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  1. WilliamBos

    4540 2wd?

    I'm looking for input on the 4540 2wd Mahindra? what are your likes and dislikes? I love the simplicity of it, would suit my needs perfectly. Just tractor, no loader needed.
  2. WilliamBos

    Ford Superduty 6.2 questions?

    Curious about the 6.2 Gasser in the Ford Superduty trucks. Don't hear too many complaints on reliability of them, which is a good thing. Next truck will be getting back in to a fullsize, would like a gas HD 4x4. For those that run an F Superduty with the 6,2, would love to hear your review on...
  3. WilliamBos

    F250 4x4 6.2 vs 7.3?

    Looking for info from those who have owned ir own both engines. How do they compare on mpg? Would love a regular cab F250 4x4.
  4. WilliamBos

    Ram HD 6.4 Hemi?

    Would anyone on here own a new Ram HD with the 6.4 Hemi? How are you liking it? Any issues?
  5. WilliamBos

    L01 Emissions?

    For those who own a Kubota L3301/3901/4701, have you had any emissions issues? I'm pondering an L3301, want to make sure I am not getting in to a headache.
  6. WilliamBos

    2wd L01?

    Does anyone on here have a 2wd L01? Gear or hydro, let's see what you have.
  7. WilliamBos

    GM 2.7 I-4 Turbo gas engine.

    Been liking at a new Silverado 1500 4x4 with the new 2.7 Turbo I-4 gas engine. Really impressed with the low end torque, it's all that I would need. Does anyone on here have one?
  8. WilliamBos

    MF 2604H?

    Came across the 2604H on youtube, very simple, reminds me of my Dad's MF35. Does anyone on here have one?
  9. WilliamBos

    GMC Canyon?

    Do we have any new Canyon oeners on here? Looking for input on it, with the 3.6 and towing package.
  10. WilliamBos

    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum.

    Been trying different brands of synthetics in my Ram, thinking about giving PUP a try. Who has used it? Whats the concensus?
  11. WilliamBos

    Amsoil HD 5W40?

    Hey, What’s the opinion on Amsoil HD 5W40? Local Hardware store carries it. Can be had cheaper than Rotella T6 5W40. AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-4
  12. WilliamBos

    2014+ Ram Cummins?

    For those that own or use at work, how have they been? Any emissions related issues? Seeing plenty of low mile trades coming in at good prices, interested in 2500 crew cab 4x4's. The 2014 - present have a new front suspension and frame, plus are def trucks, so that is my point of interest.
  13. WilliamBos

    Polaris bearing greasers.

    After price shopping, decided that my 2012 400HO is not leaving the property. After some research, I discovered bearing greasers for the wheel bearings. Ordered a set, 35mm for the front and 40mm for the rears. These are made in BC, and there are companies in USA that make them too. 35mm...
  14. WilliamBos

    2.7EB vs 3.5EB?

    Ok, looking for info/experiences with both. Love the 2.7EB - has more torque than any LS that I have owned. The empty mpg, cgi block yet gobs of torque. The 3.5EB has more of both, but not as good empty mpg. Built a SCrew 4x4 2.7 EB with towing package which specs 3:73 gears. How is empty...
  15. WilliamBos

    3.5 Ecoboost questions?

    For those with the 3.5EB, looking at an SCrew 6 1/2 bed 4x4 (I need a 6 1/2 bed) how is your empty mpg? Do you notice a difference between 3:55 vs 3:73?
  16. WilliamBos

    F150 2.7 Ecoboost?

    How many members have one? How many miles do you have on it? What is your average mpg? Have you had any issues with the engine or transmission?
  17. WilliamBos

    Any Honda Pioneer 500 owners on here?

    Are there any Honda Pioneer 500 owners on here? Would love to hear how you like them.
  18. WilliamBos

    2014+ Toyota Tundra 5.7.

    Ok Tundra owners, looking for reviews on the 2014 to present Tundra Double Cab 5.7 4x4. Love my 2011 Sierra 4.8 but will not be buying another 1500 from the General. I want nothing to do with AFM or EPS and don't need a 2500HD. Toyota does not use either AFM or EPS, and that is huge in my...
  19. WilliamBos

    MF 1635 AG Wheel info?

