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  1. Cycledude

    Eau Claire Wisconsin Farm Show March 7-8 2023
  2. Cycledude

    Eau Clare Farm Show March 7-8 2023
  3. Cycledude

    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    2022 Ford F-150 extended cab. Would love to hear some of your opinions-experience about undercoating. Living in Wisconsin rust is a really big issue. I’m definitely not a high miles driver and at 68 years old this could be my last new truck.
  4. Cycledude

    Insulation around windows ?

    Installed all 12 new windows in my 86 years old house. The outside work is mostly done but now I need to finish the inside work, need to insulate the small space around the windows and am wondering about using that spray foam type insulation that comes in aerosol cans , have you ever used the...
  5. Cycledude

    New Holland Methane Power Tractors
  6. Cycledude

    Rear snowblower storage advice ?

    Have rear 3 point blower that I’m considering building sort of a pallet with wheels to store it on during the off season when not needed. I got the idea from reading about it on Tractor by Net but would love to see some pictures of the completed project. Seems like most have used dolly’s like...
  7. Cycledude

    Eau Claire Farm Show 3/1-2/2022

    58th Annual Eau Claire Farm Show Chippewa Valley Expo Center on North Crossing at Menards General Office 5150 Old Mill Plaza everything is indoors Tuesday-Wednesday 9am-3:30-pm free parking and admission Attended twice before and have to say it’s about the best farm show I’ve been to .
  8. Cycledude

    Interesting new internal combustion engine

    I wonder if it will ever actually be available for purchase ?
  9. Cycledude

    Edge Tamer

    I ordered 3 four inch Edge Tamers on 11/28/2021 and received them 40 days later on 1/6/2022 , I knew when I placed the order it was going to take quite a while to get them so that was acceptable. I received an email explaining they would be shipping a new improved version That are cast of...
  10. Cycledude

    Kubota mower junkyard ?

    The muffler on my Kubota ZD21 seems to have a rattle, it’s been doing it for years but lately it seems to be getting worse so I would like to replace the muffler. Ive talked to 2 different Kubota dealers and both told me this is the first time they heard of this problem on a ZD21 , a new muffler...
  11. Cycledude

    Are there any toy LS tractors available anywhere ?

    Stopped in Dyersville Iowa last week, it’s the home of the Ertl company the worlds largest maker of farm toys. The museum is very interesting and I highly recommend stopping to check it out if you ever get the chance. I was interested in maybe...
  12. Cycledude

    Mower deck wash ?

    Have any of you folks installed a mower deck wash ? Does it work well ?
  13. Cycledude

    Wisconsin Farm Technology Days ?

    It was held July 20-22 in Eau Claire Wisconsin. Just wondering if any other forum members attended ? There were quite a few different brands of small tractor dealers there but no LS, one New Holland guy said he attempted to get an LS dealership but was told he didn’t qualify because he is a New...
  14. Cycledude

    Electric tractors

    Interesting article about electric tractors...
  15. Cycledude

    New improvements to cabs

    How would you like to see cabs improved ? Companies prioritize cab customization | State & Regional |
  16. Cycledude

    What痴 the highest hours LS tractor ?

    I have been reading about lots of low hour (200-300 hours) LS tractors Just curious what is the highest hours LS tractor out there ?
  17. Cycledude

    Canopy XR4155 ceiling fasteners

    Yesterday I noticed the right rear ceiling fastener was loose and sticking out a little, it has a head like a Phillips screw so decided to try tightening it. Absolutely no luck tightening and I not sure it actually a screw type device, there are a bunch of other fasteners in the ceiling so I...
  18. Cycledude

    Hello from central Wisconsin

    Hello to all the tractorbynet members ! been slowly shopping for a new tractor, loader and snow blower since about June 2020. Already own two Fords a 6610 and a 8N and will probably put both of those up for sale next summer after I get used to my brand new LS XR4155 with cab heat and air...