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  1. Doofy

    Fogger & insect control help

    For truly portable...a cordless leaf blower!
  2. Doofy

    Fogger & insect control help

    Build yourself a Mosquito Sniper system. Use a pump sprayer and a leaf blower & let-er-rip!
  3. Doofy

    Gateway tech support; real or scam?

    I spend most of my time on a Kindle but keep all my vehicle shop manuals and music on the PC. Old eyes work better looking at a 32" monitor.
  4. Doofy

    Gateway tech support; real or scam?

    I just spent $300 on a refurbished Dell Optiplex 7050 from Amazon. Even though it is 5 years old, is lightening fast and super quiet. Feels good to keep some of the ewaste out of the landfills too.
  5. Doofy

    Keep current truck forever or try to afford a new one every 5-10 years?

    Since being Retired, life changed. Disposable vehicles are the only way to go for us. I now have all the time needed to keep them safe and road-worthy. No Payments is the icing on that cake!
  6. Doofy

    Metal buildings and Cell signals

    Good Lord, I thought I lived in Podunksville! I live 20 miles from a small town of 400 or so and have had DSL for at least 10 years. Fiber optic will be installed this summer. Best of luck finding something that works for you.
  7. Doofy

    i fell bad, dislocated LEFT shoulder ... completely immobilized, probably months

    Glad you are better. I keep falling and trashing both shoulders. My healing has been taking upwards of a year each time it happens. Wife has been threatening to Bubble Wrap me.
  8. Doofy

    LS MT 468 blowing oil dipstick out

    Note to self: Add a Tether String to Dipstick!
  9. Doofy

    Cold hands idea..

    oosik, Sleds today come with hand warmers, thumb warmers, butt warmers and a power port to plug in your helmets face shield to keep it thawed and fog free.
  10. Doofy

    Getting too old to step up 22”

    My biggest problem with the tractor step is its width. Being old,fat and arthritic means I need both feet on that step before stepping in the cab. Heavy boots don't help either.
  11. Doofy

    Hey....Coffee Lovers.... question...

    We've never been coffee snobs/ connesurier's but we enjoy our coffee immensely. Kirkland Colombian Dark Roast fine grind coffee made in a Mr Coffee. Immediately after brewing, it goes in to the Stanley Thermos. Stays piping hot with no additional electrical expense (or bitterness from reheating).
  12. Doofy

    DIY Fire Starter’s

    3 Fatwood sticks on crumpled newspaper with 2 or 3 small logs on top of that. Starts every time.
  13. Doofy

    You'll correct this.

    Smart Man!
  14. Doofy

    UPS (uninterrupted power supply)

    Both PCs, modem, security cameras and DVR + a 55" flat screen TV and the Dish Network box are all on UPSs(4). We don't have to get excited when a power outage strikes. No dead silence and darkness. We also have Emergency Lights throughout the house and in the detached garage. Alaska is dark...
  15. Doofy

    Have a dog that eats to fast for it's own good?

    Our dog would simply pour it all out. His problem solved!
  16. Doofy

    Rippers would sure make stump and root removal easier.
  17. Doofy

    Now, if we could only convince them to make Rippers for our CUT Backhoes...
  18. Doofy

    Home weather station suggestions

    My Accurite "Atlas" has been trouble-free for the past 2 years. It replaced a cheaper Accurite that had been up for at least 15 years with no problems.
  19. Doofy

    Neighbor lost insurance coverage!

    You must read that teensy-tiny fine print on those TV adds to even know these Plans are not all they pretend to be. Medicare is my Primary Provider and my Retirement Medical Insurance is Secondary. If I were to get suckered in to buying one of these TV plans, I could lose my Retirement...
  20. Doofy

    Door freezing shut

    I use spray silicone on all my doors rubber seals, vehicles and home.
  21. Doofy


    My sympathies to all the insomniacs out there. I'm asleep in less than 30 seconds after my head hits the pillow. Low stress, proper amounts of exercise and a good diet make all the difference for me.
  22. Doofy

    Sharpening drill bits

    Very timely thread. I received a Drill Doctor for Christmas about 10 years ago and forgot all about it. Time to unbox it and learn how to use it. I probably have a couple hundred bits to go thru. I really hate trying to use dull bits.
  23. Doofy

    Cowboy boot care

    Pop them on a boot dryer sitting in a corner.
  24. Doofy

    Tip of the day.

    I would imagine that the placement of those vise-grips would be very important. If placed wrong the weight of the vise-grips could open the valve to quickly. Great idea though.
  25. Doofy

    Sourcing a Starter for 2016 xr4150

    Try Messicks with that part number.
  26. Doofy

    A cautionary tale about fiber board bench tops.

