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  1. woodlandfarms

    Couldn’t find any tags but is the powertrack?

    Scouting goldmines in Colorado for a movie. Thoughts?
  2. woodlandfarms

    Does anyone know the bearing number for the 1850 Mower Deck spindle

    I am going to assume it is probably the same across all platforms if you have the trailer wheel spindle being used as a mower blade spindle. I have replaced them twice in my mower and have forgot to write them down both times. Was going to try and online them as my NAPA is pretty criminal in...
  3. woodlandfarms

    Well. Finally….

    I have been a little remiss here at tbn as work and this have gotten in the way. Honestly with Covid and all the crazy costs this shop is not emotionally as pleasing as I hoped. Maybe once we have the electrical is finalized it will be better. But still finally concrete and a dry place in the...
  4. woodlandfarms

    Brokedown in a bad spot

    Well, just a story. So the wife took the tractor out into the back 40 and a line ruptured. Usually not a big deal, I have some spares that I can plug in to limp back home. Not so lucky this time. It wasn't that I didn't have the hose, it was I could not find the break. On top of it I have...
  5. woodlandfarms

    Does anyone use aw32

    Wondering if anyone uses aw32 or hydraulic oil instead of engine oil in there hydraulic system.
  6. woodlandfarms

    Fuel Line size for the 1850

    Hey Team, Deutz sprung a leak. This will be my second time running fuel lines so no big deal, except I completely forgot what size the fuel line is. It is something weird, like 3mm VW line. Anyone point me in the right direction?
  7. woodlandfarms

    And finally Tram problems

    So this weekend (Friday) and today I rebuilt all my hydraulic cylinders, and changed all the filters, and did all that maintenance you are supposed to do... Well, I had the filter issue (air getting in) and now my tram takes a moment to engage moving forward. Jumps right in when I tram in...
  8. woodlandfarms

    Filter Gasket F*up.

    So thought i would share this mess up with you. First time I have done this. And what is worse is that it was hidden, and if I hadn't heard the tram making a bit of a noise I would never have looked or seen it. The squeeze out was on the backside of the filter housing and just tucked up so...
  9. woodlandfarms

    Elongated Holes

    So a few weeks ago I posted about how my steering cylinders where flopping around... I wanted to show you the elongated holes. This is something that my 1850 suffers from in a variety of places. I don't think that this is the best design, but I get why they do it. I will order new ears, or...
  10. woodlandfarms

    Buying Advice Skid steer or 1460

    Hey all So my wonderful 1850 is really showing wear. Last night i foend the holes connection the rollover arm to the connecting plate elongating. Probably what will happen is nect year i will take the machine off line and tear it down and improve it bur that said i brought up adding a 1460 to...
  11. woodlandfarms

    Why do tractors never break down in the shop

    So, mowing, nose down at about 35 degrees and a foot from the 90 degree, 10ft drop off. And the whole tractor just dies. Nothing, no juice, nothing... Painful walk up to the shop, grab all the tools I can think I might need and back down I go.. After digging for a while I find this little...
  12. woodlandfarms

    Rebuilding / Cleaning lift tilt dump control advice please

    So I am having a serious leakdown issue on the PT. Worse than normal. I also feel like my lifting capabilities are off by at least 30%. This all said, does someone have directions to cleaning out the Lift Tilt Circuit? anyone have alink to a tear down video? As a side note, wanted to gauge...
  13. woodlandfarms

    Leak in my lift tilt dump controller

    So found a few drops of oil today on the toe of my boot. It looks to be coming from the bottom of my lift control and not from the hose connectors on the back side. Also my lift capabilities are a bit less than normal and I have noticed occasional quick decent in the lift circuit. Any advice...
  14. woodlandfarms

    More proof I am an idiot

    Well, it was completely stupid. Completely... I was putting gravel on the road, was backing up, looking over my shoulder going "fast" and out of the corner of my eye I see the wire loose on my lightbar. Well, like a woman in a diamond store I glommed onto that shiny thing and promptly drove...
  15. woodlandfarms

    Merry Christmas and happiest of holidays and to a much better new year

    Everyone all the best to you and your loved ones and to a much better 2020
  16. woodlandfarms

    Oregon Steam Up tractor festival

    So not sure where to post this but thought I would put in a plug for the Oregon Steam Up tractor show jsut north of Salem OR. If you live in the PNW it is a great show with both steam and gas / diesel machines. The show is, by PNW standards, huge. Not to diss it but you guys who live in the...
  17. woodlandfarms

