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  1. Mauser12

    YT235 Experiences and Opinions

    Those are good prices. List in my area for a 235 and loader is 29,999 right now. Mine is 2 1/2 years old and for the first two years was problematic to say the least. Most major parts were replaced, some after a lot of argument with Yanmar. It has been reliable for the last six months. You will...
  2. Mauser12

    YT235 down again!

    At about 180 hrs. the tractor started running a regen cycle every four hours. I checked with a dealership and was told that was normal. As tractors get older, they get dirtier. At 190 hrs. it started flashing the two warning lights in the dash that indicate an operator safety issue. I couldn't...
  3. Mauser12

    Yt 235 coffee cup holder

    Has anyone found an insulated coffee cup/ mug that actually fits the Yt235 holder? Everything I have tried is too large for the small part and too small for the larger diameter. As a result they eventually rattle around, tip over or fall all the way out.