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    New 3 stall shop suggestion requests

    If you could afford it, I would consider radiant floor heat. Doug in SW IA
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    Finding a post

    If I am looking for one of my posts I click on my user name in the top right corner. In the drop down from that I click on: "Your content" That shows all your threads, not just the ones you started. Doug in SW IA
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    Why some people are too stupid to own a car

    I tried to teach my kids basic life survival skills. My daughter was upset when she didn't get a tool set for Christmas (she got it for her birthday a month later). She also "knew" what was going to happen for her driver's ed homework assignment. She was supposed to "talk" with her dad...
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    Anybody remember these babies?

    I owned the Dodge Rampage version of that. I put over 200,000 miles on it. It was the perfect "truck" for me. I don't know what the payload was, but for my needs it was fine, a few sheets of plywood, etc. I would be willing to bet that the majority of trucks on the road today don't ever come...
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    Double Chipping? And MDF?

    When the power company trims trees I try to get some of their chips. The chips are not pretty or consistent and I do wind up with some real stringy stuff. But the price is right, I spread it thick and it does seem to break down and makes nice walking and driving path. This year I hit the...
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    Which machine would you use?

    I have only used a trencher once. I am having a hard time envisioning how you could make two passes. Wouldn't a lot of the the dirt on the second pass just fall into the first trench? Doug in SW IA
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    Best Nut or thread locking devices

    There are numerous references, here is one: Minimum Threads Protruding Beyond NutEngineers Edge › hardware › minimu... The last few threads on a bolt are tapered to ease nut starting so you need to have some protruding to ensure all the threads in the nut are fully...
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    Three point arms, wide or narrow spacing?

    I decided to switch the pins. Pins are now pointing out, box blade has almost completed the project, life is good. Thanks for the input. Doug in SW IA
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    Three point arms, wide or narrow spacing?

    My bad, it is cat 1, just my clumsy fingers doing their own thing. I corrected the original post. Making the sway adjustment is not an issue. I bought the three point stabilizers from Mark Hodge at StabilWorks where you just drop a pin in a hole, one of the better purchases I have made...
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    Three point arms, wide or narrow spacing?

    I am abusing it somewhat. I have added some extra weight and it is doing a decent job for this project. The pins are the correct size. Don't remember if they came the correct size or I replaced them. Doug in SW IA
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    Three point arms, wide or narrow spacing?

    I was just using a box blade that I bought years ago when I had a John Deere 318 with a cat 0 three point. The box blade allow you to mount the pins facing in or facing out. I had to mount them facing in to fit the Cat 0 three point. Now I have a Kubota BX24 with a cat 1 three point. I can...
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    Why some people are too stupid to own a car

    Two stories My brother and I worked at a gas station in high school. He and a friend went out to wait on a car (remember those days), and his friend who was "Mister Know It All" checked the oil. He found it a quart low and went and got a quart. Pretty quickly he was motioning for my brother...
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    I was talking with friend about rebuilding carburetors and he told me about the first time he tried. He took it apart in a pan full of solvent, got it all cleaned up and then threw the solvent out....... along with all the small springs, balls and clips. Doug in SW IA
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    BX 23, sputtering and hard/won't start

    Trouble shooting electrical. Start simple, make sure every ground connection is good, don't just look, remove, clean and reattach. Doug in SW IA
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    Thorny bush you must die.

    I am on a similar program to eradicate the thorny stuff in my forest. About four years ago I realized that the first thing to green up in my forest were the very things I was trying to get rid of. It is a battle, but I can tell I have made some progress. I can't use chemicals because my wife...
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    B21 has slowed down in reverse ?

    Please turn off the caps. I'll second looking at all the linkage. On my BX24 I had a similar issue. There was a ball socket type connection that was held by a nut. The nut was coming loose. While both forward and reverse were affected, it was more apparent in the reverse mode. Tightened...
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    Are there any good veterinarians anymore?

