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  1. Will_C

    Kubota Regeneration

    Have had my L3560 for about 15 months. I have 150 hours on it. It has regenerated 6 times-each time has been around 25 hours plus or minus an hour or two. I was just wondering about others experiences. Probably 80-90% of the hours have been at 540 PTO speed using a RFM, a tiller, or a bush hog...
  2. Will_C

    Mowing Bush hog size for L3560

    I know it had been discussed many times on TBN, and the general consensus is 5 PTO hp for 1 foot of bush hog size. Just looking if anyone has had any real world experience with a L3560 and a "2 inch" capacity bush hog. I need a 6' cutter to cover my tracks- tractor is 70" wide- but worry if I'll...
  3. Will_C

    L 3560 Dash Display

    I bought a L3560, and am in the process of figuring it out! One thing I can't find in the owner's manual is how to reset the speed and fuel displays from metric measurements to English. Anyone have any advice for me? Thanks, Will
  4. Will_C

    L3301 vs. L3901

    Hello. I am planning on upgrading from my B 2620, primarily to have more PTO power, more weight, and more ground clearance-doing some different work than when I bought the 2620 9 years ago. I am considering these 2 tractors, as well as a L 3560. I got quotes on the 3901 (32PTO hp) and the 3560...
  5. Will_C

    L 2501- worth it to me?

    Have a B2620 and it has been a great tractor. Over the past couple of years, I have been putting more food plots in-now up to 3 acres. The 2620 has got the job done, but it struggles with a 60" tiller. I expected the tiller would be a bit much for the tractor, but I know at some point I would...
  6. Will_C

    ZG327 Value

    A local Craigslist has a ZG327 advertised. The mower has 177 hours on it. Pictures of it look very clean and straight. The asking price is $8500. I think that is a little high, but I don't want to lowball the seller if I go look at it-I am thinking that $7500 would be reasonable-I had a dealer...
  7. Will_C

    Used ZTR pricing

    Just learned about a local auction that has several Kubota ZTRs for sale. I was wondering if anyone could give me thoughts on their worth. 1. ZD 326 60" deck, 300 hours. Description is "sharp." 2. ZG 227 60" deck, 120 hours, 2013 model. Description "like new." 3. ZG 23 54" deck, 300 hours...
  8. Will_C

    Satellite Radio

    I bought a new truck and it came with satellite radio. I enjoy listening to it, but I only drive the truck occasionally. I don't think I can justify the subscription just to have it in my truck. I got thinking- if I could use it when I was using my tractor or mower, it would be worth it-that's...
  9. Will_C

    John Deere 420

    Have been thinking about buying a vintage tractor for work in my food plots, and found a JD 420 listed at a local auction. I have a few questions- 1. What is the tractor capable of? Can it pull a 2 bottom plow? How big of a disk? I want to make sure it can handle these implements with a degree...
  10. Will_C

    Mid-Mount Mower Food Plot Equipment Advice

    Put in a half acre food plot last year. I enjoyed putting it in and the deer utilized it. I sprayed it with glyphosate with a backpack sprayer, tilled it up, spread 1,000 lbs of lime by hand, and used a push spreader to put on the fertilizer and seed, and rolled it with a land roller to firm the...
  11. Will_C

    RTV Steering Problem

    I need some advice for a friend. Started his RTV 900 yesterday, no steering-turn the wheel and nothing happens,it just spins. He has a fairly low hour machine, other hydraulics (dump bed) work, and the machines drives. He lives 20 miles away, so I have not looked at the machine myself-he did say...
  12. Will_C

    Air Compressor Advice

    I think I need a new compressor. Went to turn on my 15 year old Craftsman and it moaned and then tripped a circuit breaker in the garage. I may have a friend look at it (I'm clueless about electric motors, etc.), but I certainly won't be spending much money to fix a 15 year old unit that costs...
  13. Will_C

    Accessories for My RTV 900

    After lusting for an RTV for years, I broke down and bought a Worksite model. I love it!! I thought I would get some advice about some additions. Please chime in with any experience you have. 1. Winch and mount- How heavy of a winch do you recommend? Any specific units that have worked well...
  14. Will_C

    B2620 Fuel Filter

    I went to change the fuel filter element on my B 2620, and I can't figure out how to get the element out of the bowl. I did not any force, because I did not want to break the bowl-it seems like the element has to be pried out of the bowl-any tips or pointers on how to do this? Thanks, Will
  15. Will_C

    Price for Used RTV 500

    I have been sitting on the fence about buying a UTV/RTV. I have considered both the 500 and the 900 in the Kubota line, as well as those from other manufacturers. I could use a 900, but I also would get alot of use from a smaller machine. I just found a 2008 RTV 500 for sale. It is at a local...
  16. Will_C

    Price for Used RTV 500

    I have been sitting on the fence about buying a UTV/RTV. I have considered both the 500 and the 900 in the Kubota line, as well as those from other manufacturers. I could use a 900, but I also would get alot of use from a smaller machine. I just found a 2008 RTV 500 for sale. It is at a local...
  17. Will_C

    Chains Chains on B2620

    Does anyone run chains on a B2620? Do you have clearance without wheel spacers? I am considering geting a set of chains for my tractor, probably 2 link v-bar chains for I used those chains on my BX 2200 and was very impressed by them. I have read many posts about people needing...
  18. Will_C

    Small Generator Recommendation

    I am looking for brand recommendations for a small (2k-3k) generator. The immediate use for the generator would be power in a 30x50 pole barn I just built. It is on a piece of property that I plan to build a house on, either in 2011 or 2012. I won't have electricity on the property until the...
  19. Will_C

    New Trailer Ordered-Now The Waiting!

