. A paint pen has all kind of uses to make maintenance simpler.
  23. JM7500

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    My dealer referred me to call Branson. The Brason service technical department said 122-151 lb-ft.
  24. JM7500

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    I went and found my operator's manual. It's different than the service manual. It says 188-224 lb-ft. I think I'll ask the dealer too.
  25. JM7500

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    They didn't take that much torque to remove. I used a 30" breaker bar and it just needed a good push. The service manual shows the "Rim Disk Mounting Bolt" torque to be 122.4-151.2 lb-ft, which seems consistent with what it took to remove. Do you think this is wrong? I don't want the bolts...
  26. JM7500

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    I should have clarified I wanted to loctite (blue medium strength) the two parts of the wheels together and not the lugs holding the rim to the axle. I use anti seize on my truck lugs and where the wheel contacts the rotor or else they become very difficult to separate.
  27. JM7500

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    I changed my rear wheel spacing to the widest position to get more stability. It's about 78" from outside to outside of the tires. Only broke a 22mm socket and a 1/2x3/4 socket adaptor. I planned on using loctite on the lugs, but the tube was empty.
  28. JM7500

    A solar powered generator?

    My pump has a soft start.
  29. JM7500

    A solar powered generator?

    You can buy or assemble a system. It depends on you requirements. The main components are batteries, inverter, charge controller and photovoltaic panels. Goal Zero, Titan and Jackery (120 volt) are a few companies that combine the batteries, inverters and charge controllers into one unit that...
  30. JM7500

    First tractor

    Pete, I was in the same position as you a couple of years ago before I bought my first tractor. On our property, I'm maintaining about 15 acres, but it is somewhat sloped. I was very skeptical about Tier VI engines. I'm ok with working on a used tractor. I'm a gear head too. I started...
  31. JM7500

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    At 167 hours, my 4820R had its first regeneration. I've had the tractor almost a year, so I don't thinks it's too often. I've been leveling a site for our new house and using the loader and box blade for the past couple of weeks. It took 30 minutes. Didn't smell good but not real bad either.
  32. JM7500

    Water Well pump removal ideas

    The tripod will work fine for vertical loads. Brace the feet at the ground so the legs do not splay out. A chain fall or electric hoist mounted at the top of the tripod can pull up vertically. I would use components rated at a Working Load Limit of a minimum of twice your estimated weight...
  33. JM7500

    New tractor arriving this Friday. What do I need?

    Make sure you have wrenches or sockets to fit everything. I had to get a few larger sizes, like 27 mm. Also, pins: hair pins, cotter pins, anything that can be pulled out. I had to replace some several times before I zip tied them together. To go with the grease gun, get a box of zerks...
  34. JM7500

    Ugh!! Water Well contractors...

    I contacted a well driller last week to have my well tested. We are building a house and to get a building permit the well must be tested for flow because it does not have a drillers tag. I think it was drill prior to the state requiring permitting and documentation for wells. The driller...
  35. JM7500

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    Yesterday I installed a hydraulic top link on my 4820R. With all the rain and snow lately, everything is a sloppy mess and I can't do much with the tractor. At least the chainsaws run and trees get cut but will wait to move to the burn pile.
  36. JM7500

    Simple CAD software for barns and sheds?

    LibreCad is another free, downloadable software. I've used it a little. Long ago, I used AutoCad extensively for my job and side projects. It doesn't have the features but is free. I use Microsoft Project to track tasks, but Project Libre is free and similar. I can't remember everything and...
  37. JM7500

    Branson Tractor Reliability

    I got a fuel leak in the fuel pump not long after my 4820R was received. The dealer repaired it under warranty without any hassle or problems. There was some filings from the manufacturing process on an o-ring. I am very happy with my Branson. I got it last March and have over 100 hours now...
  38. JM7500

    TYM 494 or Branson 4820

    I have a 2021 4820R. No close dealers for TYM last spring. I love it. I've got over 100 hours and it has not done a regen. There's a button for it by the joystick. It's a simple, sturdy tractor.
  39. JM7500

    Kodiak or Agri-X 6 Foot Brush Hog? Opinions?

    I have a 6' Agri MD. It's a little heavier than the Agri X. It's ok. Darrel Harp does not have good customer support and does not have any manuals for the MD. I'm sure the gearbox and slip clutch are imported, but not much information is on the name plates. I had to replace grease zerks on...
  40. JM7500

    Building a custom home - HVAC options - could use a bit of help please!

    Another thing to consider is the ductwork material. It should be wrapped hard duct with only a short run of flexible duct (>5') to the register. 10 SEER is to low. In 2005, I put a 14 SEER 5 ton heat pump with a variable speed supply fan on a 3000 sq ft house. I agree with ericm and using...
  41. JM7500

    Christmas dinner... What are you cooking..

    I smoked a turkey breast today while I was on the tractor. My older kids have the covid and I won't get to see them for another week. Don't know what will be cooked when we are able to get together.
  42. JM7500

    Hydraulic fluid

    Here some have it. Some don't. There's one 15 miles from my house that carries it and on days I go to the office, I pass by it. It seems like the O'Reillys in smaller, farm areas carry it, but those in bigger cities don't.
  43. JM7500

    Hydraulic fluid

    I used the O'Reillys Premium Tractor Fluid on my last change. It's what my dealer uses and recommended.
  44. JM7500

    Will they ever return to "the office"?

    I think the community will grow as people flee the cities. We lived in the country until 2016 then moved to town. With the events of the past couple of years decided to return to the country. I went to full time telework in March 2020. Our now permeant (current) policy is to be in the office...
  45. JM7500

    Summit Monoblock Directional Control Valve

    k5lwq, you explained it much better than me.
  46. JM7500

    Summit Monoblock Directional Control Valve

    When no valve is operated, all the fluid flows back the tank. When a valve is operated, it diverts the flow to the function, like a hydraulic cylinder. Imagine a tee with fluid coming on one opening. The other two openings have valves. The valves operate so that if one is open the other is...
  47. JM7500

    Summit Monoblock Directional Control Valve

    My rear remotes were $872 installed by my dealer before I picked up my tractor last March. I do not think installation is difficult. The hydraulic fluid flow is continuous at the set pressure. Changing the engine speed changes the flow rate (GPM), not the pressure. The pump is positive...
  48. JM7500

    Summit Monoblock Directional Control Valve

    I have a backhoe for my 4820R. With the backhoe package, additional hydraulic lines are added, larger than the rear remotes which I have. When the backhoe is off the tractor, the backhoe hydraulic lines are connected together and fluid flows through unless hydraulic fluid is used somewhere...
  49. JM7500

    Branson advise

    I bought my 4820R earlier this year. I would not hesitate to buy again from the same dealer. JD and Kubota dealers would hardly talk to me and gave me tractor only prices for what I paid for my tractor and several implements. My Branson dealer is 100 miles away and JD/Kubota are 18 miles away...