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  1. mgstevens

    Stihl 194

    Not surprised if you run fuel with ethanol there would eventually be a carb problem. Agreed with those citing the spark screen as another potential cause. I run a bit more oil in the mix than most and I have had a spark screen get plugged. But even though I run only non-ethanol 91 fuel in all...
  2. mgstevens

    Rear Counter Weight for Front Mount Blower

    Depends is not just a popular brand of adult diaper. What is the surface of the drive? Asphalt, gravel, dirt? The grade? Flat, sloping? Tires? Chains? Type of snow and average temperature? I have R4's with a sloping gravel drive. We get plenty of mostly powder snow, outside the very start and...
  3. mgstevens

    Getting too old to step up 22”

    Yeah, they are targeting a demographic with a deep love for their tractors and money to burn. They turned me against Kubota. If there is this much room for "mods" there is lots of room for improvement on the Kubota. I went with a Massey and need almost no mods. That said, a step of some custom...
  4. mgstevens

    Please critique the weld quality (photos enclosed)

    Yikes! I have only been welding - flux core - for about a year. Only a handful of projects, and my welds are already better than that. Although I've had a few (or more) that looked like this, I would never ask someone to pay for something as unacceptable as this. Best suggestion: Get it fixed...
  5. mgstevens

    Getting too old to step up 22”

    Couple of things: to the OP, there is a fellow who makes all kinds of mods for the Kubota line of tractors. He has a step for that model I think. Here's the link: Someone above mentioned using their steering wheel as a grab handle. Don't...
  6. mgstevens

    Clamp on Bucket Forks

    For the weights I work with, the straps have been working fine. Any more than a couple hundred pounds, I would move to chains.
  7. mgstevens

    Clamp on Bucket Forks

    I have the Titan set (1500 lb) and only lift that 200-400 lb range. I love mine for their utility and quick mounting. The riser tubes at the bucket end of the forks are crucial to proper usage. Whether with square steel tube or just timber, when risers are used and secured (I use ratchet...
  8. mgstevens

    AGCO Paint Codes for Sheet Metal, Chassis, and Wheels

    Earlier link/download was a different document, and did not have the 09/10 paint colour listing anywhere I could find. Thanks.
  9. mgstevens

    AGCO Paint Codes for Sheet Metal, Chassis, and Wheels

    Downloaded to find my GC2410 is not listed. There is the GC2310, but not the frame color, which is the one I want...
  10. mgstevens

    Shipping container axles adding?

    No idea if anyone mentioned this (tl;dr), but those who move manufactured homes and site offices use dollies. Depending on the weight, that could be anything from tandem singles to HD tri-duallies. The dolly gets bolted to the frame and a hitch gets bolted to one end and away they go. OK...
  11. mgstevens

    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    Did someone say something about "grading?" Box-blade Friday. Looks like Saturday too..
  12. mgstevens

    Backhoe CB05 Clean-up bucket edge (bolt-on)

    Ah yes.. looks like you may have forgotten to harden the edge of that 1x4. ;) Hey, not only did this thing do a decent job of the ditches - especially as I was working out scooping technique in the process - but I was just extending some utility lines the other day, sewer and water, and the...
  13. mgstevens

    I don't understand something.

    In terms of hours per year, I suppose it depends on what projects need doing, multiplied by the fraction of time you have available to operate the machine. I bought a 10 year old machine, used on a small lot by an older gentleman, with a total of 400 hours. I've owned it now 3 years and added...
  14. mgstevens

    GC1720 engine problewm

    Remember to thank Dad for the help, and remind him that "we'll call you" when/if more help is needed. I'm surprised it ran at all. Two different methods of ignition. Must have been a gas/diesel mix.
  15. mgstevens

    Backhoe CB05 Clean-up bucket edge (bolt-on)

    Well, the burning desire was to avoid mucking out the ditches with a shovel. I got the machine mostly to save my body. And to tackle much larger jobs without hiring a machine and operator. It just needs the right attachments. The newer CB65 BH has bolt-on teeth so a flat edge is possible with...
  16. mgstevens

    Backhoe CB05 Clean-up bucket edge (bolt-on)

    Cool mod!? Having watched larger machines carry/use an extra clean up bucket (smooth edge) and noticing how darn useful they are, I really wanted that function for my GC2410 TLB. So, after a few design iterations, I got myself a plasma cutter and made fabricating one my "test project." Keeping...
  17. mgstevens

    Snow Used 2360 Snow Blower for 1/3 new price (AB, Canada)

    I paid for a new one of these, but just saw this email out of Agriterra in Alberta. They have a used but serviceable 2360 for under $1100 CDN. Located central AB, Canada. Here's the link: 4765104 | Agriterra Equipment Posting this because when I looked, finding a used one of these was very rare...
  18. mgstevens

    Massey GC & Kubota BX Front Quick Hitch Compatable?

