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  1. Dmacleo

    you need a mod for stuff??

    I can handle massey forum. been server admin for (as well as providing mirror server) in past. also dealt with invisionpower software for them and many others. got nothing else going on. being mod is shitload easier than being server admin. but I would only deal with massey...
  2. Dmacleo

    UG GC2400 rough idle and loss of power under load.

    can hold rpm fine and smoothly with no load. put under load and yeah...loss of power. idle loping. gonna swap air and fuel filters. fuel pumps running fine, no way to test pressure.
  3. Dmacleo

    GC2400 weatherproof bottom seat cushion

    probably applies to any GC series before the 1723/1725 line, but has anyone found a decent bottom cushion for these seats? I have multiple spine injuries and need something softer for my butt. this is not a spring vs shock absorber style seat issue, I can sit in seat not moving for 20 minutes...
  4. Dmacleo

    Installing a glow plug dash light on 2010 GC2400

    anyone try this on a GC24xx series? EDIT: see below. mine has bulb, dash display, no wiring from plugs to dash.
  5. Dmacleo

    PDF of MF2326 MMM operators manual posted

    trying to get one for neighbor, I can scan mine in make a pdf but...if some one already did no sense reinventing the wheel. edit: title changed after I uploaded file
  6. Dmacleo

    Changing MMM Lift Shaft 2010 GC2400

    this piece 1:first of all remove the long arm from frame to adjust link both sides, then remove adjust links. 2: remove the pin bolts on both ends of the lift shaft to allow pulling the lift link off. on Left side you will have to pull the 3pt lift arm I just pulled the 2 nuts on end (measured...
  7. Dmacleo

    Agco Parts site down until at least monday for upgrades

    course I needed to look up part info, site says call dealer. dealers can't look up parts either. HP doing upgrades on site. we'll see how THAT works out...
  8. Dmacleo

    Oil & Fuel grr fuel leak GC2400

    break out of these posts not sure why they show post title like that.
  9. Dmacleo

    part # needed MF1532 block heater

    title says it all, got a dead block heater in MF1532 and manuals do not show part number.
  10. Dmacleo

    has any GC series owner ever tried moving lift links back an inch on lift arms to gain lift height?

    this prob would only apply to gc series scut due to design but looking at stuff today I realized if I move my lift link rearward 1.5 inches or so (and weld the old pin hole for strength) I gain almost 3.5" ( angles/physics/pure friggin magic) lift at the end of the arm. I already have more than...
  11. Dmacleo

    GC series rear weight bucket with 2 inch hitch adapter ideas needed

    its not gonna happen this winter but for next winter I would like to have a 350-500lb or so rear 3pt (class 1) weight bucket that ALSO has 2' reese hitch capabilities. I don't have a welder so cannot build myself, also due to fibromyalgia (parkinsons like shakes) I can't borrow friends/familys...
  12. Dmacleo

    3-Point Hitch can some GC owner take a measurement of an uncompressed spring for me please

    on the 3pt rod that runs from lever to lift arm there are 2 springs, same part number. I need measurement of one thats not compressed, depending on whether lift all the way up or all the way down one will be loose. been wondering why my lever does not flip back after arm moved all the way...
  13. Dmacleo

    bolt on pallet forks for DL100 bucket

    what do you all use for pallet forks for older GC/DL series buckets? not sure where my friend got them but the pallet forks we have are too big for GC buckets. I would only need to lift 150lbs max, just looking for something that fits the DL100 bucket well.
  14. Dmacleo

    Do any GC owners fill the tires for weight?

    Some 10 ply R1 tires on their way to me, got to wondering if any GC owners fill their tires. Where they are somewhat small wondering if worth it.
  15. Dmacleo

    rear rims GC2400 where to buy?

    looking to setup "hot" swappable winter tires for GC2400. massey rim 3609405M1 is part number and runs around 120$ each. wondering if anyone knows where to buy used/refurbed ones. not finding much on google but looking for these items is new to me.
  16. Dmacleo

    Problems accessing Android app during mornings

    Lately every morning from about 5 to 7am eastern I get this on Android app.
  17. Dmacleo

    GC2400 trunnion bearing for pedals

    anyone ever change this bearing (item 2 on pic) on gc2400 (may be same on 1710 series can't remember) and if so was it as simple as it looks? I have to lube this with spray lithium often due to pedal sticking.the bearing is fairly cheap (around 13$) and looks simple. just figured I'd ask if...
  18. Dmacleo

    ok whats the trick to removing new FL1805 FEL off a gc1723?

    on cement pad so level, no matter what the leg position is set to unit will not tip off the top cup. when bucket curled upwards lifts only a little never enough to clear the cup.
  19. Dmacleo

    GC2400 rear combo lamps/blinker issue

    this is odd, noticed last night when headlamps on my rear combos are not on. when blinker/4way activated the flasher is clicking but the dash arrows/4way switch not lit AND the actual lights themselves are not blinking. all other dash components work. no power to the actual lights confirmed and...
  20. Dmacleo

    Loader DL100 how hard is rebuilding tilt cylinder?

    just found a wet spot on LH tilt cylinder frame, need to monitor. looks like small seepage vs big leak but want to get info ahead of time as this is a 2010 and original. where the end does not have a wrench flat does pipe wrench work ok? agco lists each part but does not seem to have a rebuild...
  21. Dmacleo

    didn't we used to able to add tags to posts?

