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  1. amhicks21

    Kubota L6060 custom front fenders and 900lb weight box. getting ready for winter.

    The kubota dealership wanted over $900 for a set of front fenders so i made my own out of a $40 trailer fender and some leftover steel. Ive got to pick up some small mudflaps still and im not sure i'll stick with the black color. I may pick up a few cans of kubota grey and maybe spray the inside...
  2. amhicks21

    compact tractor bucket with removable grapple and other accessories

    Hi all. This spring i made some modifications to a kubota tractor bucket that turned out to work pretty well. The grapple was just scrap steel and cylinders that were sitting around because i didnt want to spend any money on it. Im probably going to build an expanded metal spill guard for snow...