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    How to remove PTO shaft from slip clutch on rotary cutter?

    I have a 5 ft Befco rotary cutter that came with my first tractor. Never used it and it has sat for the last 3 years. Went to hook it up and PTO shaft is pretty much rusted together. Will not compress or extend so wanted to add a new one. Was trying to get the old one off and no luck. Removed...
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    Did a driveway rehab on Monday (Pics)

    Just rehab'ed my cousins driveway this week on the house they just bought. Washed out down to large base stones with ruts and was at least 4-5 inches below the lawn on either side. Had a tri-axle load of crusher run trucked in and I spread it with the box blade. Now its level with the lawn. Once...
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    One of the most perfect dump truck chain spreads I have seen

    The guy I use for delivering crusher run for the driveway did about the most perfect chain spread i've seen when he brought the first load. Exact depth of material I asked for. Didn't need to spread or smooth at all with tractor. Just packed it down with truck as it lay. Ended up with the...
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    Bought my first 5th wheel camper!

    Had a 28' bumper tow previously. Got rid of it when my wife got pregnant as I didn't see us doing much camping over the next few years. My Daughter turns 3 this year and decided a week ago that I didn't want to sit around the house every weekend this summer, and wanted to be out making memories...
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    HST Tractor, Transmission fluid 4 inches above full line on dipstick. Safe for use?

    2005 Kubota L3430HSTC Checked trans/kydro fluid last week and it showed being low so filled until it registered midway between min and max marks on the dipstick. Checked it again today and it shows about 4 inches above full on the dipstick. Blew snow with the blower Friday and Saturday...
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    Rear wiper blade kit for Kubota L3430HSTC?

    Searched google and the forum but didn't come up with anything. I use my L3430 to snowblow our 1/4 mile drive. Went out today for the first session of the winter and all the blown snow just kept gathering on the rear window. Ended up having to run with the rear window open and up to see what I...
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    Took the plunge. Finally going solar!

    7.6KW 22 panel roof mount system with net metering and the option to add in Tesla Power Wall battery system later. After looking at the numbers, it was a no brainer. For the same amount we pay the utility for power each month we could be paying the loan on a system we own and then be energy...
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    Unofficial Rural Living Food Thread!

    Poked around and didn't see a thread like this so figured i'd start one. During the summer i'm grilling/smoking, during the fall/winter I switch over to cast iron. Thought it would be a cool thing to share pics of different meals you cook, share recipes if people are interested etc. I'll start...
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    First time using a rear blade, man I really suck!

    Purchased a Land Pride RB3784 with hydraulic angle a few months ago. I also have top n tilt on the tractor. Had 30 yards of crusher run trucked in and chain spread yesterday to fix a section of road and have enough material to put a proper crown on it. The material was spread uneven and quite...
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    Looking at a Gravely Pro Turn 52. Is dealer offer a good deal?

    I have between 3-4 acres of lawn with varying terrain and a fair amount of obstacles. Takes me about 2.5-3 hours to mow using my cub cadet 46" riding mower. Wanted to get into a quality zero turn for about $5k. Look at a gravely Pro Turn 52 today at a dealer and it was a nice machine, rode well...
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    Brought home a 2017 2500HD with the new duramax diesel yesterday!

    After seeing the specs on the new engine and seeing pictures of the new front end last fall I had convinced myself I needed one :D Then I convinced myself I didn't need one, as I have a 2015 2500HD LTZ crew cab with duramax already. Happened to cruise the dealer's lot on the way home from the...
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    Rear blade dilemma. Options?

    I currently have a 6' light duty rear blade from Tractor supply. Main use for it would be reshaping/crowning my 1/4 mile drive. I use a LPGS for general refinishing but I have a large section that needs more material spread as it is flat and there is not enough to scrape up. My rear tires are...
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    Mother of God Pole Barns are Expensive!

    Been pricing out adding a 30x40 foot metal pole barn building with a 12' lean to on one side, single roll up door and 4 windows. Got a quote from Morton's Buildings for $40k. A quick estimate from DIY pole barns website puts materials at $27k for the same and an estimated build cost of $12k...
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    Brought home another L series on Friday!

    Bought a newer tractor on Friday. Kubota L3430HST (34 hp) with factory cab that has heat, A/C and a stereo system. Put it to work refinishing top section of my driveway over the weekend. Huge improvement in comfort and ease of use over the older GST Kubota I have. Low hours, meticulously...
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    Help me devise a plan of attack for refinishing my road (pic heavy)

    Done a lot of reading through various threads using the search function and still have some questions. I'd rather admit I don't know and ask those with more experience in this area. I have about 1/4 mile of driveway that I have broken down into 3 sections and each has a different current state...
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    Considering upgrading tractor, need input on price and if it makes sense

    I have a 2001 Kubota L3010 GST that I got last year with a LA481 FEL and Sims heated cab. Need to replace the wheels and tires on the tractor from R4 Industrial to R1 Agricultural tires. The R4s are too wide and the tread on the fronts is almost completely gone. All told for the wheels, tires...
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    Looking for reputable pole barn building companies in New England

    Hi all, Finally got my wife on board with having a barn built. Looking at a 60x40 on a concrete slab with 10' lean to on one side and the upper portion of the interior as a loft space for storage/man cave. Based on the recommendation of a friend I requested a quote from Morton Buildings – Pole...
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    Land Pride GS15-60 Grading Scraper. Any recommended alternatives?

