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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I had hopes Muhammed would weigh in on the signature line controversy. Maybe he has, no response is a response. While I am not a church going person, I do have deep convictions. In that respect I agree with Oldpath, if God/Jesus are not welcome here then neither am I.
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    Now that the snow blowing season is over,

    My blower won't come off the tractor until late May or maybe even June. When it does it will be on blocks, outside, chain oiled, unpainted spots painted, driveline attached with a bag over the end.
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    Was one of you pulling this trailer? It talks about how the driver mowed down the lady and fled the scene. A bit dramatic I think. It looks to me like he drove off casually, no mowing or fleeing. We should...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I don't recall ever seeing the "Forum Rules", but that thread was posted before I became a member so it is doubtful I would have seen it. This issue needs to be discussed, maybe in its own thread. Mohammad, you decide, move it if you wish. The rules state no discussion will take place...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Where are these rules people speak of? I looked through the "Terms Of Use", I didn't see anything about only tractor discussions are allowed.
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Cancel culture strikes again.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    That is the best response I'v seen.
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    So, what happens to the grease?

    What happens to grease? The grease worms eat it, that is why you have to keep putting it back.
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    Diesel Fuel Question

    My understanding, which I can't defend or tell you where it came from, is #1 fuel tended to burn hotter than #2 fuel so it wasn't recommended during the hotter time of year due to causing the tractor to possibly overheat.
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    Tubing - Tail Wheel Fork

    Plus 1 for the bronze bushing.
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    Garage hacks, adjustments and annoyances.........

    Around this part of Wyoming a pump house is used for irrigation pumps which are above ground pumps but they are shut off and drained each fall so they don't freeze. A well house would be for a well pump which is in the ground but the pressure tank is above ground. Around here it is pretty rare...
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    JD 1050 problem with 'dangling' bucket (won't stay firm) This is your thread from a few days ago, did you try any of the suggestions? It sounds do me like it is the valve.
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    What the heck happened?!

    My first impression of this format is not good but I will admit, it may be due to this being the same format as the political forum uses so that may be the reason for my negative impression. I will give it a try as long as they keep the school yard drama queens out.
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    Anyone out plowin?

    Cleaned all areas at work yesterday, took about 2 hrs.
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    Anyone out plowin?

    Plowed yesterday, the snow is starting to accumulate a bit now.
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    Anyone out plowin?

    Spent about an hour this morning at work clearing about 6" of fluffy stuff. The guy that normally does it is off for a week. That sure is a nice machine to run.
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    Rear snow blower 3 point hitch qyestion

    I'm going to differ from some of the others, leave the pto output shaft and blower input shaft parallel with each other. Fix the problem with skid shoes to hold the blower up. You can also add a protective cover over the cutting edge if needed. As you can see in the picture, I do both. The...
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    Anyone out plowin?

    Got another 5" to 6" of snow last night and it is still snowing hard. If it continues I should have about a foot to clear tonight. This storm is suppose to continue through Sunday night/Monday morning so will have to move snow several times.
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    What thickness angle iron to weld hooks on bucket?

    Mine is 1/4" x 2" x 2" but I would rather have had 3/8" thick, I just couldn't find any. With that said though, the 1/4" has worked fine and I have put some pretty heavy loads on it. Just make sure the chain is all the way down in the slot.
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    Need ideas for adapting boom pole to FEL/pallet forks

    Here is how I added a boom to a previous tractor I owned. The boom is about 10 ft. long. I needed to stick a safe through the door between my garage and house and I didn't have any help. I just set the safe on the landing at the top of the stairs then used the ATV winch to lower it down the...
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    Who has installed Bolt On Hooks to their LA1065 bucket

    I prefer my method but I don't have a grapple to deal with. This way I can run the chain down the front of the bucket or the back. And I have a place to hang extra chain so it isn't getting caught up in things.
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    3-Point Hitch 3PT Operation Question

    To help keep my snowblower from digging into the grass, I put a protective edge over the cutter bar as shown. Just knotch out a piece of pipe, weld on some tabs to bolt it to the blower.
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    Smart Shop tips!

    In my shop wall space is scarce so my chains are kept in a plastic 15 gallon container with the top cut off. Chains inside the container, binders on the outside. Makes them easy to keep track of.
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    Smart Shop tips!

    Most probably know this already but if you are needing to find the center of round stock to drill a hole, the quickest way I have found is to use a ruler or something straight on top of the round stock, then place the drill bit on top of the ruler. As the material is moved back and forth, the...
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    Garage hacks, adjustments and annoyances.........

    Thought I would give an update on the Bridgeport knee mill rebuild. I started this project about a year ago, finished it a couple weeks ago. I also had to put in a phase converter so I had 3 phase power to run it. I still have a few detail things to do on it but for the most part it is done...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    I'm not sure if I have posted these pictures before or not but here goes anyway. This is what I use until the ground freezes enough to use the tractor. Notice the down pressure system for the blade.
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    My solution to the ROPS pin

    I did a similar thing with the pins for the lower lift arms on my snowblower. The original pins required bushings for both diameter and width which was just something else to lose and a pain to get in place so I made a step pin that was full size all the way through except through the last...
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    In my shop I was needing some 3 phase power for a knee mill I have been rebuilding. Initially I was going to put the phase converter up high in the back corner but once the converter arrived I figured out really quick that there wasn't any practical way I could get it up there so I moved the...
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    Loader Chain Grab Hooks

    I don't seem to share the enthusiasm some have for hooks, bolt on or weld on. I prefer the slotted angle iron so chains will hook into it from the front or back of the bucket and it adds strength to the top of the bucket. Mine is welded on but I suppose a person could bolt it on also.
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    Considering this new trailer.