    Looking at getting a set of AG tires for our MF 1635. Are we married to the dealer for the wheels? Or can Unverferth or the like get them? Unless the parts guy entered the number wrong, the price he gave me for the wheels is insane. Below are the tire sizes. AG R1 Front 8-16 6PR R1 HTL AG...
  20. WilliamBos


    Spray in (line x) or drop in?
  21. WilliamBos

    F250 6.2L MPG??

    With Ford's annual Employee Pricing, I looking at getting an F250 Crew Cab 6.2 4x4. What kind of mpg are the 6.2 engines giving? These can be had for the same, or less than a new GMC 1500 Crew Cab.
  22. WilliamBos

    Kolpin Rear Trail Box

    Bought a Kolpin trail box and a set of the Kolpin Lock and Ride mounts. Very satisfied with it, loads of room for my needs.
  23. WilliamBos

    Truxedo Lo Pro QT??

    Looking at getting a Truxedo Lo Pro QT, anyone on here have one? Likjesd ? Dislikes? Pics? TruXedo Lo Pro QT - #1 Selling Soft Roll-up Tonneau Cover
  24. WilliamBos

    Trailer Brake Controller - 2011 GMC 1500??

    In the market for a Trailer Brake Controller for my 2011 GMC 1500. Which kind/brand and why?
  25. WilliamBos

    What is the Easiest way to move 330 yards of pit run gravel?

    Came across this thread on another forum... What is the Easiest way to move 330 yards of pit run gravel? Well, its easier than you think, especially when a tight area is the destination. A B2620, a Polaris Sportsman 500HO and a Polaris trailer, some time and you are all set. Enjoy. :)
  26. WilliamBos

    Amsoil SVG 75W90?

    Ok, who on here is running it? Going to do the diffs in my truck, looks like it is the best stuff out there, and actually costs a lot less than Royal Purple.
  27. WilliamBos

    Amsoil OE ??

    Has or is anyone here running Amsoil OE in a newer vehicle? I have two major stores (Canadian Tire & Home Hardware) that now sell Amsoil, priced pretty good too. My 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 calls for 5W30 Dexos licensed, only if it can be found. After some reading, sounds like Dexos carries an...
  28. WilliamBos

    Rotella T6 vs Premium Blue.

    Both 5W40, prices being equal, which one would you buy?
  29. WilliamBos

    FRAM Filters...

    An interesting and informative read for sure. I'd give them another chance.
  30. WilliamBos

    Brand bew 135 anyone??

    :) Massey Ferguson 135 Perkins Barn Find - As new - Trenton Farming Equipment For Sale - Kijiji Trenton Canada. :)
  31. WilliamBos

    MF6600 are released...

    With the 4 pot SISU that pulls like a train. Hope we see them soon here. MF 6600
  32. WilliamBos

    Edge fined by EPA...

    For selling programmers that assist in removal of DPF's. EPA Says Don't Touch the Particulate Filter - News
  33. WilliamBos

    Opinion on Everlast inverter welders?

    Is anyone using a Everlast inverter welder? Looking for something that will rn off a wall socket, and is portable. Will the 160 fit the bill? Powerarc arc welders plasma arc
  34. WilliamBos

    New JD Gator line - Whose engine?

    Whose engine is JD using in the new Gator 850? 2013 John Deere Gator RSX850i Unveiled John Deere Gator Recreational Utility Vehicles
  35. WilliamBos

    2011 Duramax questions??

    Does anyone on here run a new Duramax, 2011 and up? How is the mileage? How many miles do you have on it? No interest in modding one, as it will be bone stock. Was considering a 2500HD 6.0 when I replace my truck, but if the Duramax will pull the same, or better mileage, then why not, eh...
  36. WilliamBos

    ALO Compact loader line - FINALLY!! :)

    Finally, they have a compact loader line. If you are looking for all the goodies that the bigger loaders have, like Softdrive, mechanical self leveling, and a 3rd function, give them a look. I think JD is the only one that offers self leveling on their bigger compact line. Compact Series -...
  37. WilliamBos

    Lincoln Invertec V155S - Anybody have one??

