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    Hey, you Vermonters with 'current use' forests, question on monetizing junk wood

    There's Cersosimo in Brattleboro, who bought my last harvest of good stuff. I thought they had opened a biomass plant and wondered about that, but I haven't actually spoken with them and my new forester didn't think they had biomass. Anyway, worth a call to them. Was the trouble worth...
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    Hey, you Vermonters with 'current use' forests, question on monetizing junk wood

    I'm working at filing my next 10 year plan. I've got all this wood that isn't really good for anything that would need to be thinned for better trees. I'm just wondering if any of you have experience on extracting such wood firewood and selling it to others in Vermont. Is it worth the effort...
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    45-60 hp attachments

    Probably not what you're looking for but I'm very happy with the Fred Cain 9 shank field cultivator, about the right width, pulls easy on my MX5400, and I'm sure a lesser tractor would do okay too...
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    Yes, I misquoted the 40 feet rule, it's 400 as you say. After a recent incident with a hunter the police have told me i have another option, have them towed when they park on my property, which matches your motor vehicle note. There may also be remedies through the fish and game dept for...
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    Deleted. Can't seem to find any other way to delete.
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    Vermont laws favor people trespassing, i.e. many Vermonters feel it's their god given right to trespass where they please for any purpose. The law requires signs posted every 400 feet, signed and dated annually. If you've got any real acreage, especially forested, it's pretty much impossible...
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    New Tractor prices, how fast have things escalated?

    In speaking with my Kubota dealer this spring, he said the price of my MX5400 had gone up 3 times since I bought it two years before. And judging by the fact that he's had no inventory to speak of and can never tell me when things will arrive (always "months", and "maybe as late as next year")...
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    HST fluid level (Sightglass) location MX5400

    Make sure the tractor is level, it's really important for this particular indicator.
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    Titan Subsoiler height: can my 3PH keep it above ground?

    There's certainly some buyer beware elements. I bought an enormous bucket from them last year. I read through almost a decade of reviews, and in early years apparently Titan had a lot of SSQA quick attach problems where they weren't to spec. However that seems to have dropped off in recent...
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    Titan Subsoiler height: can my 3PH keep it above ground?

    Will be curious to hear about success raising the subsoiler, thanks for the info.
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    Titan Subsoiler height: can my 3PH keep it above ground?

    I figured gabby was talking about whether a 25HP tractor could pull it. My MX5400 had no trouble with it, rocks and all.
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    Titan Subsoiler height: can my 3PH keep it above ground?

    I got the Fred Cain 9 shank field cultivator and it was just right. Pulled up rocks without choking or breaking, dug in at least a good foot, left some half decent furrows (not that I'm qualified to judge), dug up all those infernal concord grape roots, though I'm wondering now many of the...
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    Need a solution. Back problems and my Zero Turn.

    I have a fancy seat on my Kubota zero turn mower, it's nice and comfy. I don't have a fancy seat on my tractor though, and I don't feel the loss. The sort of jostling I get on my tractor in the field is a whole-body deal, more akin to riding a bucking bronco (not that I'd know what that's...
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    How to use all of this sawdust?

    Compress into pellets and sell for heating stoves or kitty litter? Biomass energy generation?
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    fixing ruts in field with tall grass

    Borrow my wife's two cats. They generate enough kitty litter to fill all the deeper holes in my field. (Pine litter - saw dust by the time it hits the field).
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    Titan Subsoiler height: can my 3PH keep it above ground?

    If I were to go for the Fred Cain model, I'm wondering if I should go 7-shank with my MX5400. Would save some money too.
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    Titan Subsoiler height: can my 3PH keep it above ground?

    Looks nice. Digs in on packed earth? The video mostly showed it in fully worked soil, the single pass over some existing grass wasn't compelling, but an actual user testimony can be :) Seemed decently made, and the ability to adjust/remove tines is nice.
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    Titan Subsoiler height: can my 3PH keep it above ground?

    Looking at this: The user manual doesn't specify dimensions in the parts list, and the only photo with dimensions just says the top to bottom height is 52.25 inches...
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    MX5400. What brush cutter size? 60" or 72"?

