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  1. Macinnis

    Eradicating moles

    Well, the milky spoor stuff worked well. I did the first application in the spring. By mid summer, no moles in back yard. They did enter the front yard, which I didn’t treat. so I have no doubt treating problem areas three times a year for two years should get rid of them. At least I hope.
  2. Macinnis

    4 th is on the way, Grill Time

    Found a few new app recipes that turned out amazing. take a half slice of bacon and wrap around a trisket, smoke for an hour or until the bacon is crisp. They are amazing by themselves or with dip. second is to take some manicotti shells (straight from package, no boiling) and stuff them with...
  3. Macinnis

    Feed hay prices

    Do you know how much a household needs to make to be in the 1% category? It’s not as high as you would think.
  4. Macinnis

    First tractor

    Welcome to tbn! I bought 50 acres of pasture 3 years ago and started here reaching what size tractor I would need just to cut the pasture. I thought a 25 hp tractor would be fine, but after a year of reacher on this site, I settled on a 55 hp tractor. I wound up buying a 57hp tractor as a new...
  5. Macinnis

    55HP Tractor

    They never said anything that you implied.
  6. Macinnis

    SIP Shop, 50x60x16

    I love the concept, wanna build my retirement home with sips.
  7. Macinnis

    Cuban Cigars, can you bring them home?

    they don’t really care if you have less then a box. If they find an actual cigar box, they may investigate. easy way to get them through customs is to just take the bands off, no way to know they are Cuban then. If you do buy a box, ask for a non Cuban box and just remove the bands, put in...
  8. Macinnis

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Based on my research, the bathroom exhaust fan only needs to be on it’s own circuit (20 amp) if the fan also has a heater. will you have heaters? Curious if that is the issue. I have been researching this quite extensively as I am going to start my wiring as soon as it warms up a bit. also...
  9. Macinnis

    MT3 reliability

    I had an error code once on my MT357. Turns out the super tall thick briers I was cutting with the flail mower had tore a wire out. I reconnected the wire and zip tied it out of the way, that was the only error code I had. It regenerated right at 50.0 hours and I didn’t even notice it (other...
  10. Macinnis

    Another form of identity theft.

    I hate that as well, was getting 4-6 a day. apple put a feature on their phone That will not even ring your phone unless the number is in your address book. It’s amazing, if it’s a call I am waiting on, they leave a message and I call them back.
  11. Macinnis

    Eradicating moles

    I have tried traps, poison worms, etc. I am killing them, bit it’s a constant fight in my otherwise perfect back yard. in the spring, I am going to put some of this down every 4-6 months for two years.
  12. Macinnis

    Supply is getting better

    I ordered roockwool insulation, like 36 bags worth. I was told “at least 41 days, we will send you an email WHEN WE KNOW FOR SURE’
  13. Macinnis

    More impressed with LS MT3 series tractor

    This is my first tractor, but spent two years comparison shopping. I went with the ls mt3 57 hydro cab and I am happy. It comes with a LOT of features that are optional/upgrades on others: 3 rear remotes neutral pto (allows you to turn pto while hooking up implement- super useful) linked pedal...
  14. Macinnis

    MT357HC 50 hour service

    Yes, my ls dealer sold me a non Donaldson filter. took some time for them to figure out “there are two different filters listed”. Get the Donaldson.
  15. Macinnis

    Tractor Shortages

    Right, because closing down a few pipelines had zero, zip, nada, absolutely nothing to do with supply.
  16. Macinnis

    Tractor Shortages

    Page 7 before someone hit the nail on the head.
  17. Macinnis

    The gated community issue.

    Yeah, my 60 acres is at the end of the road. I don’t live there yet, but my barn project with a full apartment is coming around. I welcome the gated life as I bought the place to get away from people and don’t really like people (being in IT for 30 plus years will do that to you). I love the...
  18. Macinnis


    5.25“ no doubt.
  19. Macinnis

    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    I sure wish my state did. I am currently paying additional insurance just to protect me from just such an incident. it is weird though…it’s like having to pay for “uninsured drivers” thing on your auto insurance when it’s illegal to drive without insurance.
  20. Macinnis

    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    So you abandon your land for 100 years. I go hunt it without permission, fall out of a tree stand, break my leg. I can sue you to pay for my medical and I will probably win, EVEN THOUGH I WAS TRESPASSING. This is why you should post your land and keep any trespassers at bay.
  21. Macinnis

    Sticker shock

    But, the RESALE value is amazing.
  22. Macinnis

    new barn design help

    On my barn, they wrapped it in tyvek before they put the outside metal on. It is not stuck to the metal. also, if you ever need to take the metal off, you should be able to remove/repair a piece of metal because all of the foam is not stuck to the metal. maybe my Morton guy was thinking about...
  23. Macinnis

    new barn design help

    I am just telling you what my Morton guy said. No warranty with spray foam, unless the spray foam is applied to tyvek.
  24. Macinnis

    new barn design help

    my recommendation is cheap…tyvek or the like. my Morton building will NOT warranty the steel (from rust) if I spray foam against the steel. With the tyvek, they will. Apparentl, the spray foam sticks to the metal so well, it will cause Rust on the outside of the steel. eddie is correct on...
  25. Macinnis

    Going To Buy A New Flail - What To Get?

