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  1. WM75Guy

    574 HST Coolant type???

    For me the color is not what I go by anymore. I had a similar issue with my WM75. It got low but I couldn't tell what was in there, just didn't look right. I have green and orange but this looked different. I just changed the antifreeze and got new antifreeze from NH. It is OAT but is a...
  2. WM75Guy

    New Holland TC 40 DA manual question

    Sent you 3 PMs. See if that is what you need. Complete Repair part # 87618714 is referenced but the bottom of the page is #87618716.
  3. WM75Guy

    New 3 stall shop suggestion requests

    I have 2 8'X10' doors on the garage and 2 10'X10' rollup doors on the shop. I wish I had gone with 12' wide doors on both. Backing a trailer in or even pulling in one of the pickups with the camper/towing mirrors is tight. But hopefully this is the last place I will ever build from the ground...
  4. WM75Guy

    RCO Spicewood TX gone

    Google Maps seems to think so.
  5. WM75Guy

    Hoye Tractor

    Here is the Google Earth Pro image from 04/09/21. Looks like a few things laying around.
  6. WM75Guy

    2022 work master 75 pto too fast shutting down ???

    Engaging and disengaging are very abrupt. There is no feathering of the lever, it is either on or off. I now have the same problem that I had when I first bought the tractor. Once I mow for a while and the tractor heats up, the PTO will not disengage. They fixed it after I bought in 2019 by...
  7. WM75Guy

    Questions about lawnmower options

    I started with a Cub Cadet RZT50 with the 22HP B&S that I bought it at TSC. It was OK in the yard but not heavy duty or a smooth enough ride to mow rough areas. It also bogged down if the grass was wet or too tall. Sold it off and bought the ZD1211 diesel, which I can use like a small rotary...
  8. WM75Guy

    Determining how badly my barn has settled/heaved

    A self-leveling laser level would be a good investment, if it were my problem. You can use it to diagnose the problem and during repairs to check progress.
  9. WM75Guy

    Walker's F Series Thread

    Better start a new thread for that one. They tend to get long, such as 2094 posts. :LOL:
  10. WM75Guy

    Headphones/Ear Buds

    There are different levels of 3M Worktunes headsets. I have the gel cushions, much more comfortable than my original 3M Worktunes...
  11. WM75Guy

    Questions about lawnmower options

    Stihl makes a ZTR with four-wheel suspension, springs in the front and shocks in the back.
  12. WM75Guy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    The 40"X50"x4"heavy-duty cardboard boxes with several layers of foam rubber inside that we use to move 3'X4' stained glass pieces have gone from $125 to $225 in 2 years. It is cardboard and foam rubber, nothing else. We may have to explore alternative options for moving the pieces. I cannot...
  13. WM75Guy

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    Here is a NIMBY reaction to a solar farm near us and someone wanting to tell others what they can do with their land. I like that he said they didn't have a way to voice their concerns. He must have been living a sheltered life...
  14. WM75Guy

    Side by Side for yard work 2x4 ok?

    I put a fiberglass AudioFormz top on my 4010 Trans4X4. It has a radio and speakers built in. You can get them with or without lights. Be sitting down when you look at the price. :LOL: The windshield just clipped on the rollcage. I have put a mirror on since this picture...
  15. WM75Guy

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    Exxon just expanded a plant instead of building a new one. Now all of our WTI produced by our wells has a place to go.
  16. WM75Guy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Times have changed. I am getting 4% to 5% on Preferred Deposits with Merrill Lynch. Similar to a Money Market account with no time requirement and no penalty for withdrawal. Nice to have liquidity in case a new tractor is needed.
  17. WM75Guy

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    Apples to oranges comparison, an example of selective data mining by an industry to promote its cause, in this case the solar industry. ALL solar industry jobs vs oil & gas EXTRACTION industry. The first table came from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). The data from the second...
  18. WM75Guy

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    Unfortunately, CNG is still not a viable alternative for vehicles. If you buy a CNG vehicle make sure it is dual fuel capable. When I worked for one city in the NE suburbs of Fort Worth, my brother was in charge of fleet services the next city over. Cities were mandated to have a certain...
  19. WM75Guy