    I have the LandPride RCF-2072 (on an MX5400). Just right. I don't use it too often in the woods, but sometimes I do. However when it comes to the woods it isn't the width that is the problem for maneuvering (at least for me), it's the length. The cutter must extend at least a full 9 feet...
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    A solar powered generator?

    "Solar powered generators" are a joke. Sure, they're fun if you want a charged battery backup for trivial applications, and they're easy to build. Buy a panel, a charge controller, and a deep cycle battery, and poof, you've got the storage side down. Add 12v appliances or an inverter and you...
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    Bucket Capacity

    I'm going from memory, I have a MX5400 and the Kubota L2296 heavy duty bucket. It holds about 9 cubic feet, so 1/3 of a yard. For hauling heavy materials it's the thing to use (right balance of weight/capacity/toughness for things like gravel relative to the tractor specs). But if you're...
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    How Do You Get Driveway Gravel Out of Grassy Areas?

    So I was reading here in TBN some weeks ago, looking for ideas on how to get all the gravel out of my grass put there by the guy who plows the driveway every winter. And I'm thinking power brooms, landscape rakes, blah blah blah, anything to keep me from having to actually rake it all up and/or...
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    Do you take it to the dealer for maintenance or do it yourself.

    Just want to point out that sometimes the dealer can do the service at your house, for a reasonable and not at all excessive fee. Saves a round trip, and maybe they're smart enough to batch it with other services in the area if they can (heck, there are 3 kubotas just on my tiny stretch of dead...
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    New tractor arriving this Friday. What do I need?

    Someone mentioned this, I'll mention it again. Tools, for me that was mostly sockets and ratcheting wrenches (two), because none of my tools, not even my biggest adjustable wrench, could fit some of the larger bolts on the tractor and/or attachments. I bought a set with paired shallow/deep...
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    Kubota L4701 Sometimes Stalls When Moving Forward with HST Pedal

    I have zero skills debugging this stuff but had to ask the obvious question: do you have sufficient hydraulic fluid?
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    Tires filled with Beet Juice too heavy for landscaping and field work?

    I have a 54HP tractor with filled tires. I don't think it really matters whether the tires or filled or not, rut-wise. Ground is dry, no ruts. Ground is wet, there will be ruts. 2021 was a very wet year, it definitely messed with my plans when I wanted to avoid ruts. Not much to be done...
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    Kubota 4701/4060LE/3560LE?

    Jeff's comments on a ventrac or other alternative are also worth considering. Tractors and hills can be dangerous. It might help if you quantify information on the slope, i.e. how many degrees. Still, at any angle, all it takes is one tire in one small hole to cause a bit of unwanted excitement.
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    Checking tire pressure of calcium chloride filled tire.

    Gotcha. "Wet" gauge link. The other one pictured, which I have a similar one to, talked more about technique (air pressure ready to go). I'm not sure I want beet juice in my best device though, technique or not. All good, thanks.
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    Kubota 4701/4060LE/3560LE?

    I also have hilly terrain. If you're even remotely thinking about the 4701, do yourself a favor, spend a tiny amount extra, get the MX5400. It's 20% wider than an L3901 for stability, more ground clearance, and just a terrific tractor. I bought the MX5400 and it has been nothing but great...
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    Checking tire pressure of calcium chloride filled tire.

    Shoot, what is the right gauge? I have your basic sticks that pop out, and one like the photo above. I don't particularly want any of them gummed up, though I have beet juice not calcium chloride.
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    Why do I have to log in every day?

    Make sure you're not running in a so-called "privacy" window/mode, which won't let the web site store the information it needs.
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    New starlink users
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    Solar battery tender

    If you just want to keep the charge topped off, you don't need a 35 watt panel. If you want to recharge a deep cycle battery after it's had light use, then a 35 watt panel will do that nicely. Unless you're buying some el-cheapo panel for use on a backpack or in your car, they'll be weather...
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    Work Pants

    My go-to pants have been sweats for years, extra thick cotton. However I seem to have entered a phase of life where all my pants are suddenly both too long and too big in the waist, and my socks also are too large. It was so bad I finally picked up a couple of pairs of suspenders, but they...
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    Dear Santa: mini-ex with breaker for ditch work?

