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    PTO shield safety chains

    I've been researching this lately and find it amazing how controversial it is, and how much contradictory advice is given. Some people claim you should never cut the chain to shorten it as that is not safe... yet those same people cut their PTO shafts to fit without a 2nd thought. :confused...
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    Flail Mower Just received Betst Flail Mower

    It was a hard decision, flail mower or brush hog. But I want the stuff shredded, not just chopped down in big pieces. No experience with either, so I'm hoping this will do what I want. There is a long flail thread here that had me thinking a 73" Caroni might be the one I want. But I only...
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    Finally installed fire extinguisher

    I've been meaning to attach a fire extinguisher to the tractor for a long time. Finally remembered to buy the clamps while at the hardware store. Here's hoping I never need it! :)
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    Free Ford backhoe - who says used sells for same as new?

    Of course, you get what you pay for... ;) (local Craigslist ad - several motorhomes also free in about same shape!)
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    Those with lightning storms, how do you protect electronics?

    Here we rarely have dangerous lightning (once in 5 years). My brother just moved to Central Texas and is unsure how to cope with frequent lightning storms (in season). I found this old thread with useful info: value-good-whole-house-surge So much 'stuff' to protect nowadays, computers, TVs...
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    Water filter by well or by house? Does it matter?

    We want to get a whole house water filter. Our well is about 200' from the house. It would be much more convenient to mount the filters in the pump shed. Is there any reason to have the filter close to the house? Online instructions say to mount it where the water line enters the house, but...
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    Geo Tracker instead of UTV?

    I need to replace my Yamaha Rhino. One thing I want is quiet, so I've considered the Polaris Ranger EV. I can get a Polaris with the Voltronix Lithium conversion (used) for 15 grand: Polaris Or, I can get a Geo Tracker (148,000 miles of used) for $4,500. Upsides, Geo Tracker has air...
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    Found a new zerk (Kioti CK27 HST)

    While working near the main hydraulic distribution box under the right side of my tractor I noticed this device. Does anyone know what this device is? (large oval) Zerk at its base (small circle) is kind of hard to see here. Pretty sure I've never greased that one. :eek:
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    Loader Kioti CK27 Joystick installed wrong... questions

    Three issues with my joystick, which I believe was installed "wrong" (it does work): 1) lock switch comes out the front, apparently should come out the back. 2) dogleg goes to right, simply not sure if this is correct or if it "should" go forward/back. 3) this is the biggie... detent for...
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    Cut-off wheels and angle grinders

    Knowing I would need it someday I bought a Harbor Freight 4 1/2" angle grinder when it was at a good price. Also got a 10 pack of metal cutoff wheels. Today was the day so I pull everything out and start by reading the grinder's instructions. First thing it says is: "not for use with cut-off...
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    Buying used (250/2500), what to avoid (engine/trans known issues)

    I'm not a truck guy, have never owned one. Now with the tractor and land I feel I need one, but cannot afford new. I'm thinking under 10 grand, probably year 2000-2007. I need to pull about 9,000 lbs. (total incl trailer) but not often and not far. 1) Would a Ford F150/Dodge-Chevy 1500 do...
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    Bolt on hooks install for Kioti bucket

    So I bought the hooks from KennyD in 2014, but the Kioti bucket has a square tube along the front for added strength. Some LS buckets have this too. Which means I need 3 1/2 inch bolts instead of the 1 1/2 inch bolts provided. And I finally remembered I needed them WHILE I WAS AT THE STORE...
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    How to transport 20 foot drainage pipe?

    I need some 18" drainage pipe, which comes in 20 foot lengths. Biggest trailer my car will handle is 12 feet. Any suggestions on how to get these home? Thanks
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    Chipper GME (Danuser) 24P Chipper

    Danuser sold a chipper a long time ago. Research says it was actually made by GME (Ground Maintenance Equipment). Danuser no longer carries it and GME appears to no longer exist. The 24P chipper was a nice unit with a 160 lb flywheel, PTO driven (no hydraulics). The P in the model name does...
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    Ballast Two valve stems per tire

    I'm going to fill my tires, just bought the adapter tool (don't have it yet... Amazon) Most of the posts I've read over time and just now doing a search mention having to bleed air. The tool wants you to stop pumping to bleed... seems like a waste of time. How bad to the rim/tire would it be...
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    Buying Advice Craigslist? Act fast! (tractor sold in 3 hours)

    I look at Craigslist every few days, not looking for anything specific right now. But for some reason I always do a search on 'tractor'. :cool: Saw this one this morning: It sold in under 3 hours. Moral: If you see something you want on Craigslist, snag it quick. And if you're actually...
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    What pans, containers, funnels to have for 1st service?

    I don't have any oil change equipment. What would you all recommend I have on hand (besides the fluids and filters!) to do the oil and filter changes? Special funnels? How large of drip pans? What do you put it in to dispose of it? Filter wrenches? Can used fluids be mixed when taking for...
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    Replacing the Seat Belt

    The seatbelt on my tractor has the retractor at the latch end instead of the end where it mounts to the tractor. It is terribly awkward and inconvenient - it also does not work well, does not retract the belt once taken off. Does anyone know if I can replace this with a more automotive style...
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    Best deal on grease tubes, ever!