    Somewhere I heard or read that: The difference between a doctor and a vet is, a vet's patient can't describe the symptoms or pain. Doug in SW IA
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    Variable Frequency Drive questions

    While you could switch a VFD from motor to motor, keep in mind that you are not supposed to have a switch between the VFD power leads and the motor. The potential exists to "fry" the VFD. Has something to do with feedback to the VFD. I am currently running a 3hp planer on one VFD and a 1 HP...
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    Dragging trees out of clearing, best method?

    Once the sawyer squares up the log, if you just cut it through and through you will have a mix of wood with the boards near the middle showing quarter sawn grain. You might have an issue finding a sawyer that is proficient in quartersawing. While you have the sawyer there, have him saw up some...
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    I'm proud of my Niece!

    I can't imagine building a truck that cool and not taking it out for a spin. Will they try again next year? Doug in SW IA
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    Publishing Loader Capacity Numbers That Far Exceed The Capacity Of The Axles

    Since I rarely have the occasion to haul weights in my bucket, I would like to know what a bucket full of dirt, sand, gravel, and firewood weighs. Those are the things I haul in my bucket. It is some information worth considering. I didn't watch the video all the way, was there any mention...
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    another hiccup to going solar?

    Paying solar user wholesale price for what they produce isn't quite right either. Why should they be paid the same price when they can't be depended on to produce? Think of yourself as a purchasing agent. You have two suppliers. One consistently provides what you need when you need it. The...
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    Building a Mezzanine - QUESTIONS

    A metal plate, maybe, but I can't think that flashing would add much to the equation. Doug in SW IA
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    Subaru Automobiles

    We have two Foresters, a 2017 and a 2021. Both have lane assist, but I don't use it on the 2021. It seems like the newer Forester has a much tighter criteria for lane assist. So if you aren't exactly in the middle it is correcting. As a result I feel like I am fighting it all the time. Other...
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    To the basement, or to the scrapyard? My attempt to resurrect a Tarm Excel 2200 Wood Gasification boiler

    I had an HS Tarm with natural gas backup. I bought it in 1993 and replaced it with a Woodgun in 2016. I also started springing leaks on the reinforcing stays. If you look, you can tell that they were robotically welded. I had several that started weeping, all in the same place. They leak...
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    Kids gocart, ATV or bike recomendation?

    Why not start with BMX bicycles? I am bothered that electric and gas powered vehicles are a first option. Kids should be pedaling and using muscles, not sitting and pressing a button. But keep in mind this is posted by a dinosaur that probably remembers the "good old days" better than they...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I can't fathom risking a classic fully restored pickup on something that sketchy. Doug in SW IA
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    BX 24 vs a Cat 2 soil pulverizer

    Back to the drawing board. I went back to the rental company and to get measurements for adapting to my tractor. I also looked up the specs on a BX24 three point. The heaviest implement that Kubota lists for my tractor is a box blade at 375lbs. Looking up the soil pulverizer it looks like...
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    BX 24 vs a Cat 2 soil pulverizer

    Last summer the pipeline company tore up over a 1/4 acre of my property. Their restoration was not to my satisfaction so I was able to negotiate a cash settlement and I will finish the work. The site is a very slight slope with a broad drainage swale and some other slightly rolling areas. I...
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    Business Leadership/Career Advancement

    Make sure you understand the difference between leadership and management. Never forget the value of your employees, without them you have nothing. I worked at a manufacturing company that did not have the highest level workforce. Heard one of the office ladies bad mouthing the plant workers...
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    Propane installation - Above or Under Ground?

    What about inspections? If you switch suppliers I would think they have some kind of inspection criteria to make sure your tank is safe to fill. How do they inspect an underground tank? I am only basing this on my little grill tanks. When I get them filled they are somewhat inspected. I...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I think the key is to live within your means. Doesn't matter how much you make if you flit it all away. When I got out of the service I thought about starting a business, like custom milling. The best thing I did was read Bruce Williams book "In Business For Yourself". It was full of common...
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    Wood cutters, wood burners and woodworkers...Question:

    I burn a variety of woods. I got tired of splinters, don't know which species. Now I wear gloves anytime I handle my firewood. I have an inside wood fired boiler and radiant floors. So six cords a year is not unusual. Doug in SW IA
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    Gov't mandates gas can flame arrestors.

