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  1. pokey1416

    Three point not dropping all the way

    You’ve probably checked this but depending on the depth that the tiller shoes are set might be allowing the tines (depending on rest/off rotation) to contact the ground and leave the shoes up a little. Maybe the shoes were a little loose and that is throwing you off.
  2. pokey1416

    New 3 stall shop suggestion requests

    Go with raised center bay truss and you can keep sidewall heights lower and still have center bay for higher door and your lift.
  3. pokey1416

    Power tiller strip tilling for row crops

    Your tractor should have no problem with a 6’ if you decide to widen your beds. I have a 40hp (34 @ PTO) and run a 6’. Covering your tracks is handy for everything except your raised bed plan.
  4. pokey1416

    Is Anyone Making a High Quality 7k Trailer?

    I have a Diamond C 7k, 5x10 dump that has ramps and I use for equipment. It was $5,100 a couple years ago. Having a dump is really nice.
  5. pokey1416

    Taking delivery on new CK2610 loader backhoe tomorrow

    Congrats and enjoy. Welcome to TBN!
  6. pokey1416

    Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT?

    I advance back or forward or side to side with the BH push or pull method - but whatever works. I don’t have enough ingenuity to invent your solution 🤔
  7. pokey1416

    Air Seat Upgrade for my M59 TLB

    Yes, here's a photo of the Kubota offering that dealer installed. Not had much time on it but it's wonderful!
  8. pokey1416

    Looking For Spike Harrow, 3 Point.

    Here’s my LP in action if that helps.
  9. pokey1416

    Looking For Spike Harrow, 3 Point.

    Not cheap but I have one of these in 8’ width.
  10. pokey1416

    Seat upgrade L40

    If you’re referring to the GL4060 the seat sucks IMO for anyone over 225 lbs. Bite the bullet and install an air ride seat. There’s lots of posts here on Grammer seats who I’ve heard, makes Kubota’s “OEM” seat.
  11. pokey1416

    Biodegradable hydraulic fluid

    I was part of a dam removal and river restoration team several years ago. The GC regularly does river work and all the CAT equipment used bio hydraulic oil. I remember him saying it was expensive, I can find out what they use if you want..
  12. pokey1416

    Best headphones - Bluetooth and walkie talkie?

    Don't think you'll find hearing protection with the walkie-talkie but I might be wrong. I have ISO Tunes and am very happy with them for BT and hearing protection. Hearing Protection
  13. pokey1416

    new member

    Welcome from SW MI
  14. pokey1416


    I use the heck out of my BH92. Get the mechanical thumb. It’s not anywhere near a mini X in capabilities but most of us aren’t digging to 10’. You’ll find all kinds of useful projects. My BH stays on from June-Sept. and it’s a beast! On the 92 you can relocate the seat back a little to gain some...
  15. pokey1416

    recommendations on new air compressor, pancake Y or N ?

    I bought this one last year on sale for $326. It is very quiet and replaced a 40 year old Craftsman that was sooooo loud.
  16. pokey1416

    Bomb Cyclone!!!

    Yesterday mornings cleanup. Same with today! Maybe we’ll get a break tomorrow. Merry Christmas everyone!
  17. pokey1416

    Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT?

    You can do the top just not the tilt w/ BH. My dealer takes the OEM TnT Kit and sells just the T.
  18. pokey1416

    Portable Soil Screener

    I built this to drop into my dump trailer and clean river rock. It worked ok but wow what a mess! Luckily I had the wife on the power washer so she got most of it. I gave up after awhile - took to much time.
  19. pokey1416

    Tractor Forestry Mulcher - Any good?

    Agree, rent one of these. The abuse these mulchers place on the machine is pretty severe.
  20. pokey1416

    Plowing County Road??

    I agree on a nice heavy back blade. It can be expensive to invest in front snow blades. I have a pusher but I can only push so far before, I have to unload off the shoulder somewhere. Sounds like you’re just plowing to get your wife out!
  21. pokey1416

    Ordering Compact Tractor; What Options

    Good advice he is our guru!
  22. pokey1416

    Ordering Compact Tractor; What Options

    Yes on the mechanical thumb! Yes on the top hydraulic cylinder. Dealer told me with a BH can’t have a side hydraulic cylinder - I did not verify. Get yourself a quick hitch.
  23. pokey1416

    Rear 3pt arms drop quick

    Disregard my last it’s if the tractor is running. :rolleyes:
  24. pokey1416

    Rear 3pt arms drop quick

    Isn’t there an adjustment knob or lever under the seat that controls 3PH drop speed?
  25. pokey1416

    Snow pusher for a gravel driveway

    When the pusher fills up the snow starts coming over the top, you’ll have to angle off to the side and empty. Do you have room to do that? I have a pusher and the backdrag kit and like it but I only have hard surface clients so I can’t answer on gravel. It has no parts to break which is nice...
  26. pokey1416

    Where to buy rear suitcase weights for L3560

    If you have a Speeco ehitch there’s this option. GWT Hitch Hanger for Suitcase Weights
  27. pokey1416

    Does Anyone Still Make the FEL SSQA-to-3PT Adapters?