    Morning, Been doing a lot of reading on previous threads about this attachment but most were several years old so wanted to get current info. I have 1/4 mile of driveway to maintain. It was in bad shape when we bought the place but 40 yards of 3/4" crush run got a good layer on it which I...
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    Can't View Links on forum

    Whenever I click a link in a post or from the google search results on TBN is opens in a new window with nothing displayed and "about:blank" in the address bar Anyone else having this issue?
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    Chains hitting 3PH arms. Need advice on spacers

    Kubota L3010. Just put the chains on yesterday and they are rubbing against the 3PH arms when I don't have an implement attached. Used the stabilizer bar for the pats easy change to pull them together as much as possible and that gave me enough clearance (barely) but only when arms lowered all...
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    I (narrowly) averted a multiple roll rollover crash in the tractor the other day.

    Disclaimer: I'm a first time tractor owner, had it since September, and first winter with one. We got our first snow that stuck a few days ago, about 5 inches. Driveway is 1/4 mile with steep sections that include a 90 degree turn right as you head down from the house. Couldn't use the blower...
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    Houston, pretty sure I have a problem.

    So weather report changed from first snow of the season being 1" or less 2 days ago to 4"-8" yesterday. Snow starts tomorrow and continues through monday morning. Just got my new snowblower connected. Got 1/4 mile of driveway that I added material to earlier this fall. Ended up with a high hump...
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    Are these R4 tires (pics)

    First tractor. Ordering chains. Pretty sure I have R4s just want to confirm before spending $900. Says R-4 on the side of the tire
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    Chained Tractor down for first time. Assess and Critique please.

    First time securing it on new trailer, and will be my first trip. 2 hours each way. Tow vehicle is a 2015 Chevy 2500HD with duramax/allison One 5/16 grade 70 chain through the front frame and secured with ratchet binder in the front. Wrapped and hooked excess chain One 3/8 grade 70 chain...
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    Just brought home my first snowblower

    MK Martin Meteor SB68 on my Kubota L3010. Looking forward to not having to rake gravel back up from both sides of our 1/4 mile driveway in the spring anymore. The heated cab will be nice
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    Why disc harrow over rototiller for soil prep?

    Been reading through the threads in here and it seems universally people say use a disc harrow. Why would you not want to use a rototiller?
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    Attachment storage for winter?

    First winter with a tractor approaching. I have a few implements I won't be using which currently sit out on the lawn. Pole barn project won't start til the spring. No room in the garage to store them. Winter temps get down to -20F to -30F. With the box blade, grader blade and pallet forks...
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    Hello from Vermont!

    Became a tractor owner finally last month. in late 2014 we bought a house on 11 acres with a 1/4 mile long 10 foot wide road. Knew I was going to need a tractor for road maintenance and snow removal. Decided to get rid of the travel trailer that we never use, and ended up doing a straight trade...
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    Roller attachment for 3PH?

    Does anyone make a roller attachment for tractors? Everything I have seen are either smaller ones for lawn tractors or skid steer attachments. Was entertaining the idea of getting a 4 or 5 foot one for compacting my road after I grade it.
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    Problems installing/aligning pat's easy change system

    So my lift arms hang with the top edge leaning towards the outside of the tractor, instead of being straight up and down. When installing the PEC I tried using the stabilizer bar to keep the arms straight up and down and spread at the correct distance so the hooks were level with the ground...
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    Just got a new trailer, and may be in trouble with GVWR. Advice needed.

    New (to me) tractor owner. Needed a trailer to go with it. Got a good deal on a new Big Tex 70CH 18 foot trailer with 7k lb GVWR. Trailer is 2,000 lbs empty. Went to calculate weights on everything I looked at the manual for my Kubota L3010 and it listed the weight as 2,700 lbs. Add 1,000 lbs...
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    Chaining rear of tractor with implement attached to 3PH?

    Normally I'd run off the drawbar back and to the sides. Loaded tractor with rototiller attached to go do a garden bed at a family members house and the implement prevents me from doing so. What is the fix? chain from the 3PH lifting arms out to the side? Any ideas appreciated.
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    Newb questions on PTO type and operation

    Been a tractor owner for about 3 weeks now and have already got a lot done around the property. So far it has all been with the FEL, box blade and grader blade. Headed to my brother in law's house to rototill a garden patch and have some questions I haven't been able to find the answer too...