    My first thought was they used gasoline instead of diesel. But I didn't hear the whoosh that gasoline makes just before it explodes. Since the spokesman was so adamant that the same fuel and safety precautions were used, I would put my money on a high school prank gone bad. Luckily no one...
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    Surge protector woes

    My brother worked for a power company. Those outages where the power flashes are due to automatic re-closers. They detect a short and open up. Then they try to reapply power. They are set for three tries and then they lock open. That way if a something temporarily shorts a line, like a tree...
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    Kubota Backhoe

    I have a BX 24 and the backhoe mounting looks very similar. I have the two holes mentioned. But my manual does not specify which hole is to be used. My main pins are a very precise fit and it takes some fiddling to get them in. Sometimes I give up and use a hammer. So with my tractor the...
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    Car battery. I am confused

    5 years old? Just replace it and move on. For me, any battery over four years old that hiccups, gets replaced. It just isn't worth the hassle. Doug in SW IA
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    What Lowes free delivery cost me.

    I worked receiving for a manufacturer. Had a truck come in with two pallets for us. One was in the back the other was in the nose of the truck. I would routinely move a few pallets to get at a load, but I refused this one. As I told the driver, once I start loading and unloading that freight...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    No pictures. Today on the interstate I passed a pickup truck towing a car with a triangle shaped tow bar that mounts to the bumper of the towed vehicle, and is then connected to the tow vehicle's ball and receiver. No problems, but wait, there was a second towed vehicle connected with the...
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    Watering Cattle from a Pond

    What about a windmill? Doug in SW IA
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    Safety Features for a Barn

    Escape ladders for second floor? Doug in SW IA
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    Well this is different............USA made BX vs BX231 in the UK

    Is it a rear discharge mower? I don't see a discharge chute. With the square corners on the deck, I have to assume there are some curved baffles(?) on the underside. Otherwise those corners would really get packed. Doug in SW IA
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    Buying land that has a natural gas line on it?

    The line crossing my property is much deeper than 36". But when the lines cross waterways they are sometimes elevated and fully exposed. Just the thing for my son and his friends to rappel off of. Doug in SW IA
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    B3030 Stalling Problem Solved

    What caused it?? Could be as simple as typically when you back up you shift around in the seat. Could have put a different pressure on the switch. We will probably never know for sure. Doug in SW IA
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    Buying land that has a natural gas line on it?

    The land I bought for my "retirement" home is crossed by two pipeline companies. One is Northern Natural Gas with two 30" cross county pipelines and the other is OneOak with two LPG? lines. Because of the lay of my property, my best building site was over 100 yards away. But in any case I...
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    Adding a storm shelter

    I am thinking if you were stuck inside you could pop one of the vents and shoot a flare or stick a bicycle flag out and wave it. On the sump pump, I realize sheltering from a tornado is a reletively short time. But, depending on your water table do you think a manual pump would be worth...
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    Have a dog that eats to fast for it's own good?

    I hate to think of it, but are there more strays in the South for the same reason there are more homeless people in warm climates? The sad fact could very well be that there are just as many dogs turned loose in the north, but they cannot survive the winters. My hat is off to you for caring...
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    How can I hook this up to my tractor

    Watch your turning radius. If you turn too sharp it may be possible to bind up the hitch, then something has to give. Whether that means the trailer skids sideways, the tractor tires churn up the turf, or the pin bends/snaps is anyone's guess. I have a small cart I sometimes hook up to the...
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    Another backhoe question

    I think the only project that would be questionable is the pond. Quite some time back the question was raised about using a Kubota BX series for a pond. Someone did the math on the volume of the pond, the volume of a BX loader, travel times etc. When it was all said and done, it cleary made no...
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    Do you not use clothes pins? Or will your line be at such an angle that the clothes are in danger of all sliding to the end? Doug in SW IA