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  1. Msamt

    Favorite diesel can?

    I like the just rite, 5 gallon
  2. Msamt

    Advice on tractor for 7.5 acres - Mowing pasture and general use - L3902? What flail mower?

    I went down about the same path as you 10 years ago Bought 10 acres, 4-5 meadow, the rest woods. I wanted the Kioti CK35, wife had me get the DK45, ballast of the bigger machine made the biggest difference. First purchase was grapple, best thing for a tractor. Build a 3pth counterweight, it’ll...
  3. Msamt

    DK45 HST steering pump rebuild/replace option?

    Here’s a question. How is the reducing valve or sequence valve removed? It appears they are threaded in from the picture from the manual Can anyone verify? From noodling over the theory of operation as I understand it (barely), it appears these two are the best places to start, should I remove...
  4. Msamt

    DK45 HST steering pump rebuild/replace option?

    I remember reading the owners manual, warning me to not use the rear remote lever without anything connected. I remember someone here telling me to put a male to male hose between the remotes, just in case. I remember reading about removing the detent balls, just in case. I remember someone here...
  5. Msamt

    Broken Cylinder

    Mine broke in the same place, def out of warranty, and thankfully only 800$ to fix. I was misusing it however, I had the rams extended and pushed. Bad me.
  6. Msamt

    What does your tractor do best?

    Its the most effective lever I have, but you have to take your time...
  7. Msamt

    New Garage

    No matter what you build it痴 only going to get smaller as you start putting stuff into it (my experience at least). We went 28 deep x 36 wide and it痴 deep enough (even with motorcycles and kayaks and garbage cans), but not wide enough for 2cars and a tractor, my wife insis ted on a man door...
  8. Msamt

    Mowing How does this fitting come off the hose?

    This is from a Kioti rear finish mower, remote grease fittings.I have replacement hose but cannot find how this fitting works, any help? The remote fitting line has been rubbed by a loose belt, crappy design in my opinion...
  9. Msamt

    New member in NH

    Welcom to TBN! No matter what you want get one size bigger, the rocks will see you coming and send in the big guys.
  10. Msamt

    Let's see some homemade 3 point ballast!

    About 950 lb, no weld design (but my geometry for the top link was off a bit).
  11. Msamt

    Top link options for ballast barrel

    I bolted two end stays from TSC onto a TSC drawbar, no welder. I did dork up the angle and bent up a few top links on the lip of the barrel, but eventually welded some extensions on (after I got a welder).
  12. Msamt

    Do I really need a finish mower?

    Yeah, I agree, no mention was made of the grapple, that was my first purchase, used to pull the rocks out of the field before mowing! Careful of the big ones...
  13. Msamt

    Do I really need a finish mower?

    I reclaimed my 4 acre field from horse pasture to a beautifully groomed field of grass, all with my 72" finish mower. I love the look of it in the summer.
  14. Msamt

    Just got myself a beast - 2012 DK40SE HST

    I second the motion on ballast, it's amazing how much more stable the machine is with weight on the 3ph. I made mine in a similar manner with a poly barrel, ~1000 lbs
  15. Msamt

    Thinking of Buying a Polaris 570

    My ranger is the handiest tool I've ever bought, completely replaced the wheelbarrow. It's also quiet enough, powerful enough, and unless you forget to put it in 4wd, pretty much unstoppable in the muck. Other than a replacement battery (the oem one is a pos) not a single issue with it. I would...
  16. Msamt

    I hate my Husqvarna Snowblower

    I have the ST230p and its surging again, cleaned the carb in the last month, fresh gas, and it had been running ok, but tonight it started surging really high again - last year it was doing this, and the engine grenaded, 29 days out of warranty. The dealer finally fixed it at his cost, replaced...
  17. Msamt

    Bent tilt cylinder rods- KL401 loader on my DK45SE-HST

    I bent them both, actually cracked one right off (ala terminator). I let my dealer rebuild them both, cost my 800$ total. As my friend once said "be careful,pushing, these things will break themselves"
  18. Msamt

    What did you break today?

    Clearing a snowmobile trail before it's too late, I managed to drive a chunk of birch log into my lower radiator hose and fan belt, knocked them both off. Managed to shut down immediately, even found the hose clamp! Got it all back together, but only had a gallon of antifreeze handy, and...
  19. Msamt

    Polaris Ranger 500

    The 570 mid size, Best tool/toy we own. Trails, grandkids, wheel barrow, tool hauler, does it all and can not get stuck!
  20. Msamt

    Concrete barrel ballast box idea

    Mine was non welded TSC and HD sourced entirely. I put mine too deep though (was worried about ground clearance, don't be). I bent a few top links...
  21. Msamt

    First time using a rear blade, man I really suck!

    Back blade is tough, it took me a few weeks of nearly daily work to get my dirt work ok. I think you may be a little hard on yourself, the pics look like your doing fine! I also like to pull the blade around backward, it does make it look better. Keep at it, it's like Sheetrock, you don't get...
  22. Msamt

    Grapple project

    Very nice, pretty stout looking as well. I find the round bottom of mine to be indespensible for back dragging and smoothing dirt out. Your gonna love having the ability to pick stuff up, whole new world.
  23. Msamt

    Tool mounting ideas.

    Built a ballast barrel yet?
  24. Msamt

    Jd 6400 electrical issues

    Posting this for my son, he's too busy haying to get online. Pardon the lack of info... He had a 12v line direct off the battery (no relay) to power electric over hydraulic implements (baler I believe) which was apparently dead, and instead of fixing it correctly, he snipped the line which in...
  25. Msamt

    How did I miss this?

