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  1. cjoffutt


    Is there a simple way to 'hide' signatures by default? I know I can on a few other forums & I can within TapaTalk. But I cannot see a way to do it via online browsers. Only asking as a good chunk of people have sigs that are a complete novel, lol.
  2. cjoffutt

    7 Pin Trailer Plug

    Does anyone know which pin is ground and 12v? Trying to wire up a trailer connector to use my 3 point sprayer via the 7 Pin, but none appear to be supplying power. I'm assuming the large pin at 12 o'clock is ground? Either that or I'm missing a fuse that will let the 7 Pin work. The pig tail...
  3. cjoffutt

    Third Function Remote

    Good evening, In my quest to find my replacement tractor, I've come up with some questions regarding the LS tractors. I've attempted to Google for the answer but couldn't find anything, went to LS website, but couldn't find the answer there either. The response from my localish dealer was...
  4. cjoffutt

    North Central Indiana

    Good evening everyone, Few quotations here tonight. 1) Does anyone around the Miami/Cass County area happen to have the 37 or 55 model tractor? I'm currently debating between these two as I compare them between other colored brands. I'm not interested in the backhoe attachment as we have a...