    I just saw a video of a ripper in action, I'll keep that in mind. Overall I suppose my wife and I are going to need a few more washouts before we get desperate enough to do an excavator run, rented or otherwise. It's pretty clear I'll need a big enough one that I'll be years cleaning up the...
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    Where are all my birds?

    I've seen a poor solitary bluebird on top of the nesting box in my field stand on top and try to keep four swallows at bay. The bluebirds also supposedly don't get along with sparrows which also lodge closer to the house/barn.
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    Where are all my birds?

    Sharp shinned hawks are one of the birds that hunt the other birtds I value. I know, big circle of life and stuff, but I hate seeing the sharp shinned hawk hunting the birds I like. Unfortunately these hawks are quite nimble at chasing birds in the branches of trees.
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    Where are all my birds?

    I saw 6+ turkeys yesterday in the vole filled field. I wonder if Vermont turkeys eat voles. Here's hoping.
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    Where are all my birds?

    I have exactly the opposite problem, vole-wise. We've had above average rain the whole second half of the year. Voles have been out in huge numbers the last two years. After I did my annual field cut recently, barn cats, owls, and hawks were all hunting the voles, and I'm cheering them on...
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    Actual lift capacity mx 5400

    On my MX5400, I notice that if I have my 900 lb bucket on the front (which is HUGE and extends far from the pin), and if I have only my 630 lb rear blade on, the tractor definitely dances a bit if I'm not careful. It's much more stable if I have my 700lb rotary cutter on the back, which extends...
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    Buying Advice Is it possible to go too big?

    Second that, buy the tractor (or other equipment) you need for the job. Buying a smaller tractor with mental training wheels is a bad idea, you'll just own expensive equipment that can't do the work. You'll learn the same way on either, and ding up a few things either way, it's just part of...
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    Dear Santa: mini-ex with breaker for ditch work?

    Re: a swell Heh, I'd need an excavator for that too. But really not feasible, the driveway us running through a forest, it's all trees and happens to be terrain that conducts a significant amount of water from uphill areas. Diverting it just means it's going to wash out some other area of the...
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    Hydraulic connections won’t go on Grapple

    Someone above mentioned something that sounded like (what I'm describing below) too. I'm certainly not sure I've hit on any magic formulas yet. After some incredibly tough connect activity this spring, I am doing one thing new and it's been easy to attach hoses since I started it, but it could...
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    Dear Santa: mini-ex with breaker for ditch work?

    Yeah, that was the plan behind my question. Buy something, keep it 2 years, sell it. Effectively a long term rental. So the big questions are (1) what's the viable minimum equipment to break up that schist, (assuming about any excavator can dig out the rocks/dirt once the rocks are broken)...
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    Dear Santa: mini-ex with breaker for ditch work?

    Only if I could prepare the ditch by widening or depending it. It's just a ragged thing now, highly variable depending on proximity of bedrock or other large rocks. There's also a long segment I need to dig out that filled up with gravel from past washouts, and which I can only approach from...
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    Dear Santa: mini-ex with breaker for ditch work?

    A few months back I posted some questions about trying to solve washout problems in a ditch along my driveway (about 3/10 of a mile). Many excellent suggestions were made, it's a work in progress. However I keep thinking the real problem is just that the ditch is too narrow and two shallow...
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    When do you start and stop mowing the grass where you live?

    Love snow, but dislike shoveling it in proportion to years of age. Also, our water table is high because we've had higher than average precipitation for months, which is why I was wondering about what winter was going to be like this year.
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    When do you start and stop mowing the grass where you live?

    I am curious and full of dread about this winter. The last couple of years we've had so little snow. Lots of rain, in winter, but not so much snow, and I've been enjoying that lack of snow. Enter 2021, and we've had 5 of 7 days a week cool, cloudy, and often with rain. If you look at the...
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    Where are all my birds?

    Bluebirds are not quite endangered, but they are definitely low in numbers so they are special to me. The buntings also are never here in great numbers. We're talking 2's, most years. So that's where I feel protective. As I said, the blue jays are another thing, I was happy to lose a few and...