    Well that coulda sucked

    Was down in a ravine (WHY do I always have this happen in the most inaccessible parts of my property) and I get a very strong smell, takes a moment, I know the smell but why am I smelling it here. Turn and there is a LOT of smoke coming out of the hood of the tractor. And I realize it is...
  18. woodlandfarms

    Broke my seat

    Well, lets cut to the chase, I am fat. Not sure how or when it happened but here I am, overweight, middle aged and angry. Anyway, basically my machine lives in a wet environment. Even with cover it still gets wet 8 months out of the year. The seat had been feeling funny and I thought I...
  19. woodlandfarms

    You know it is going to be one of those days when..... - Good job
  20. woodlandfarms

    Who's got a log splitter that they run off the PT?

    A few questions... Did you make it yourself (Pictures please) What remote do you use to power it (Dump/Tilt or PTO) What would you do different?
  21. woodlandfarms

    Anyone with a PT own a chain trencher attachment

    Gotta ask, about to make either a brilliant or stupid decision. Anyone own a trencher ? Got a few questions like how well does it work? You drive backwards? Does that suck or cause you are going so slow you can keep up with the line you want?
  22. woodlandfarms

    Proper use of air bags on pickup truck

    I inherited a 99 Dodge Ram 2500 - 4 door, 8ft bed diesel. Its a monster, my FIL had chipped it, changed the exhaust, a bunch of performance upgrades. He used it to haul around a bed camper that was way too big for the truck in my opinion. Anyway, it is now mine (100K miles on it btw). It has...
  23. woodlandfarms

    Kinda chapped at Milwaukee Tools

    So I have a nice Milwaukee impact driver. A fuel 18v. It died. I think the trigger stopped working. A simple switch in my mind. Went to the Milwaukee repair store. Walked in. Guy looked up from the counter and said. “Don’t bother. The switch costs more than a new gun”. Turns out that...
  24. woodlandfarms

    Can we talk about Concrete?

    Yeah, I know we can..... Here is the deal, I am about to go out to bid for concrete for my new shop. Of all the subjects I know the least amount about in terms of construction it is concrete and Youtube, while OK, is not great... So the particulars. Right now I am aiming to just concrete...
  25. woodlandfarms

    Building a "She" Shed

    So I got home late September, left a couple of weeks later and the Movie I was to start folded due to the director hating the script. So home I went, and the wife said "You are not sitting around waiting for your shop to get built, you are helping build mine". Helping generally means providing...
  26. woodlandfarms

    Has anyone made a skid steer to PT Adapter?

    I need a trencher for a week. I can buy one for around 2K for a bobcat (same specs) and just weld on a plate. But thinking about renting instead. It would open me up to a few other occasional use items.... Thoughs?
  27. woodlandfarms

    How long can mixed herbicides last

    So I am spraying crossbow on our pile of noxious blackberries. I mixed up 25 gallons and had a breakdown. In the 24 hours waiting for the part the weather has changed. I now have rain for the rest of the week so this mix will sit for 6 days probably. Thoughts?
  28. woodlandfarms

    How to kill a maple stump?

    At some point our property was logged leaving behind half a dozen big leaf maple stumps. They are huge. One may be 7 feet I diameter. When maples get cut they sprout new growth. They look overly bushy. Tried roundup with little success. Anyone have other suggestions?
  29. woodlandfarms

    Grappling up the awkard

    Knocked down a few cedars this week for a proposed shop on the property. Thought it was an intersting pic, wife was moving the cedar logs around. Long, close to lift capacity of the PT. but awkard as all heck. 8 Wheels really helps with these types of loads.
  30. woodlandfarms

    Where to get a throttle knob

    Well, you know you should never lend a tractor to a friend. So I let my wife use it instead and it came back sans the knob that goes on the throttle control. Flat blade entry (not screw on). THoughts?
  31. woodlandfarms

    How many hours is too many hours (or miles)

    Looking to buy a used Side by Side for the farm. I won't be putting a ton of miles on it. So I am not mechanically inept, and kknow there is a lot more than just hours and miles for a machine to factor in. Oh, and I am looking at a gas machine. So with a car, 30K miles is still new, 70...
  32. woodlandfarms

    What is the best innertube patch kit

    What do you guys and gals recommend for a tube patch kit for a tractor.
  33. woodlandfarms


    I wonder is we shouldn't start a sticky that is just dedicated to Modifications. Such a tight community here and honestly there is ton of stuff to search through.... Maybe some sort of easily searchable lines like below.... 1850 - Mower - Blade Bolt removal Modification I cut a hole in...
  34. woodlandfarms