    I ordered a new trailer-an 18' Worthington aluminum 7k unit. I ordered the trailer with 6k rated stowable ramps,pressure treated deck, LED lighting and flush D-rings. I have a wait of around 4 weeks. My current trailer is a 12' Worthington that I have had for 11 years-just too small for my...
  20. Will_C

    Brake Controller Advice Needed

    I need to pick your brains about brake controllers. I am in the process of buying a 18', 7K tandem axle trailer-haven't decided on brand yet, but I will be buying in the next couple of weeks. My tow vehicle is a Toyota Tundra. I have been towing a single axle trailer for years, so I am all set...
  21. Will_C

    Stihl FS-81

    I have a chance to buy a FS-81 trimmer. Can anyone tell me how old this unit is, and what size motor it has? What is it comparable to; a modern FS 110 or 130, 250, etc. Thanks, Will
  22. Will_C

    New 7K Trailer Advice

    Now that I have traded the BX in on a B2620, I'm finding my 6X12' 3000lb single axle trailer is just barely adequate. I am ok on payload weight, but the tractor and FEL fill the entire trailer deck, and I can't get good balance-drive on, too heavy at the rear, back on, too much tongue weight...
  23. Will_C

    First Choice Implements

    Are they still made? I have a friend who has offered to sell me a 5' finish mower (he wants a 6' model.) I remeber several years ago there was alot of buzz here on TBN about First Choice, but I have read not much lately, and I have no local dealers. Are they still made? Do they have a website...
  24. Will_C

    B 2620 Capabilities

    I am thinking about trading my BX 2200 in and buying a 2620. The primary reason for this is that I just bought a 10 acre field and plan to build there in the next 1-2 years. The field is smooth enough that I can mow 3-4 acres of it now with a ZTR (I bought the field from my brother and have...
  25. Will_C

    BX 2200 Steering Problem

    I was doing some spring cleaning today with the tractor (throwing stones from the lawn into the FEL, raking ditches with a landscape rake, etc.) I stopped for a drink, shut the tractor down, and started it 5 minutes later. I had virtually no steering. Two or three complete turns of the steering...
  26. Will_C

    Toro Commercail ZTR Mowers

    I have been contemplating buying a ZTR mower for a while. I am a Kubota guy (have a BX 2200) and have been considering a ZG. I have a good friend who sells Toro. He just let me know that he has sold a couple of Z master mowers, but can get a better deal if he orders 5. He quoted great prices on...
  27. Will_C

    Advice on 2nd Mower

    I have a 2000 BX 2200 with a 60" MMM. I use it on my 2.5acres and also take care of my Mother's 2 acres. Mom lives around 6 miles away, and while I am fortunate enough to have a trailer, it still takes 45-50 minutes additional time to hook the trailer up, load the tractor, chain it down, etc. to...
  28. Will_C

    Repair Advice: BX 2200 MMM Lft Linkage

    The rod that runs from the 3pt hitch to the MMM wore out on my BX 2200. No complaints, the tractor has 1100 hours on it. I was wondering if anyone else has had to replace one of these rods, and do you have any tips on replacing it? It looks to me that perhaps the rear wheel on the right side...
  29. Will_C

    1,000 Hour Mark

    My BX 2200 just reached the 1,000 hour mark. I bought her new in April 2000. Total maintainence: 17 oil changes, 4 major services (50,300,600,900 hours), power steering hoses replaced, air filter bracket replaced, fuel tank and three point hitch recalls, fuel sending unit replaced. Noy bad!! I'm...
  30. Will_C

    Handgun Advice

    I'm in the process of acquiring my New York state handgun permit. I thought I would get some advice from you folks about what handguns I should consider buying. I have a lifetime of experience around long guns. I reload centerfire rifle ammunition, and would feel comfortable giving advice...
  31. Will_C

    Tractor Smart

    Is Tractor Smart still in business? I remember reading here that they were going out of the internet parts business. If they are still active, I would appreciate there address. Thanks, Will
  32. Will_C

    Gator Blades- BX 2200

    It's time for a new set of blades for the tractor, and I was thinking about trying a set of Gator blades. Has anyone used these on a BX with the 60" MMM? Are they even made? Thanks, Will
  33. Will_C

    ZTR: Commercial/residential or what?