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    Yep, we have lots of pipeline welders. At least when they all came back home the price for welding work went down. :LOL:
  20. WM75Guy

    Tractor lots are full

    Stopped by our new NH/Deutz-Fahr/Kioti dealer's new location on SE Loop 7 in Athens yesterday. Lots of inventory, especially NH. Parts and service are still getting established from the move from the old location. Scored a new Deutz-Fahr hat. Mobile service truck is coming out Friday to do...
  21. WM75Guy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Stopped by our new NH/Deutz-Fahr/Kioti dealer's new location on SE Loop 7 in Athens yesterday. Lots of inventory, especially NH. Parts and service are still getting established from the move from the old location. Scored a new Deutz-Fahr hat. Mobile service truck is coming out Friday to do...
  22. WM75Guy

    Starship News

    He needs to move to the Kennedy Space Center. The locals hate that every time SpaceX runs a test, wants to launch, or just for some unknown reason, Hwy 4 is shut down for hours or days. From Brownsville, it is the only way to get to the beach south of the Brownsville Ship Channel. Many years...
  23. WM75Guy

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    Don't take this wrong, I am all for wind and solar, but we still have a long way to go to get wind/solar to supply our needs in Texas. I looked at the ERCOT website, your numbers are a little off. Peak demand today was at 1705 and wind/solar was supplying 33.4%, NG was supplying 45.9%...
  24. WM75Guy

    Newbie NH7308 loader on TC33D operation questions

    I can do it either way. I do have to have 1500-2000 RPMs.
  25. WM75Guy

    Newbie NH7308 loader on TC33D operation questions

    I can point the bucket down and lift the front wheels using the 16LA FEL on my TC40DA. I can then shut it off to change a tire. Eventually it will bleed down but takes several hours. All of the cylinders were recently rebuilt. It comes down even so the bleed through is happening somewhere else.
  26. WM75Guy

    New tractor classifieds site

    Good luck with the new site. So far this is what I see as opportunities for improvements. Do not use radio buttons for the filter categories. Cannot go back to all or have multiple selections. Going back takes you to the home page and erases your filter settings. Cannot use the mouse right...
  27. WM75Guy

    RK24H Dead?

    So it is repaired and back in service?
  28. WM75Guy

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    It is a matter of semantics. Yes, Ford did not receive a loan or "bailout" from TARP from its start in 2008 to when payouts stopped in 2010. But Ford did receive government assistance with a $5 billion Dept of Energy loan in 2009 to help retool plants to make more energy-efficient cars. Ford...
  29. WM75Guy

    RK24H Dead?

    I wonder if the head gasket let go and dumped water in the oil and perhaps it also made its way into the fuel or injector pump.
  30. WM75Guy

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    I am one of those self-important horse people that buys hay. Your contributions to this forum have earned you the status of #2 on my Ignore list. Fire away with your comments, I won't see them.
  31. WM75Guy

    My Mule, she's a keeper.

    Mine is staying put. Has a killer stereo built into the roof.
  32. WM75Guy

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    Our land near Midland is leased out for oil, gas, and wind. The land is farmed for cotton. There are 3 tracts, the left and right are 160-acre quarter sections, the center is 100 acres. There are 4 vertical well sites, with the right hand well drilled in 1965 being plugged last year. Those 4...
  33. WM75Guy

    New Holland TC24 starter replacment

    This may or may not help. From the parts diagrams the TC24 starter and the starter on my TC40 DA look very similar. Here is the instructions for removal from the repair manual for my TC40DA. So I would say it is 2 bolts. One may have sheared off the head.
  34. WM75Guy

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Never fails. Buy a little land, build you a nice place in the country with your own airport, and somebody is going to put in a mobile home park across the street. There goes your property value. :LOL: It has been 20 something years since I did some work at the hanger, there were 4 aircraft...
  35. WM75Guy

    ~50~60Hp compact cabbed tractor with a good loader and lots of stability?