    LPS ThermaPlex Multi-Purpose Bearing Grease - thermaplex multipurposebearing grease 400lb drm: Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid & Car Lubricant : Rereading old grease threads (just ordered a Milwaukee M12 grease gun) and came across this fabulous deal at Walmart: No discount for...
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    Extending / retracting grapple 'lid' (upper tines)

    I do not have a grapple yet. In trying to use the bucket it is hard to capture much, it just falls out when the bucket is curled. What I want is a bolt-on bucket grapple that is mounted to arms in channels that have their own hydraulic cylinders. Bucket level on the ground, pull up to brush...
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    How much grease to pump into a zerk?

    Which grease and grease gun has been talked about a great deal. But I couldn't find a good thread (any thread, actually) on how one knows when you have put in enough grease. With some joints it is easy, pump until old grease comes out. But that isn't universal, stuff with seals I understand...
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    New (decorative) Grill Guard

    My wife and I went to an open house for our local metal sculpture artist. Couldn't resist getting a coyote for my Kioti:
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    My CK27HST delivered yesterday - Fri Mar 28

    It was a long wait - they had to order the backhoe, install the loader, backhoe and two rear remotes - but it is home! :cool2: I sure am glad I bought local. Not just for free delivery, but there was a snag. When the boss was demoing it for me, the loader would not dump! One joystick...
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    Kioti CK27HST delivery update

    The backhoe finally arrived! Winter really slowed things down for shipping from North Carolina to Southern California. Here's the backhoe, still in its wrapper: And the tractor looking as clean as it is ever going to be (backhoe circled in white)! Delivery soon! Sigh, but still not...
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    Loader Color coding hoses to connectors

    My backhoe finally arrived at the dealer, but it still needs to be installed. So I don't have my tractor yet. But I went in to pick up my manuals and 'visit' my tractor, and was pleased to see they color code the loader hoses using colored zip ties to match (kinda) the connector caps! Is...
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    Box Scraper Advice on Craigslist used 3pt Box Scraper - any good?

    Older version - not sure if Cat 1 or 2 - it is 66" so I would guess cat 1. I've never seen one with this method of lowering/raising the rippers. Questions: 1) Would it be okay behind a Kioti CK27HST. I think 72" is too big, but have been thinking 60-66" should be good. Would like others...
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    Anyone used Vinyl Wrap to personalize their tractor?

    Using vinyl wrap on ATV/UTVs is quite common. Found an old thread in the ATV forum here when searching. But could not find any mention of doing it on a tractor. Has anyone used vinyl wrap, especially on the hood and fenders? Seems like an easy way to really personalize one's tractor. I...
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    YAY! Bought my 1st tractor today - Kioti CK27HST

    I've been shopping for months, with the help and advice from many here. I only have about 3 workable acres and i wanted a backhoe, so started by looking at Kubota BX25D. Nice little tractor, but the longer I spent on TBN the more I decided I needed something with better ground clearance and...
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    Horse Drawn Road Grader

    I only saw this Craigslist ad because of the recent thread on vintage graders in this section of the forum. Horse Drawn Road Grader They are asking $550. Just posting here for historical interest. Not mine - I'm not involved in their attempt to sell it.
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    YanMar YM165, YM165D Manuals on Craigslist

    On Craigslist, not mine - Yanmar 165/165D Tractor Manuals
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    Buying Advice Brand new Kioti CK27 or 2008 Kubota B3030 with Cab

    I've been working with my local Kioti dealer on a new floor model CK27 HST with FEL for just over 13,000. Would have 5 year warranty. Today's Craigslist turned up a Kubota B3030 HSDC cab model without a FEL for 11,800. I would really like a cab to stay out of the sun here during the summer...
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    CK27 Tilt Steering - how?

    The Kioti website says the CK27 HST comes with tilt steering. It doesn't say 'as an option' but maybe that is it. I went and checked out a new one today, and neither I nor the sales person could see any way to do it. How is it done, and is it an option? Thanks, David - San Diego ps: that...
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    Loader Bucket position when parking tractor

    Is there a consensus on the best way to position the bucket when parking your tractor? Level, face down so water won't pool, other? Wood under it to keep it off the ground, etc. Or is this controversial, too? :laughing:
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    B2910 with 1200 hours @ $8,200. Thoughts?

    I am in the market for a small tractor (1st ever). I started looking at the BX25D, rented one. I would like and could do with that, but it is simply more than my budget allows. All the TLBs I have found are too high, new. So I'm looking used and without a backhoe. I can rent the BX25D...
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    Fun day with a rental Kubota BX25D

    I'm a tiny bit less of a newbie than I was this morning. Got a quote from my local Kubota dealer on a BX25D. Too high for me, but I went in and looked at it today and got the backhoe dirty. First time to sit on a tractor or operate one. Home Depot now rents Kubota BX25D tractors so after the...
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    No nearby Kioti dealer, shop Kioti anyway?

    I finally called my local (25 miles) Kubota dealer for a quote on a BX25D. Sticker shock! I want between 20-34 horsepower in the smallest quality tractor I can find. Been considering BX25, Mahindra Max (158 miles), LS (none in California as far as I can tell) and Kioti. Probably a CK. I...
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    New kid, Southern California

    Hi all, Just got six acres of desert land. Looking to get a small tractor, especially interested in a Kubota BX, probably a 25. Not many for sale in my neck of the woods. It will be pretty light use. We need to landscape, put in proper drainage, put in a driveway. Do a little grading and...