    Have had this beast for almost 3 years and have 360 hours of seat time. Today when driving up from the lower woods I thought the "gangster lean" of the seat was a little much, felt like I was slouching. When I did maintenance and the annual hose down I saw a seat angle adjuster? Really, I just...
  26. Msamt

    I Learned something today about weight

    Operated the machine without the counterweight on the 3ph for a few hours - too lazy to put it on after welding the chains to the pins on it Night and day, so much less stability, and really showed me how much time I save with ballast, it was an eye opener how much surer 900lbs out back made...
  27. Msamt

    Strolling around with no cares.

    Yep, they are purty hungry right about now!
  28. Msamt

    Looking for Help Grapple Shopping

    Ballast is absolutely your friend, I made a barrel type that weighs around 950 lbs and even with loaded tires I can tell an extreme difference without it. As to a grapple, I'm a cheapskate, and I found a new 66" single lid from Versatech at an auction, feel like I stole it for $800. Not sure...
  29. Msamt

    Implements you regret buying

    Great thread... So far my northern tool quick hitch has only sat in the shed - won't fit the finish mower or counterweight barrel, and I rarely use my back blade which I never use lately. Matter of fact, I haven't used my back blade since my summer project year before last, seems like overkill...
  30. Msamt

    Larger finish mower

    I love my kioti RFM, 72" made by Caroni I think. Makes the 5acres I mow look reL nice.
  31. Msamt

    Loader How to not damage your FEL

    I'll add a few things not to do. Don't try and dig huge boulders out, like this And don't try and pull out stumps without digging around them first the cylinders will bend and break themselves like this To echo what was said before, not a bull dozer, and build up your grill guard, the...
  32. Msamt

    NX6010 grill guard upgrade

    Yep, wished I'd done it sooner too, but still love it.
  33. Msamt

    Well thats better!

    Got the tilt cylinders rebuilt and added some protection to the grill guard. With deer season on, I'm stayimg out of the woods for a while. This To this Thats rust-ole-um kubota orange on the grill guard, pretty close match.
  34. Msamt

    Grapple Advice

    Great topic/thread. Gonna be a long one. My experience was I wanted one and a versatech 66" showed up at auction. Stole it for $800. Diverter was installd on the tractor as part of the purchase deal. As an in experienced person, the grapple was a guided purchase, and has given me a huge short...
  35. Msamt

    Looking for an automatic battery charger without breaking the bank

    I second the noco genius
  36. Msamt

    Using home heating oil in my tractor

    Haven't yet, but have ~200 gallons of heating oil that the delivery guy swears to me comes out of the same tank that they pump offroad diesel from. 2 questions: 1. Would you burn it in your tractor 2. Anyone see a method for having a full time pump and nozzle outside from a basement tank so I...
  37. Msamt

    HardiPlank or Vinyl?

    I went the vinyl route laste year. Big cape with dormers and a metal roof. Chose it based zero maintenance or paint requirement ( the only house I ever owned that I DIDN'T ever have to paint). Only been a year, but for me, its a slick way to go.
  38. Msamt

    Put a Back Blade on the FEL?

    Here's a question, has anyone fabbed up a way to put a BB on a SSQA fel?
  39. Msamt

    Plow with the ranger or stick with the tractor?

    I'm struggling with a decision, figured I'd let the community help me spend money. My kioti DK45 has been my snow removal tool for the past two years, last year with the ratchet rake snow edge on it. Now thta I have the ranger 570 mid size, was looking at a winch and blade. Of all the plows out...
  40. Msamt

    New CK on the way!

    Congrats. The tomahawk grapple looks exactly like my Versatech 66, which is an animal. Grapple is easily the most versatile tool I have for my tractor. Just be careful not to bite off more than you can chew... Also may want to think about some ballast for when the blade is too unweildy, i made...
  41. Msamt

    Loader Weight is your friend.

    Shocked, in a very good way, at how well this machine can leverage and move very large objects. These were dug out in about 30 minutes each, and then rolled out of the ground, and down into the edge of my wooded lot. They have been bugging me mowing around them, now I can think about haying it.
  42. Msamt

    Loader My wife said I had a few screws loose

    I shoulda listened to her, 2 of the loader bolts were gone and another was stripped inside of the loader. Going to have to tap that one out I guess. Anyone know the torque spec for those on the KL401without looking?
  43. Msamt

    Thoughts on this Armstrong grapple

    Mine seems to pick up brush piles very easy. (Picks up things it shouldn't too)
  44. Msamt

    Who here skis?

    Common theme skiing, motorcycles, tractors it seems. Move 2 years ago from my dream spot 3 miles from the gondola barn, used to ski daily. Since I'm spoiled and now have to drive 20 mins, dont seem to get out there much. Only got two days in this year before surgery sidelined me, then it was...
  45. Msamt

    Ballast box

    There's always the barrel route.
  46. Msamt

    Grapple for DK45SE

    No way, I got used to the width, amazing the stuff ya can grab onto
  47. Msamt

    Grapple for DK45SE

    I spent weeks figuring out what size to get, and when it came time to go to the auction and a 66" was up,for bid I jumped on it. Really wanted a 50", but so far no complaints, most used tool I own
  48. Msamt

    3rd Function install Summary on DK40SE HST

    Nice! Here's a bracket the dealer fabbed for my QDs
  49. Msamt

    Grapple --- 1 Lid or 2

    I've got a single, use it much like you state (except I have been known to dig a rock or two out) and have not needed two. Yet.