    I hope you have the patience for one more ZTR post. I have been thinking about buying one to take some wear and tear off the BX 2200. If I could spend $9800, I'd just buy a ZD-21 and be done with it I mow about 4.5 acres between the two places I maintain. I mow quite often, about 32 times a...
  34. Will_C

    King Kutter XB Implements

    I know there has been discussion about these before on TBN, but I just saw them for the first time at the local TSC. They are sure not the quality of Woods, Bush Hog,, but they appear to be decently built for the $$$. The back blade was $200, and the landscape rake was $365. How are these...
  35. Will_C

    Television Buying Advice

    Once again, I'm turning to the TBN brain trust for advice. You guys have not steered me wrong yet . We are looking to buy a new TV as a Christmas present for ourselves, and I am confused with all the options and features available. Let me explain what I want from this purchase: 1. Bigger screen...
  36. Will_C

    Tire Advice: Pickup Truck

    I am looking for some advice about buying tires for my Toyota Tundra truck. I bought a set of factory take off steel wheels so these tires would only be for winter use. I would put the alloy wheels and the OEM tires back on for 3 season use. I live on a hill, with a road that gets decent winter...
  37. Will_C

    Price Check ZG-23 Pricing

    I had been planning to buy a ZTR next spring, but my Kubota salesman called this morning and told me about a 0 down, 0 interest, 0 payments until 4/1/05 promotion Kubota is offering now. He also mentioned a price of $7200. This dealer had been listing the units for $7800 all summer. At the...
  38. Will_C

    New Toyota Tundra: Maintenance Questions

    I just bought a new Toyota Tundra, Access Cab, 4x4, V-8 engine, automatic transmission. This is the first vehicle I have ever owned (besides a couple of junkers when I was a kid) with an automatic transmission. Reviewing the literature, I notice the dealer recommends changing the transmission...
  39. Will_C

    Kubota ZG ZTRs

    Does anyone have any experience with the new Kubota ZTRs? I am looking to buy a ZTR, probably next year, (although the 0% interest has me thinking ), and I have not heard very much about these machines. I would love a ZD diesel powered machine, but the price of the ZG is more appealing. I have...
  40. Will_C

    Toyota Truck Wheels

    I am looking to buy some replacement wheels for my truck. I have a 1996 Tacoma 4wd, and I have a wheel that is bent, and another that takes more weight to balance than I like to see. I tried the local salvage yards, but all they had listed were wheels that were in very rough shape (rust, etc.) I...
  41. Will_C

    Kerosene/Diesel question

    I feel silly asking this question, but here goes. Can I use kerosene in my Kubota? I get confused with all the talk of #1 fuel oil, #2 fuel, home heating oil, kerosene, etc. I don't use very much diesel at all in the winter time, only 1.5 gallons since November. I do use quite a bit of kerosene...
  42. Will_C

    ATV pricing

    I think I am going to buy an ATV soon. I'd like to know what kind of pricing I can expect. I am real confident about being able to get a decent deal on a tractor, especially a Kubota, due to all of the information posted on TBN and Will's excellent page containing the pricing calculator. An ATV...
  43. Will_C

    Automatic ATVs

    I am looking at buying an ATV, and boy have they changed since I bought my last one in 1993. It seems that many of the models I am looking at have an automatic ,belt driven transmission. It reminds of the snowmobiles I rode 25 years ago. Do any of you have any of these quads? Are they reliable...
  44. Will_C

    Another Generator Question

    I have had it! Another power outage! It is time to get a generator. I have decided to buy a gas engine model, because I don't feel the BX 2200 has enough power to run a PTO generator, and during winter storms, I want to keep the tractor handy for snow plowing. I have done some research, and...
  45. Will_C

    BX Transmission Strainer Bolt Size

    It seems hard to believe, but it almost time to do the 600 hour service on my tractor. I was wondering if anyone knows the bolt head size for the hydraulic fluid strainer that is located on the left side of the tractor? I used an adjustable wrench for the 50 and 300 hour services, but I want to...
  46. Will_C

    John Deere Commercial Mower: What's it worth?

    John Deere Commercial Mower: What\'s it worth? I thought some of you guys could give me an idea about this. A close friend has a 13hp, 36" deck JD commercial walk behind mower. It was bought last summer and has 20-30 hours use on it. His wife has decided that she wants to do the lawn mowing...
  47. Will_C

    Chains BX 2200 Tire Chains

    I received my tire chains yesterday, 4 days after I ordered them. I bought the 2-link spacing with the V-bar from The chains went on easily, and appear at first glance to be a quality made product. I especially liked the fact that they were sized quite well, leaving about 4-5...
  48. Will_C

    Deer Season

    I know there is quite a few hunters here on TBN. How did you do this past season? I was fortunate enough to shoot a doe and a 9 point buck in New York, and a doe in Pennsylvania. Hope all of you had good luck as well. Will
  49. Will_C

    Help Me Plan

    I would like some advice about a thought I have had. I know Kubotas and compacts in general hold their resale value well. I am thinking about when it would be a good time to trade in on a new tractor. My BX 2200, FEL, and MMM were purchased in April 2000. By next spring, the tractor will be...
  50. Will_C

    In-Line muzzleloaders

    I know quite a few of you are hunters, so maybe some of you can give some advice/input on in-lines. With NY state now allowing scope use during blackpowder season, and PA allowing any muzzleloader during their early season, I want to upgrade from my Thompson Center White Mountain Carbine. I am...