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  1. gunny0628

    Grapple doesn't stay closed

    I just hooked up my grapple after the winter (here in Florida) to move some debris. I haven't had it hooked up since before the tractor leak issue I posted some time ago (maybe 10 months ago) over in the RK Tractor section. Anyways, I hooked up the grapple as normal, and went to pick up a...
  2. gunny0628

    Third Function / Grapple Operation

    I just hooked up my grapple after the winter (here in Florida) to move some debris. I haven't had it hooked up since before the tractor leak issue I posted some time ago (maybe 10 months ago). Anyways, I hooked up the grapple as normal, and went to pick up a pile of oak branches that were...
  3. gunny0628

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    Here’s praying that in the midst of everything happening around our country, that everyone takes the time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. I usually just peek around in here lately but think of you guys often. Work has been busy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! Gunny GraceWorx
  4. gunny0628

    Loader Put some shackles on the bucket

    Probably gonna get some flak for welding shackle points to the bucket. But wanted to share anyway.
  5. gunny0628

    Oil & Fuel Fluid leak

    This is the same leak as my post before. I have contacted the store and they are going to follow up with me tomorrow morning. I preface this, because the store has always been top notch to get me taken care of. I don’t want to post all of the stuff from before - hopefully someone will...
  6. gunny0628

    Everybody ok?

    I haven’t really been checking the site much and most of the world is dealing with this pandemic. I just wanted to say that I’m praying that everyone is doing well and that everyone is healthy or recovering. If you aren’t or you’re family or someone you know is affected by this, my prayers...
  7. gunny0628

    Oil & Fuel Fluid leak RK55HC

    Well it’s been awhile since posting on here, been busy with the holidays and life and some personal issues. Been reading when I can and keeping up without responding too much. I did a little field dragging yesterday and parked the tractor in the driveway so I could shop vac it out. Later when...
  8. gunny0628

    RK 55 HST Cab regen symbol

    I must admit the manual for the RK 55 has much to be desired. So the first picture is what was shown on my dash and the second picture is from the manual. I tried to conduct a manual regen - no luck. I let the tractor run for 45 minutes at 2000 rpm. It would go any higher. No other lights. No...
  9. gunny0628

    Is Brian still around?

    I tried sending him an email this morning and then it was returned undeliverable! Interesting. I hope this isn’t a trend with RK. Not making me very trustworthy. Gunny
  10. gunny0628

    Oil & Fuel RK 55HC 50 hour service

    Does anyone have the cross reference filters for the RK55HC tractor for the 50 hour service? Specifically the oil filter, HST filter, fuel filter, hydraulic filter and gas/water separator filter. I’ve looked up the ones on the rural king website but I haven’t been to cross them to a cheaper...
  11. gunny0628

    This light just came on.....

    High exhaust temperature indicator. The manual is extremely vague and I have no idea what to do. I have been mowing about an acre when it came one.
  12. gunny0628

    Tires Can someone tell me what this means?

    I came across this in the owners manual and I know it is for wheel adjustment, but I’m not sure I totally get it.
  13. gunny0628

    3-Point Hitch Lever fabrication

    So I took a stab at welding a small lever for the hydraulic top link. I welded it to a cable clamp and then clamped it in place. It was a rainy day project.
  14. gunny0628

    3-Point Hitch Don’t laugh

    Years ago I chopped up a rusted three point boom because I needed the exact metal tubing to weld something else. Fast forward a year and I bought a tractor. I welded some new supports, a new piece of tubing and a new end cap. It’s really only going to be used to pull a manure drag around the...
  15. gunny0628

    3-Point Hitch Hydraulic Top Link

    RK 55 HST Cab So I installed a hydraulic top link today and I originally put the connections in the B terminals on the rear remotes. The movement on the hydraulics were very choppy. And it felt like there was a stop gap when I moved the lever forward. Like a skip. When I put moved the hoses...
  16. gunny0628

    Mowing Stupid Question....

    My finish mower is recommended for 540rpm, does this mean I have to run it at 540rpm or can I run it lower?
  17. gunny0628

    Mowing Mowing today

    Got a little mowing in today.
  18. gunny0628

    3-Point Hitch 3ph sway bar question

    Not sure they are called sway bars. But can I put another hitch pin in the second hole? And if I can, will it prevent any movement at all? The reason I ask is when I have my carryall on the back, I don’t want it shifting from side to side as I drive. Will a second pin prevent that? Thanks...
  19. gunny0628

    Carry All project

    Worked on a little something today. Tomorrow I’ll actually try and do some work “with” the tractor. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin...
  20. gunny0628

    Update to purchase

    It’s been about a week maybe a little more since the delivery of my 55HC. I won’t write too much because I’m still aching from this summer cold - the older you get the more it feels like it comes from inside your bones. I’ve put about 19 hours on the tractor. I’ve mowed about 8 acres, 3 with...
  21. gunny0628

    New grill guard project on RK55HC

    After watching a branch almost javelin the front grill I thought it needed something a little more heavy duty. BEFORE AFTER Let me know your thoughts. It’s welded, and the top round pieces are PVC because the top and bottom edges were sharp. Bill
  22. gunny0628

    Any idea what this goes to.......

    Looking around the tractor yesterday I saw these hanging out from under the dash/console area......
  23. gunny0628

    Loving the new tractor (pic)

    I’m loving the new tractor and trying to get adjusted to everything.
  24. gunny0628

    Backup camera added to RK55HC

    Added a camera up front and one on the back. 1080p resolution on a 2mp camera 7” monitor
  25. gunny0628

    Paid for and waiting on delivery tomorrow.

    Well I went and paid for the tractor and the implements and spoke with Doug (RK Tractor Guy) who made a visit to Gainesville today. I felt like I was meeting a celebrity. In all seriousness it was a pleasure to spend the time to talk to him and Tracey. She’s the reason I bought the tractor...
  26. gunny0628

    Buying Advice What was your reason?

    If you purchased an RK tractor what was the deciding factor? I made my decision to go with RK because of value and service. Bill
  27. gunny0628

    Backup/forward camera

    Does anyone have a backup camera installed on their 37/55 cab? Or any cameras for that matter? Interested to see if anyone put a camera behind them or in front or on top and if you have a monitor installed.
  28. gunny0628

    Buying Advice TYM T574 or RK 55

    I’m looking to buy a tractor in the next couple of weeks and have it narrowed down to these two. I’m just not sure if there is an advantage of one over the other. The nearest TYM dealer is in Ocala, I’m in Gainesville, FL. I have an RK locally in town. TYM can get me the exact same setup and...
  29. gunny0628

    Buying Advice RK55SC purchase coming soon

    So I started looking at tractors about 4 months ago and came about this site. Started my research and started looking at RK tractors mostly because of the positive remarks in the forum. I haven’t found very much negative if any on them. And price to value is very good. So I went to my local RK...
  30. gunny0628

    Shuttle Shift or Hydrostatic.....

    I know this topic has been hit a couple of times. I plan on taking delivery of my 55SC in a week. I originally planned on getting the hydro until I went to the store and the tractor manager told me I’d be better off with a shuttle. I am cutting about 8 acres for a horse farm. Mostly pastures...
  31. gunny0628

    New member from North Central Florida

    Good morning everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself as ran across this forum on my search for a tractor. My wife and I run an 8 acre mini farm and we are looking for a tractor to use for the daily and weekly work we do that will replace a 1978 Ford that didn稚 have a loader. We run a...