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  1. GolfAddict

    How long can you leave a muzzle loader loaded?

    I can't believe I did this, but I did. For background, when I use to hunt Muzzle Loader season, if I didn't get a deer that day I would always leave my gun loaded overnight (I'd remove the cap). I know a lot of people say they won't do that, a lot of others say it's fine, but I always did...
  2. GolfAddict

    BXpanded bucket lip clamp problem.

    I'm hoping someone may have a fix for this if they've had the same experience. I have a number of the bucket attachements from BXpanded: a few of the bucket hooks of both types and a set of four of the brush/pallet forks. I like the way they are designed to use their clamp thing that clamps...
  3. GolfAddict

    New Member

    Hi all, I discovered this site a month or so ago and find the forums so helpful. My questions are usually answered just by reading, but decided I should join so I can participate more directly. I have a Kubota BX24 with a number of attachments that I use around my 54 acre homestead in SE...