    Hi All, Does anybody have one of these yet?? Would fit the bill nicely. Wonder if it would replace a mig/arc?? Invertec V155-S Stick Welder
  38. WilliamBos

    Champion Generators - anybody own one??

    Just got a flyer from Costco, the 7200 Watt Champion generator will be $150 off come March. Does anybody on here have one?? Need one, and this looks like a great deal. Specs of it, from the Champion site. 41552 - Champion Power Equipment
  39. WilliamBos

    3PT quick hitch questions??

    How many of you folks are running 3PT quick hitches?? Do you loose much of the lift capacity with the hitch being 4" father away from the tractors lift points?? Like with 3PT pallet forks for example?? Are they easy to back up and hook on, with out getting off the tractor?? Land Pride...
  40. WilliamBos

    Vehicle maintenance logs - either Excel or Word??

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has or sues a spreadsheet for vehicle (truck, tractor, etc...) maintenance?? If so, it it something you would share?? My owners manual in the truck is getting full, and just a notepad for the tractor, looking to transfer all over. Using Office for Mac 2011...
  41. WilliamBos

    Loader MF 1635/1643 loader frame pic request.

    Hi All, Was wondering if anyone could provide pics of the loader frame on a 1635/1643?? I want to know where it ties in to the tractor on the rear, as well as any mounting points along the way. Looking at building a snow plow frame for next winter, and just want to make sure it is mounted as...
  42. WilliamBos

    MF 98 on Tractor house.

    Here is one, not too many around. 1961 MASSEY-FERGUSON 98 Tractors - 40 HP to 99 HP For Sale At That would be a nice addition. :)
  43. WilliamBos

    Snow Attachments Cool Pics from last Winter. :)

    Here are some pics from the winter past, to help all cool off a little. :) These were taken after one of the biggest storms of the year. Mind you, we had a few storms last winter. Backing out... :)
  44. WilliamBos

    What are you riding??

    Looking to buy an ATV (eventually) and wondered what every one is riding?? I love the all new design of the Outlander (800R/1000) but do not need anything that big. Going to wait till early summer next year, as the rest of the Outty line up should get the new design. Choices are ...
  45. WilliamBos

    Snow blower extensions.

    Looking at building a set of bolt on extensions for our Farm King Y500 snow blower. Need to make it 14" wider, so to 7" extensions will be needed. We are going to use metal the same thickness as the blower. Any pics or input anyone has will be greatly appreciated.
  46. WilliamBos

    Warm Cab Temps in the winter.

    Just an update, yesterday morning it got down to -6F, and yesterday with the windchill it was -11F, and it was a balmy 70F in the cab, and the heat was on the lower part, no where near maxed out. I could not find the old thread, but a guy from either Tennessee or Georgia had asked. I hope...
  47. WilliamBos

    MF 1600 Series - owner/dealer question??

    Hi All, We noticed that the rear fender tail lights, have slots for bulbs on our tractor, and there is wiring harness on either side of the frame with plugs for lights, but do you guys have working rear fender tail lights? With bulbs and harnesses? We do not, and our dealer is going to call...
  48. WilliamBos

    5w40 Syn - even if warranty calls for 10w30??

    Hi All, Planning our 50 hour service on the 1635. MF calls for 10w30, but I am not going to run dino past the 50 hour mark. Cannot locate 10w30 syn that is CJ4 compliant, since the tractor is Tier IV interim, I want an oil that meets or exceeds specs. MY question, will running 5w40 syn harm...
  49. WilliamBos

    MF RF 500 dip stick removal??

    Hi All, The manual is vague on its removal, so I will ask, do I need to use a socket to remove the vent/dipstick to check the gearbox oil? Is it a EP gear oil that goes in it?
  50. WilliamBos

    MF Powershuttle questions.

    Hi all, When our tractor is warming up, or sitting while running the splitter, should the trans mission gear shift (1 2 3 4 ) be in neutral, also? Right now, we just leave the shuttle in neutral, but wondered if that would cause a problem with the clutch.