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  1. Chewwy

    Call for Price or Quote by Phone

    I am curious why most tractor dealers are unwilling to provide online pricing for their in stock inventory. They all require calling the store to even get ballpark pricing. Car dealers, appliance store, furniture stores, RV dealers, and pretty much every other dealer type of dealer provide...
  2. Chewwy

    Burying Flexible Conduits Along Highways

    I have notice a lot of colored flexible conduits being buried along a number of major highways. Most are blue or orange but also some yellow. Some conduits near us were buried over a year ago and as of yet do not appear to be used for anything (ends of empty conduit sticking up out of the...
  3. Chewwy

    Diesel Fuel Water Separator

    At one time a lot of diesel tractors came equiped with fuel water separators. Doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Anybody know why this is? Has fuel quality improved that much?
  4. Chewwy

    Howse 10 Ft Single Spindle Rotary Cutter

    Is anyone familiar with a 10 Ft Howse Single Spindle Rotary Cutter? Any info would be appreciated. i have an opportunity to buy a used 10 ft House Rotary Cutter at a good price and in excellent condition. I can’t find any info on it on the Howse Website or find any manuals for it. Howse...
  5. Chewwy

    MF 265 Handbrake Anyone?

    In reviewing the parts manual for the MF 265, it appears that a handbrake was either an option or a requirement for tractors sold in Florida (USA). I can’t imagine that MF would have provided a significantly different design for Florida tractors to just accomodate including a handbrake. This...
  6. Chewwy

    Stack Valves vs Multi-Spool Directional Control Valves

    I’m still a little confused by some hydraulic system terminology. What is the difference between stack valves and directional control valves? From what I can figure out, the number of functions which can be controlled by stack valves can be expanded or reduced by adding or removing valves...
  7. Chewwy

    Why No Hydraulic Filters On Most Older Farm Tractors

    Any thoughts on why most older farm tractors had no filter on the hydraulic/transmission fluid system, relying simply on sump screens. Most newer farm tractors have both separate transmission and hydraulic fluid filters. Not saying anything wrong with the addition of filtration, but the...
  8. Chewwy

    Looking for knowledgable input, MF 254 Hydraulic Remote Question

    I have a MF 265 with one remote but have not used it yet. I have added a ROP need to remove the existing remote valve and outlet quick connects. I plan to replace the single remote with 3 remote valves and associated quick connects. This pic shows what is the hydraulic connection with shutoff...
  9. Chewwy

    MF 265, 6 Speed Transmission WITHOUT Multi-Power

    I’m confused. Anyone familiar with the MF265 with a 6 Speed Transmission WITHOUT multi-power? Both the operators manual as well as the service manual seem to indicate transmissions for the 265 are either 8 speed or multi-power 6 speed. I have a 265 that is clearly a 6 speed and is has no...
  10. Chewwy

    MF 255, Hydraulics and PTO Non Functional

    I just purchased a MF 255 at a really good price because the hydraulics don’t work at all. Neither the PTO, the 3 Pt Hitch, nor the single rear hydraulic remote will function. I bought this for a project. The owner thought the problem was the hydraulic pump. I have limited knowledge of this...
  11. Chewwy

    Backhoe Ford 555B, Compatabilty of Brake Discs, Plates, and Actuators

    I’m looking at getting back to the long delayed wet brake repairs. My back is much better and found someone willing to help with the work. I bought this macine used and the serial number and production date on my machine have long been obliterated. I believe but am not certain that in was...
  12. Chewwy

    Time Settings for this Forum

    Does anyone know if there is a way to set the time for this App? The times for my postings are not based on local time, maybe GMT.
  13. Chewwy

    Wet Brake Actuator Repair

    I posted on brand specific forum but got no response so I'm trying it here. --------------------------- Anyome have knowledge or experience rebuilding Tractor Wet Brake Actuators? There is not much to them but springs, steel balls, and the actuator bodys. Springs and balls are available...
  14. Chewwy

    Ford Backhoe - Wet Brake Friction Material Change in 1987

    For production on or after Sept 1, 1987 Ford/New Holland changed the friction material for the wet brakes for their 555B backhoes. It went from a metal based friction material to a paper based material. They also changed the part nos. for the associated actuators. I am told the old style...
  15. Chewwy

    Ford Lifting Fixture Tool No. 6011

    Anyone have any information on the Ford Lifting Fixture Tool No. 6011 (aka, Churchill tool RE 140)? A picture maybe? The service manual for my backhoe calls for using this for engine removal. The pictures in the manual are not very clear on what it looks like. I can't find any information on...
  16. Chewwy

    555B - subframe-to-front support bolts

    I inherited this tractor so I have little invested. On the downside, I don't know much about its history. I do know the engine was replaced with a rebuilt engine within the last 200 hours. It runs well and seems pretty strong. The hour meter on the dash does work and has less than 4,000...
  17. Chewwy

    Ford 555b wet brake replacement and repair transmission oil leak

    I need to replace the wet brakes on my 555b backhoe. I"ve been planning to do this when the weather turned cooler. I continued to use the backhoe over the summer without brakes to complete several jobs on some flat pieces of my property. During this use, I noticed a pretty good transmission...
  18. Chewwy

    Ford 555 Rear Axle Weight

    Anyone know what is the weight of the rear axle of a Ford 555B without the tires. My estimate is 700 - 800 lbs.
  19. Chewwy

    Loader Ford 555B - Brake Actuator Rebiuld

    Anyome have experience rebuilding Ford Wet Brake Actuators? Not much to them but springs, steel balls, and the actuator discs themselve. Springs and balls are available and reasonable priced. The discs not so much. Complete actuators for axles prior to 9/1/1986 are available reasonable...
  20. Chewwy

    Ford 555B - Location of Serial No.

    The identification plate located below and on the left side of the dash/operator display is partially obliterated on my Ford 555B backhoe. This plate includes the serial no. and other information such as manufacturing date. Anyone know of another location on the machine for at least the serial...
  21. Chewwy

    Ford 555b. Unused port on hydraulic Unload Valve

    While crawling around under my recently aquired Ford 555b, I found what appears to be a missing large plug on the bottom of the unload valve assembly (shown on the parts diagram for unload valve and manifold). I have ordered a replacement plug (1 3/16 - 12 plug, part no. E4NNE846AA) but am...
  22. Chewwy

    Loader Front End Loader Safety Bar - Ford 555B

    Looking for info/details on the loader safety bar for Ford 555B. I've been unable it locate in the Parts Manual. There are a couple of pictures showing it in the operator manual but not much detail is shown. I look at every Ford loader/backhoe I see but none actually have the safety bar even...