    I know longer see the option and wondering if its missing or if it was never here and I am just crazy.
  22. Dmacleo

    GC2400 rear pto cover

    a few months back I came across a post where someone had said they used a specific size hose to cover shaft when not in use. I cannot find that post now, before I start measuring/testing I thought I would ask here to see if someone knows right off the top of their head. thanks.
  23. Dmacleo

    something has changed re: photo uploads

    seems to be going on for about 2-3 weeks, when uploading photo using the media tag it was asking if insert into post as full or thumbnail. now it automatically inserts as full, you have to click the small pic to choose thumbnail then delete the huge first inserted photo. looks like its causing a...
  24. Dmacleo

    2k rpm MMM engine speed question

    seems like odd question but is the 2k mid pto a 1:1 ratio with engine rpm? have not seen anything in gc2400 manual nor the mmm manual on this. what eng rpm do you guys run? 2-2200 rpm seems to work ok for me, but had only had one mowing on unit before putting away for winter in 2020 so never...
  25. Dmacleo

    any GC owner WITHOUT a backhoe using pats hitches with mid-mower? stowage questions.

    short of removing the pats hitch I cannot see any way to stow the lift arms, extra weight is just too much. so looks like I'll just make sure to be careful when backing up when deck lowered. debated disconnect raise arms and strapping implement arms up off the roll bar, have not had chance to...
  26. Dmacleo

    what determines pedal pressure on GC series?

    notice the new 1723 series pedals have very little resistance compared to my gc2400, wondering what (when all is greased w/ good bushings) determines the back pressure on pedals.
  27. Dmacleo

    like the upgrades :)

    the photo upload and 2 insert functions work super well. the skin I use now works correctly however I don't see a way to change skins. is it only one skin now? not a big deal as it was preferred skin anyway. all in all seems to work great, thank you.
  28. Dmacleo

    GC series checking hydro fluid with bucket on

    doing normal checks on GC2400 noticed sight gauge was low. then remembered bucket was fully curled down and lift cylinders were up a bit. uncurled/lowered lift and glass was good. got me to wondering so I looked in manual and the only thing it says when servicing fluid is for 3pt to be lowered...
  29. Dmacleo

    changes to agco parts books click the shop now takes you to AGCO Parts which looks to be a pita for older models. to search by parts book have to select preferred dealer yet if dealer (like mine) does not participate looks like no way to look any parts info up. looks like old site goes dark...
  30. Dmacleo

    GC2400 DL100 loader replacing hairpin clips with clevis pins

    seems the forum upgrades lost some items, cannot find the post (iirc in the what have you done thread) about replacing the haipins with clevis pins that I had replied to. I have replaced all hairpins on whole tractor with clevis EXCEPT the 2 that hold the DL100 legs up onto loader arms. the...
  31. Dmacleo

    Love the block heater in my GC2400

    Tuesday morning 12 deg F plugged heater in 30 minutes ran glow plug 15 seconds turned over 5 times purring away. Wednesday morning also 12 no heater plug 15 seconds fired stall. another 15 fire stall. another 15 running but chugging. Thursday morning 8 deg F plugged in 30 minutes plugs 15...
  32. Dmacleo

    any reason the massey forum is locked to a specific theme?

    I prefer the tractorbyte 2015 theme over the one massey forum is locked to. although it looks like that theme was fixed today so maybe I'll grow to like it.
  33. Dmacleo

    GC series How many run front chains?

    my rears due in soon but am wondering if anyone runs front chains. I usually hesitate but in my area with my snow type/fall may need them for bank clearing on road. those that do or did please list any issues they have had. thanks
  34. Dmacleo

    tarp/cover GC series

    anyone use something like this? : Classic Accessories Compact Utility Tractor Cowling Cover, Black : Garden & Outdoor this year gc2400 will have to sit outside in snow, looking at something like that. next year will cut a hard cap on it. actual cabs not really good fit for me.
  35. Dmacleo

    is there a Loader To Skid Steer Quick Attach for DL100 FEL ?

    know there are kits for DL95 not sure they would work on DL100
  36. Dmacleo

    4269250M91 block heater on GC2400 simple to do

    4269250M91 block heater took me about 35 minutes, longest part was getting air out of cooling system. I used a 5/16 drill to score (NOT drill through-important do not want shavings in block) and create a weak spot on the block plug. smacked it with flat chisel to bend and rotate it, used flat...
  37. Dmacleo

    Loader bucket indicator DL100 loader GC2400

    did a quick search did not find answers, but I did not dig into it much. anyone know of an indicator for DL100 loader?
  38. Dmacleo

    Oil & Fuel GC2400 how bad is slight overfill hydo oil?

    supposed to be 3.2 gallons. pulled almost 4 out (had never serviced myself) at the 2.5 mark nothing on glass. at the 3 mark nothing on glass. at 3.4 nothing on glass. put 3.8-3.9 gallons in so..basically .6 gallons (approx 2.4 qts) over. forgot how fast the sight glass fills on these suspect the...
  39. Dmacleo

    has anyone ever been given acct number to order online?

    as you all prob know the parts website says call dealer to get acct number top order online. thing is they mean for the dealer to give you their acct # and login info. have not found a dealer willing to do so, I don't blame them. so why is this still a thing on website? has anyone here ever...
  40. Dmacleo

    2010 GC2400 question on Diff lock cable

    Is there a spring at end of cable (on rear diff) meant to pull the cable and lever back when foot removed from pedal? have a pedal sticking down a bit (lock NOT engaged) that slowly rises back up. was not able to get close look at end of cable to see if there is a spring. have not yet found...