    Heating a shop.. How big of a pellet stove

    So getting the final steps together for the shop, realizing I am going to needs some heat Now, I live in a temperate climate. Seldom below freezing, but it highs in the winter are wonderful if they hit 50. The overall shop size is 3000 sq ft with 26ft to the peak.. The area I am probably...
  35. woodlandfarms

    Can you negotiate the cost of a building

    So I am talking with a steel building manufacturer. I assume they do, but can you negotiate the cost of the building. Not talking labor, just the physical metal? If so, what is a good percentage. Lets say the quote I am getting has the building at 31K (which it is). My problem is I am not...
  36. woodlandfarms

    Locking valve arm modification

    BW asked about the locking arm modification. There are some amazing machinists here and what I have to show I am not proud of but it works. I took some flat stock, cut it into a pattern, welded it together, added a bolt at the top to hold the knob and drilled a couple of holes and here is my...
  37. woodlandfarms

    Deutz Engine cooling Mod

    BW asked me about this, so I thought I would repost this. I do not believe that the vent on the 1011F or 2011F series is adequate. Seems to me that it is restrictive. So what I did is I raised the vent by a couple of inches. You need to be careful and measure before you do this so you don't...
  38. woodlandfarms

    New DARPA Tires (from those crazy robot guys)

    Wasn't sure where to post this but welcome to tires that go from round to Triangle treads. DARPA wheels change from tires to tracks without stopping
  39. woodlandfarms

    My (hopefully) Modern Shop Build

    So this is a journye of me trying to build a shop. Warts and all. As of this page I am just breaking ground and have not formally decided on my building. I am close, but not 100% there as over this weekend I was surprised by a couple of issue. So where to begin.... I guess.... the...
  40. woodlandfarms

    Welcoming Avivii - flail mower

    So just moving the 1850 Flail mower conversation out of new members and into this. As Ken said, welcome to the group. Fantastic support here, I am always amazed at how helpful everyone is. I think I am probably the person who suffers the most in terms of repairs on my machine. My abuse...
  41. woodlandfarms

    Insland Marine (Tractor insurance) quote

    So this year our homeowners insurance has changed and they no longer cover on property equipment. We are looking at the inland marine insurance and the quote is coming back at around $600 to cover a 50K tractor for the year. Until we get our new house built, kinda backed into this corner...
  42. woodlandfarms

    and maybe some of you should complain less about plowing snow...

    Its been a long spring in the North West... Thrilling new video of the plowing progress – NFNews
  43. woodlandfarms

    What thickness flooring for shop loft

    We are talking about adding a shop loft in one of the bays of the shop. this would be to create a second story... Right now it is a 24X45 dimension, with abit taken up by a stairwell. Looking at the math, we are looking at 14" I Beams (wood) 16 OC. I am thinking 3/4 would be enough but a...
  44. woodlandfarms

    Monster energy drink works better than brake cleaner?

    Why do I feel like I am being taken - Energy Drink Cleans Better Than Brake Cleaner!
  45. woodlandfarms

    In case you ever wanted to know what it was like to own a 10,000 acre tractor

    Jay Leno looking into a huge CaseIH 217 Case IH Quadtrac - Jay Leno's Garage - YouTube
  46. woodlandfarms

    I wonder if I could adapt these tires

    And they make rubber points, eng ::
  47. woodlandfarms

    Just make sure you know your road can accept delivery of your new tractor

    Painful to watch, and whose insurance covers it... (no one hurt) - Train’s head-on collision with tractor caught on video
  48. woodlandfarms

    So what would make you sell your machine

    I am following Re Powering, Pump liveability conversations here and was wondering what everyones threshold was on selling. The way I look at this machine is that outside of the cylinders, its all off the shelf parts. Even if my tractor completely tanked (Engine, pumps and wheel motors) I don't...
  49. woodlandfarms

    What size winch

    So this is primarily for my Kubota X900 but I would not mind it making an appearance on my tractor, at 4000lbs and my truck (Dodge Diesel 2500 so I assume super heavy). I want to mount it on one of the 2" receiver trays (I assume those are reasonable stout?) so that it can be moved around...
  50. woodlandfarms

    Critique my shop design

    So I am on a second round of quotes for his design, but wanted to get some insight from anyone who cares to give an opinion. Its a basic overview, and a layout of floor plans as we.. On this page I have the basic layout, It is a modern style buidling, 45X68 18 foot to the eaves. 2 bay...