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  1. klw_pitt

    Lawn renovation

    Have a 1.5-2 acre lawn renovation job on the hook but never have done a job for a new built home. Wondering how folks on here would go about doing the job. I imagine spreading dirt with front loader, power raking or roto tilling with a 3 pt attachment. Then landscape raking rocks out & followed...
  2. klw_pitt

    Bobcat. CT2025 won’t start

    So I installed the soft cab and hard wired heater to my battery a month or so back it’s been great thus far. Until we left the heater on and now the tractor won’t start. Tried jumping, trickle charging battery, got battery checked to see if it was the problem, checked fuses, & none of these...
  3. klw_pitt

    Soft cab

    Got this from cover my tractor. Install took 6-8 hours with my brother but we weren’t in a rush. It’s gonna be so nice loading salt now without a wet seat to start off the run and when it’s the bitter cold days it’ll be a huge help then too just figured I’d share my excitement with some fellow...
  4. klw_pitt

    Battery Hard Wire

    Looking to add an aftermarket heater onto my tractor but never wired anything before. Says that it needs to be hard wired to the battery not sure where to start or if this is something that I can even do with no experience. Any tips?
  5. klw_pitt

    Bobcat CT2025

    First time changing my oil in my CT2025 and want to make sure I get it right. Does 3 quarts of 10W30 sound on par? Also anyone know the filter part #