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  1. mwayne

    Advice request from mechanical engineers

    Maybe someone knowledgeable in mechanical engineering can explain a situation to me. I used some 1/2" all thread on a project and was told that the maximum tensile load I could allow for is 550 poundsper all thread. This was based on the information in a chart that I later found on engineering...
  2. mwayne

    Mahindra 2538 hydraulic leak

    Had a leak start today while spreading gravel with 325 hours on the meter. The power steering hoses have couplings about halfway between the steering valve and cylinder and for all this time they (the couplings) were rubbing on the steel line going from the pump to the main pressure relief...
  3. mwayne

    Statistics help please

    Long story short, my employer has a tuition reimbursement program for approved classes so I'm taking a manufacturing process class. One of my homework problems has me confused and I would appreciate some help steering me in the right direction. The problem is from Niebel's Methods, Standards...
  4. mwayne

    Hydraulic fittings on Mahindra 2538

    Does anyone know what type of fittings are used on these tractors? I'm planning on installing a spool valve between the loader valve and the 3 point control. From the appearance and measurements I took the hose connection looks to be 1/2" JIS. Also am considering using the transaxle fill port as...
  5. mwayne

    Unable to load pictures using Android app

    This started a couple of weeks ago. When someone posts up pictures I am unable to see them and it appears the pics make no attempt to load. Youtube links pop up right away. Thanks!
  6. mwayne

    Herbecide wick applicator

    Has anyone used one of these? Weed Thief, Hand Wick Applicator, Herbicide Applicator Is it a useful tool to have? How does it work, do you pour straight Roundup (as an example) in it or will it need an additive? The big ag applicators I remember from my youth used a product that was the...
  7. mwayne

    Toro Timecutter engine problems

    Had this engine's air cooling system clog up with grass clippings and overheat pretty bad. The pushrod holder for the intake valve failed by wearing out through the rubber grommet till the rocker arm rolled over. I thought the grommet failed due to the overheating event, but the replacement...
  8. mwayne

    Unique post hole auger

    And a little tractor ****. We hired a guy to rebuild a stretch of fence and this is his rig, a brand new NH Workmaster 65 and the auger. The auger is a Continental Belton model 44. It uses a winch for downforce? Maybe I'll get a chance to watch it in action after work today.
  9. mwayne

    Help identify grass specie

    Back in September I mowed a piece of land that hadn't been grazed or mowed in many years and now this grass is showing up. The seed heads are quite unusual as there is no common stem, those colored segments are stacked on top of each other and if one breaks off the others above it are separated...
  10. mwayne

    Weld on a tractor with electronics?

    I would like to weld a tool box bracket onto my tractor and am wondering if there is any risk to the ECM or other electronics. I've seen welding ruin instrumentation at work, usually because the instrument is between the ground clamp and stinger so I want to be most cautious. Can it be done...
  11. mwayne

    How do different brands compare

    Hi all, As i try to decide which tractor to buy, answers to the following questions from others with knowledge of these matters would be very helpful. 1) Is any brand better at onboard diagnostics accessible by the owner? 2) Which brand has the best reference materials for it's tractors? I...
  12. mwayne

    Rotary Cutter Bush Hog SQ72 gear slack

    I'm replacing the PTO shaft seal on this 30 year old machine and while it looks like the input bearing is smooth and tight the shaft has just under an eighth of an inch of axial travel. Does anyone know what the spec is for this? Also I see this is an obsolete gearbox as far as Bush Hog is...
  13. mwayne

    Best practices with native grasses

    I'm going to try to re-establish switchgrass and Indian grass on my place and would like to learn from other experiences in this regard. What I have done so far is to swipe some switchgrass seed from plants growing on a highway ROW, may have been before the seeds were ready but mowing crew...
  14. mwayne

    Longtime lurker, now member

    Hello everybody my name is Mike. I'm going to be getting back into the tractor owner business after an absence of a couple of decades. My goal is to turn a wore-out cattle pasture into a reconstruction of an original native prairie grassland. I'll be using a tractor for brush and invasive weed...