    RadTech Innovations in Quebec make the QuickHitch and attachments for both MF and Kubota, NH also I think... I have the MF2410 TLB and also for the QuickHitch the MF2360 Snow Blower and the MF2330 Rotary Broom. I believe there is also a snow plow blade made for the same quick hitch. Their...
  19. mgstevens

    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Everybody supplying a service wants to call it their "product," while those selling products want the monthly revenue of the service contract. And the roots of this move are in the software industry. Software features require continual research and development as the underlying computer...
  20. mgstevens

    Oil & Fuel Add 20 year old oil to motor?

    A couple of years ago, a YouTube channel "Project Farm" tested very old oil - 70 years old - and found it held up fairly well. It might have less detergents and other additives, but should lubricate just fine.
  21. mgstevens

    Critique what went wrong.

    Gotta love instant karma. And it had to be a small group of people all concluding this would be OK... ..or one total Einstein commanding hostages.
  22. mgstevens

    Thinking of making my backhoe attachment towable and usable OFF the tractor!

    Interesting thread. I have a sub-compact TLB and the forces at work during operation need both the ballast and resistance that the 2000 lb tractor adds to the backhoe (900 lb) to get the job done. I wouldn't think a DIY rig would be very effective nor safe in any real digging operation. And yes...
  23. mgstevens

    Safety doesn't care if your forgetful

    I guess I learned when I was young from working with carpenters, that one non-mentally-present moment could cost your finger, hand or life. When I deal with mechanical force, in any way, I always stay mindful and as mentioned by others, complete the task - no loose ends. It means not rushing...
  24. mgstevens

    How much will that tractor cost, the true price of ownership.

    I ran a quick version of the Cost of Ownership on my little unit. Bought from a very light use original owner at 10 years old - @ 400 hrs - for 13K. Could sell today for at least 15K. But with the attachments, more like $20-25K. I put approx. 50 hrs/year so far, using for snow-clearing and...
  25. mgstevens

    Exhaust options for my 4’ x 4’ generator shed

    I have a similar setup (see pics): 9K generator, 3.5' x 5' x 4' custom enclosure, wood-frame/plywood-clad, with cross-ventilation intake and louvered exhaust fan for heat. For the engine exhaust, I was able to get a piece of 2.5" exhaust pipe bent and flared to go over the exhaust exit on the...
  26. mgstevens

    Stihl blower spark arrestor.

    I see some North Easterners willing to play fast and loose with sparks in the woods. Here in the west, we lose whole summers to just the choking smoke from fires that are hundreds or more miles away - and worse. Things that create spark in these parts are taken seriously, by more than lawyers...
  27. mgstevens

    Stihl blower spark arrestor.

    Well, I can only hope she appreciates it. Sounds like about the right "interval" for older married couples. ;)
  28. mgstevens

    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    "most people don't know enough about batteries and electronics to service it themselves" Couple of things: ICE's break as they have a LOT of moving parts. Electric motors do not - either break nor have a lot of moving parts. In fact, they have ONE moving part. Any other system on an EV is the...
  29. mgstevens

    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    I'm a single page in to what is, at the moment, an interesting 43 page comment-fest. Who knows what I'll think by the end, but now I see everything from reality (wide adoption of technology takes longer than is usually forecast) to the fear-mongered: fad, no range, too expensive, have to replace...
  30. mgstevens

    GC2410 backhoe hydraulic

    I'm with the other owners here: the 2410 denotes a TLB and should be equipped with the rear subframe. As for the hydraulics, my BH takes 3 lines connected via hanging lines at the back of the tractor. When the BH is not in use, one line is capped and the other two are looped into each other. I...
  31. mgstevens

    New GC2400 Owner

    So interesting to see someone in the exact spot I was in just 3 years ago. What fluids? from where? how much? when? (after first 50 h then every 100-250 hrs depending on filter/fluid.) Hopefully you got the owner's manual with the machine. It covers most basic things pretty well And you did the...
  32. mgstevens

    BX1860 pressure test coolant

    I've been in this spot - just not as deep in an engine - where the problem is happening now, the work-to-address-it is happening now and the user forum advice is just a part of the confirm/deny voices at play in the process. I don't understand why someone moving fast and looking for opinions on...
  33. mgstevens

    Shed for lawn tractor, nailed to dirt hillside

    So many things to address, so little time... I mean, it's only a tractor cover, so no need to build the Hoover Dam, but on the ground (vertical force) you could have simply dug in 6" and put a couple of concrete pier bases on some gravel and you'd have prevented horizontal movement. Also, the...
  34. mgstevens

    Clamp on hitch receiver, whatam I missing?