    I bought this one and it was delivered a couple weeks ago. Fitment on my Kubota was very tight and lock pins protruded an 1-1/2” or so - very positive lock up. Came naked w/ no packaging but was not beat up. Looked to me as though the horizontal cross tube that the 2” receiver is mounted to, is...
  28. pokey1416

    Golf Carts

    2012 Yamaha Drive. I like the idea of upgrading to Lithium battery.
  29. pokey1416

    Golf Carts

    Good info, we bought an electric one from a golf course auction this summer and I'd like to clean up the batteries and cables - I'll keep this thread bookmarked.
  30. pokey1416

    Backhoe Vs. 12000 LB Mini EX

    Skip the mini and don’t worry about trailering. Pull a dump trailer behind you with attachments. Hire out the trucking if it’s a bigger job. Not many people in your area will be competing at this level. Of course I’m biased and at work spend almost all my time on streets and roads. This thing...
  31. pokey1416

    Ballast box questions

    Wow sounds great. Take a pic please.
  32. pokey1416

    Ballast box questions

    Old tainter gate chains, broken hydraulic breaker, rebar, some gym weights - pretty much anything steel. Heavier than concrete but doesn’t fit in as well.
  33. pokey1416

    Kubota wheel and loader nut torque.

    Zero Turn mower. Sorry about the initialism.
  34. pokey1416

    Time to sell my JD 2320, Considering a 3039R or 4052R

    R4’s are relatively easy on your lawn. Keep the bigger tractor.
  35. pokey1416

    Kubota wheel and loader nut torque.

    FYI check your ZT lug nuts also - found mine to be below torque specs.
  36. pokey1416

    What part of 'Quick Disconnect' does Kubota not understand !

    Oh….the things we haven’t shared with our better half’s! Your secret is safe with us ;)
  37. pokey1416

    What part of 'Quick Disconnect' does Kubota not understand !

    Don't feel bad we've all been there. My kid called me last week all frustrated and ready to give his JD rep the "what to" when he couldn't get his 3PH implement to lower. He was glad that I told him about the adjustment knob under the seat for 3PH - he must have thanked me 20 times.....I said...
  38. pokey1416

    Exactly how tall is your tractor

    93-1/2” ish - including the beacon ;)
  39. pokey1416

    Right size disk

    Jeff is our TBN technical guy. I have probably a size up or so CUT than yours and found a EA 66” 18” pans disc harrow. It feels and pulls too small for me so I would say you’d be ok up to somewhere in the low 60’s inches. And, welcome to TBN!
  40. pokey1416

    Grease Zerk size

    This has come in handy for me when I've had to figure out sizes. Grease Fitting Thread Tester
  41. pokey1416

    6x12 Tandem vs 6x14 Tandem?

    I have a 5’x10’ dump that is “about right”, I wish it was 6’x12’. I have a 6’x12’ enclosed utility trailer that I swear is 2’ too short. Go with the 14’
  42. pokey1416

    Hello from Raleigh NC!

    Welcome from Michigan.
  43. pokey1416

    L6060 HSTC Gear Clatter

    Here's a video that Paul Short did on clatter in the cab, probably not same thing but thought I'd pass it on.
  44. pokey1416

    Yellow Jackets under deck enclosed by ceiling.

    A poster uses this for carpenter bees and I tried it, worked great for quite awhile. Bought it at Lowe’s. He said the cyfluthrin is the key ingredient. They have other products under this label.
  45. pokey1416

    Tar River Manufacturing

    GWT had them for awhile I think. Good Works Tractors | Tractor Attachments & Accessories
  46. pokey1416

    Considering Upgrading.... Looking for the Goldilock's Bucket Size

    I don't know if a Grand L is on your radar but the features of HST+, the dual speed, ability to set HST response, and the auto throttle - are really nice when you're doing a lot of loader work. The throttle up button on the joystick is great too, especially if you're using auto throttle to keep...
  47. pokey1416

    Question regarding disc harrow.

    I have an EA 66” and it’s pretty light (580 lbs). I paid $1,500 for it new last year from neighbor that never uncrated it. It works good to run over grass before tilling. It also works good to disc in leaves in farm field. I’m going to add more weight someday. It needs some heft to it to...
  48. pokey1416

    L6060 HSTC Gear Clatter

    I haven’t noticed that but I do think the diesel clatter is more noticeable at various times. I’m partially deaf though :oops:
  49. pokey1416

    ID this tractor

    With LA10 series loader it’s in that size range. My guess is MX???? The gas cap is in wrong place to be a Grand L, as is joystick and throttle.
  50. pokey1416

    Wacko Kioti Issue

    Maybe a little dielectric grease on those plug connections might help?