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  1. Jchonline

    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Came to add something to the original today and it has been closed. Starting another. @Gale Hawkins Found this today. Tesla has a prototype battery with 750 mile range. Now we are getting somewhere.
  2. Jchonline

    Boomer 55 features video

    Nice Messicks video of the Boomer 55 for those interested. New Holland gets some attention.
  3. Jchonline

    UTV at 8600 ft?

    Hi Everyone, We are in the market for a UTV (2 seater not 4) for our mountain property. We have 47 forested/rocky acres with some hills and are at 8600 ft. At a minimum I want a cab and heater. We will be using it as a snow plowing machine in the winter for our 1/4 mile of disintegrated...
  4. Jchonline

    SF to Yosemite and back...

    Has anyone see these on the road yet? Rivian I cant wait to see a few on the side of the road in an I-70 blizzard. Battery discharge on the Teslas is 100% faster in colder temps (ie 25 F). These might work in coastal CA weather, but in the mountains things get ugly!
  5. Jchonline

    Kubota TLB cab project

    Hello Everyone, I will be taking delivery of a M62 in the next couple of weeks and have been giving cabs some thought. I have seen a few professionally made (Curtis for example) that are great. I really value the open station of the TLB and definitely want it open most of the year. However...
  6. Jchonline

    Comparison Grand L6060 more expensive than M6060?

    In the Market and local dealer told me the M6060 Cab is cheaper than the L6060. Is this primarily related to the HST vs 8spd hydro shuttle? M6060 is 1000 lbs heavier, has a pair or remotes standard, 500lbs more FEL weight, 3 more PTO HP. What am I missing?
  7. Jchonline

    NX6010 Hydraulic implement gpm

    Anyone with a NX6010 that can share the implement hydraulic gpm? Kioti website has Total gpm only at 17.9. Wondering how much the power steering is sucking out. Thanks!
  8. Jchonline

    Tractor Sizing Tractor buying advice for 47 acres at 8600 ft

    Hello Everyone, my first post here! I have read through a number of posts in the past few hours and thought it best to get started with my needs. As the title mentions, I have a 47 forest wooded (pine/fir/aspen). I have about 5 acres of meadow, the rest is mixed wooded and open forest. A...