    That depends on the trailer and hitch being used. My ironbull started out with the jack mounted at the front of the deck as shown, . Eventually I moved the jack forward to make room for a winch mount as shown, . On this trailer with the hitch I'm using I can open the tailgate without hitting...
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    Cordless impact to crank trailer jacks

    This is an adapter I made for my travel trailer in case the motor went out on the electric jack. I don't know why a person couldn't make something similar for an equipment trailer. It was made to use a 3/4" wrench, crescent wrench or cordless drill with a socket.
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    Time. for A Set Of Pallet Forks What about them??

    Last night I took a look, no marking on the forks indicating who made them. I also looked up my receipt, no brand was listed, just said 4000 lb. 48" forks. Attached are a couple pictures that may give you an idea of what to look for.
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    Welding D rings to rear frame member of 18 + 2 14,000 PJ equipment trailer

    Is there a reason you can't run your chain as shown in the picture? Just hook under the main frame, behind the bracket for your stiff leg and on up to the tractor? There isn't much difference between doing that and welding a D-ring on top of the frame.
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    Time. for A Set Of Pallet Forks What about them??

    My Mahindra 2565 will handle 3100# so I bought forks to handle 4000#. They are also 48" long which I wouldn't go any shorter, at least not for my purposes. I don't remember what brand mine are but one nice thing about them is I can turn the forks upside down on the back frame if I need extra...
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    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    My 5 half barrels of rocks were full so it was time to haul them away. Using the half barrels and set of forks sure saves a lot of time. I only have to handle the rocks by hand once. After the barrels are loaded, equipment does the rest. I figure about 50 more years of doing this I will...
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    Trailer weight ???

    To give you a comparison, I have an Ironbull 14K 20' equipment hauler that actual weight was 2960 lbs. The Ironbull web site showed that trailer at 3600 as did the title. I later added a winch mount so now it is right at 3000 lbs.
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    Ballast Off topic but

    You can稚 help but adore this little gal. YouTube
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    403 Forbidden

    The 403 Forbidden page that pops up most of the time when I click on a thread is getting really old. I don't know what causes it but soon would be a really good time to fix it, just sayin.
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    Garage hacks, adjustments and annoyances.........

    Sometimes you can get pretty good deals on levels as well as a variety of things. I bought this 10" one for $20 quite a few years ago from a machinist that was retiring. I picked up a number of other things too.
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    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    Forks are great for loading/unloading the half barrels of rocks that were loaded by hand. Only have to handle the rocks by hand once.
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    Lifting heavy awkward stuff in tight spaces

    No one method is going to work in all situations so you will need more than one option for moving things. The HF crane is the least likely to work. The boom does not extend past the legs so if the mower is on the floor you can't get the legs under it. I have been rebuilding a Bridgeport mill...
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    Generator too heavy for my dad.

    As was mentioned, try it first to see if moving is a problem. I put my welder on HF dollies, it stays put.
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    Todays shop time.

    Simple project compared to some of the other projects I see done on here. I needed some rollers for a transfer chair. I took the chair apart a couple years ago and couldn't find the original ones so I made some new ones. But, I did find the skiving tool I used 25 to 30 years ago to make the...
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    I hauled a MF150 and box scraper for a guy yesterday. The tractor hadn't been started in years so we used the winch to pull it and the scraper on the trailer. Went pretty smooth.
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    2565 pto seal leak

    Here ya go, not sure if the pictures will help or not.
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    Relative Importance Index

    I know, a tractor needs to be included in this but here it is anyway.
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    Garage hacks, adjustments and annoyances.........

    I can see where a person could get lost there, thick trees with no mountains to orient too. Each area has its good points and bad points. Here are some exploded views of a Bridgeport Knee Mill. #3 is the knuckle, #8 Ram, #78 Turret, #68 Column, #39 Knee, #32 Saddle, #16 Table. This is the...
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    Garage hacks, adjustments and annoyances.........

    Snow yesterday morning, rain in the afternoon and today. Snow is melting fast. I don't plan on painting the underneath side, nobodies going to slide under it to look at it anyway. Plus, rust can be a rust preventative. Bluing on a firearm is just an advanced form of rust. As long as it is...
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    Garage hacks, adjustments and annoyances.........

    The column is now ready for painting but my shop isn't heated and it is only running from the mid 20's to mid 30's here so too cold to paint. I figured I would haul it to my work so I could get it warmed up for painting but it snowed last night so I didn't want to haul it in the trailer and...
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    low profile equipment trailer with full width monster ramps - opinions please

    I didn't want them do to implements hanging over the back as shown. I would have to have a much longer trailer if I had the fold up ramps.