    I like my woodmaxx flail.
  26. Macinnis

    Regret a cab tractor?

    Cutting my 50 acres twice a year in Missouri june and august, I am 100% Happy I have a cabbed tractor.
  27. Macinnis

    Purchased a mini instead of a UTV

    Super interested in a mini. My only issue is who can work on them if there is an issue? Or is that not a concern?
  28. Macinnis

    Implement hook up problems..

    I often have to hookup by myself as well, even with a quick hitch, it can be troublesome. I made a few of these which serve two purposes, they easily allowed me to get them lined up, and/or I can move them to a corner for long term storage.
  29. Macinnis

    back up camera

    It hasn’t been ejected in 90 hours of mowing this year.
  30. Macinnis

    back up camera

    I love my halo view. it’s not cheap, but it sure is easy to hook up. the camera is like a magnet, fits a lot of places on the tractor. Rechargeable, pretty sweet setup.
  31. Macinnis

    Insurance is strange!?!

    From my understanding, if the tree is healthy and falls, they will cover the loss. if they can tell that the tree was dead or dying and the tree falls into your garage, they will fight the claim and not cover it. Since you have already filed a claim and informed them about the tree, there is...
  32. Macinnis

    Pole barn build now or wait?

    This is really not necessary. I used a nail gun and toe nailed a nail towards the outside (2 nails) and one underneath the middle. I weigh 200 lbs and can stand on these. the only purpose this serves is a nailer for drywall and to hold insulation in. I think you may be overthinking this.
  33. Macinnis

    Pole barn build now or wait?

    Yes. but Once the building was up, I learned that you could have had it constructed in a complete bookshelf manner. point is, you definitely do not need to build a wall inside of the posts, you will just be wasting lumber.
  34. Macinnis

    Pole barn build now or wait?

    Here is a picture of what I am doing…maybe this will help.
  35. Macinnis

    Pole barn build now or wait?

    I should note, my girts are just 2x4’s and they run across the outside of the pole all the way down. So I have an extra 1.5” from the metal to the post. I have added the 2x6’s between each post as the bookshelf, for insulation and drywall. like eddie said, you can create the structure in a...
  36. Macinnis

    Pole barn build now or wait?

    Yes, these are bookshelf girls and no, they are not notched, these are fine as they are just attached to the 6x6. you would not even need to add those vertical 2x6, just toe nail the 2x6’s horizontally to the 6x6. the end result is the metal can be screwed to the 2x6 on the outside and the...
  37. Macinnis

    Security Cameras -update

    I highly recommend Arlo.
  38. Macinnis

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    I got a text message today asking if I wanted to sell my home. Two weeks ago, got a letter asking if I wanted to sell my land at 10% of what I paid, before I improved it. Both seemed like @Larry Caldwell was on the other side.
  39. Macinnis

    Pole barn build now or wait?

    I did my floor 11 months after the building was up. I had to pay for a pump as a truck couldn’t get into the building (only 10x10 doors), but that was it. Morton does a great building. Nothing touches the ground that is wood, all concert (posts, rat board, everything).
  40. Macinnis

    AC problems with LS MT 357

    It’s my first tractor. I got it to basically mow pasture. I like it. I only have 70 hours on mine.
  41. Macinnis

    AC problems with LS MT 357

    I have the same treactor. I typically use an air compressor and radiator gene to un clog the chat in the radiator and ac condenser about every 4 hours as that’s about all my behind can take and I need to refuel. if You have not done this,I would highly recommend it.
  42. Macinnis

    Earth's Hottest Month

  43. Macinnis

    Earth's Hottest Month

    You may find this interesting.
  44. Macinnis

    Earth's Hottest Month

    How do they measure that ice?
  45. Macinnis

    New owner L3901, Mods to make it mine

    Yes, this should come standard on all tractors. i Love the black, looks mean.
  46. Macinnis

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    I gotta quit this thread. I feel dumber with each post I read.
  47. Macinnis

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    I don’t think you know what capitalism is Larry.
  48. Macinnis

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    On top of that, you don’t even need a social security number…to get…social security “benefits”.
  49. Macinnis

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free?
  50. Macinnis

    Doe and Fawns

    That’s awesome. I live in St. Louis county. Behind my house is about 20 yards of light woods that is common ground between the subdivision behind us (literally surrounded by homes unfortunately). Working from home, I have captured these over the past year. Deer and turkey.