    Seems like this is just par-for-the-course with these convenience mounts. The trailers in the OP seem quite heavy for this type of mount. I have one (titan..) and only want to move a utility trailer (sometimes with a ton of material..) and a 15' runabout and my mount usually moves underway...
  35. mgstevens

    About To Test My 2360 Snow Blower

    From memory, that memory of being a kid on the east coast shovelling driveways full of drifts, it was all white concrete on its way to solidifying. I don't recall the drifts being fluffy or light at all. I admit I have never plowed or cleared drifts. Here it is mostly powder snow and it falls in...
  36. mgstevens

    About To Test My 2360 Snow Blower

    I guess everyone is different but I want my tractor and attachments to last for many, many years, so I take it easy on them. I usually do lifts every 4-6" or so. I've done as much as 16" in one go and the tractor is more than capable in powder, but if the snow is wet then I would not want to go...
  37. mgstevens

    Electrical troubleshooting question

    Recent code allows up to 12 devices (lights or outlets) on the same 15A residential circuit. I'd start with a test light to identify the outlet devices on the same circuit. As almost everyone else has said, very rare to have the Romex fail within the wall. If you can ID all the devices on the...
  38. mgstevens

    Do I need a general contractor to build a house?

    When I 'apprenticed' with my architect/mentor for 5 years, we discussed a lot of aspects of home/building design. After that, I could not look at standard or trendy home design the same way. From the trendy dormer-deluge to the hard to insulate, hard to maintain and more expensive than...
  39. mgstevens

    Cold weather start, with glow plugs and block heater. Why does my tractor not start at minus 20 C?

    As all western Canadians (and US-PNW) are experiencing, we are quite cold for this time of year... Earlier this year, on this forum, a thread about oil got me to switch from 15w40 to 0w40 and I'm pretty sure that has helped. And, as my tractor shed is both 100+ feet from the nearest a/c outlet...
  40. mgstevens

    Do I need a general contractor to build a house?

    When I did my own plans for my workshop in 2011, I had my mentor architect still working with me. When it came to the house in 2014, he had retired and I was on my own. To make sure I did not run afoul of the local inspector, I went in to the building dept with my rough plans and got my...
  41. mgstevens

    Do I need a general contractor to build a house?

    I see one post noting that you can't add trusses to a roof stamped by an engineer. Uh, no, because the engineer stamp is tied to the exact structure covered under the stamp, which is under the engineers errors and omissions insurance should it fail, and is what the building dept. is relying on...
  42. mgstevens

    Broken gc1720 transmission filter

    Well, I certainly hope this never happens to me - I have also had confusion as to whether the front PTO shaft was properly latched, so I know it's a thing. I always (well after I learned what to listen/feel for) make sure the collar is resting and the latch is solid before moving on. But if it...
  43. mgstevens

    MF GC2310 FEL not keeping tractor up and weak BH arms

    The one thing I keep going back to is "worked in summer.." so this is either something that failed since then, it is an older machine... or, something being adversely affected by colder temperatures. Since some hydraulic circuits (stabilizers) are holding, it would point to a valve block, but is...
  44. mgstevens

    Pre-fab trusses for shed style shop?

    If you are able to mill your own structural lumber and are asking about DIY trusses, one then guesses there are no building codes or enforcement of same in your area. Here in BC, to use self-milled lumber for structure, you need it graded, or an engineer needs to stamp the plans, and carry the...
  45. mgstevens

    Clamp on pallet forks

    I have the 1500lb clamp on forks from Titan and I like them. It's true you'll use them for a LOT more than brush - at least I do - and also true that they can distort the bottom of a loader bucket if used improperly. Improper use is just using the clamps to hold the bottom of the bucket. They...
  46. mgstevens

    Post pictures of your shop crane

    Did someone say "crane?" About (OK.. exactly..) a year ago, I turned 60, and a few months before that, I had a mild heart attack. For my 60th, my wife offered a new computer system, but I suggested instead the materials to build my dream shop bench. 10 deep drawers, push-off height for my table...
  47. mgstevens

    Thought I'd share this on wood ash

    The OP is interesting for those wanting to be surgical in their application of wood ash. I'm on a small acreage, and from spring through late fall, the property produces about 100-150 cu/ft of grass clippings, leaves and household compost. Good stuff! The past few years we have started up our...
  48. mgstevens

    Do I need a general contractor to build a house?

    So many stories... I built my own home, designed it, did the drawings, used only 2 subs (drywall and spray insulation) and adhered to the old adage: your project/job can have 3 possible qualities: good, cheap and fast - pick two! I chose good and cheap. My build took 3 years. It worked out...
  49. mgstevens

    GC series rear weight bucket with 2 inch hitch adapter ideas needed

    Ballast is all relative I guess. When I run with my BH, I am swinging almost 900 lb off the back. With the snowblower, there are only 250-300lb on the front, but for traction I still want some good weight off the back. My titan ballast box, filled with sand for density, is over 500 lbs, with the...
  50. mgstevens

    GC series rear weight bucket with 2 inch hitch adapter ideas needed

    As read, looks like you'll be a father (of something/one) soon. And "safety" is the ever-winning tool or equipment rationalization. That way, it serves her instead of just you.