    When working on the Sleds or mowers or snow blowers and I know there will be gas or gas fumes exposed, I kill the power to the furnace until done with the job and the garage has been thoroughly aired out.
  27. Doofy

    A cautionary tale about fiber board bench tops.

    My garage smoke detector is tied to the detectors in the house. An occasional false alarm is better than the alternative. Be safe!
  28. Doofy

    How's The Weather?

    Good Morning oosik! All is well on the Northern Front. Have a cozy day.
  29. Doofy

    How's The Weather?

    -6F this morning with another 2" of snow. We have at least 14" on the ground.
  30. Doofy

    Tip of the day.

    Ask for Help! At least pick the brain of someone that knows more than you about an upcoming task. I just bought a new Sled ('95 Polaris Lite Deluxe with electric start and reverse) for $300. I started going through it and realized that I haven't worked on a snowmobile in over 30 years. I...
  31. Doofy

    Tip of the day.

    Buy a Manual, a paper manual. Downloaded manuals have their place but a physical book is easier for us old farts. The Wife recently bought a '04 GMC Yukon XL 2500. I bought a cheap, downloadable Service Manual (14,000 something pages) and I can't find a dang thing.
  32. Doofy

    Sleep apnea, CPAPs and other sleep health solutions.

    You have valid points, for sure. I have one year left to decide on one and get it ordered. I have found some quiet and less obtrusive units that I might could live with..
  33. Doofy

    Sleep apnea, CPAPs and other sleep health solutions.

    My Sleep Study was a total and complete farce. I told them when making the appointment that I was there for one night only and to do everything they needed to do. They agreed. Did the sleep study and don't feel that I slept much at all but I registered all sorts of bad things: snoring, leg...
  34. Doofy

    Tip of the day.

    Now, That's a great idea. Thanks!
  35. Doofy

    Time Change already this weekend

    Doesn't matter to me either way. I just wish they'd set it and forget it.
  36. Doofy

    Tip of the day.

    One of my favorite garage investments during the last 20 years is the "Dust Deputy". This simple dust collector tied in to my ol' craftsman shop vac has saved me tons of money and countless time. The unit is mounted under the work bench, and out of the way and I have enough vacuum hose to reach...
  37. Doofy

    Tip of the day.

    The Wife put the brakes on me using the dishwasher for cleaning car parts. It did work very well. I can't be a redneck all the time!🤡
  38. Doofy

    Tip of the day.

    Thumbs up on those magnetic parts trays. They have saved my bacon on several occasions. I am prone to knocking things over.
  39. Doofy

    Tip of the day.

    Magnets! I use magnets all over the garage for sticking on things I use often.
  40. Doofy

    Tip of the day.

    Hang an accordion(expandable) file on the wall for Vehicle Maintenance and whatever. Throw in receipts and info on what's been done and when.
  41. Doofy

    Tip of the day.

    I keep a Label Maker in the garage and for repetitive things I need to remember, I make a label and stick them on the doors of my wall cabinets.
  42. Doofy

    Has anybody tried the lead free ammo?

    We have had coyotes and lynx that have been hanging around the property for several years now. Very unusual. They are caught on the trail cams at least once a week.
  43. Doofy

    Has anybody tried the lead free ammo?

    Bought some lead-free .177 pellets for my squirrel eradication project. They work well and I don't have to be concerned about poisoning my clean-up crew (Ravens). Every time they hear me shoot, they do a fly-by to see if I hit anything.
  44. Doofy

    Finally told wife about lost billfold. Oh boy.

    Yes Sir. There is a time to confess and a time to hold your tongue. I still get them switched at times.
  45. Doofy

    Please critique the weld quality (photos enclosed)

    Our High Scool turned out many Certified Welders over the years that went directly in to the work force and are still in high demand. Those welds must have been done by a 3rd Grader.
  46. Doofy

    I found the pot at the end of the rainbow!!!

    The value of a good and faithful dog is immeasurable!
  47. Doofy

    Please critique the weld quality (photos enclosed)

    I certainly hope the fencing looks better than the gates. Photos Please.
  48. Doofy

    Please critique the weld quality (photos enclosed)

    There is a lot of difference between a Tractor and a Gate. It's his money and he's the one that has to look at it. His choice as what to do. Those ugly welds do distract and make the whole job look inferior.
  49. Doofy

    Please critique the weld quality (photos enclosed)

    Even tho they look terrible, those gates could outlive us all.