    I like my NH Workmaster 75 HP. It comes in a 55 HP/40 HP PTO and a 65 HP/50 HP PTO model. Same cab, chassis, and loader. It weighs 6,800# without the loader. The 555LU loader is rated at 3,153# at max lift height of 131" (10.9'). The AC keeps the cab cold in the East Texas heat...
  36. WM75Guy

    Honey bees

    Just re-ordered honey from the honey farm I like about 45 miles away. Three 2# bottles at $16 each. Free shipping for orders over $45 dollars so no driving.
  37. WM75Guy

    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    They were the first bank I ever did business with many, many years ago. They have done mortgages, vehicle, and personal loans for me and I never had any issue, although others have had issues. I still do BOA rather than switch, as I now do investments through Merrill Lynch. It is nice having...
  38. WM75Guy

    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    BOA lets me choose my reward category. Gas is 3% plus I get an additional bonus of 2.25% for my BOA Rewards status, total of 5.25%. Everything else is 1% plus a 0.75% Rewards bonus. After using their analysis tool, I switched categories to online shopping as our purchasing habits have changed.
  39. WM75Guy

    Are there any good veterinarians anymore?

    Sorry for your loss, the loss of a pet is tough. Texas has one of the best vet schools in Texas A&M, they do lots of research work. Most of the vets in our area come out of A&M. The problem is they only want to see dogs & cats. The large animal vets are retiring and the ones that are left...
  40. WM75Guy

    Business Leadership/Career Advancement

    We are on board the Carnival Dream in the Bahamas right now. The crew is from all over the world, mainly South East Asia and the Pacific islands. Their friendly attitudes and work ethics are great. At my job, our health system brings in nurses and lab techs in from the Philippines. I wish...
  41. WM75Guy

    Oil & Fuel Bleeding air from the Fuel System (TC40DA)

    The safety system turns off the fuel solenoid unless the PTO is off, the brake is set, and the transmission is in neutral. I ran mine out of fuel while using the cutter and forgot to turn the PTO off. Turned it off, fired right up. It is autobleeding. Here is the repair manual chapters for...
  42. WM75Guy

    Need help choosing a new Kubota mower

    With a Kubota, if California dealers can't or won't sell parts because of regulations, Messick's is available for mail order parts. They are easy to deal with and the parts guys have been very knowledgeable about what I needed.
  43. WM75Guy

    Need help choosing a new Kubota mower

    We have the ZD1211 60" deck. No emissions regens and it sips diesel. My wife will jump on it if needed, she likes to mow with it. I use it to cut stuff I really ought to use the tractor and cutter on. The only complaint is if I am mowing and blowing up a lot of dust, the radiator screen...
  44. WM75Guy

    Cost to connect to the grid?

    The impact fees to pay for infrastructure upgrades is what is ridiculous for people doing new construction in incorporated cities and towns. The city where I retired from, the current water & sewer impact fees for a new 1" residential water meter service is $7,000. In San Antonio it can be...
  45. WM75Guy

    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    First day of spring tomorrow, freeze warning tonight, cool this week. All is good, headed to Key West and the Bahamas on Saturday, in the 80s.
  46. WM75Guy

    Anyone had a lumbar fusion?

    Doctor told me after my laminectomy on 01/27/23 that I was free to lift as I pleased after 2 weeks, I couldn't damage the work he did to the spine. However, physical activity could cause scar tissue where the muscles were healing to tear and bleed, causing hematomas that could press on the...
  47. WM75Guy

    New Holland TC27D Wiring Diagrams

    I won't be surprised. My owners manual is for the TC35DA, TC40DA, and the TC45DA. Same tractor, different HP too.
  48. WM75Guy

    The Mean Green Tahoe Machine.

    I have had good luck with LMC Truck for parts.
  49. WM75Guy

    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    Might want to check again. The Federal Reserve is part of the US government. It was created on December 23, 1913, with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act by Congress. The framers of the Federal Reserve Act purposely rejected the concept of a single central bank. Instead, they provided...
  50. WM75Guy

    Third Year In a Row!

    Snow??? I have to start mowing grass this weekend.