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    Pairing Flail Mower Size And Cutting Conditions To Tractor PTO Horsepower

    Also, nothing says you have to cut the full width of the mower (usually). I have a smaller tractor (25 PTO HP) and need to cut brush taller than the hood of my tractor (the flag is 6'). I bought a 48" flail mower. I still have to go very slow and only cut 24" per pass. Works great because...
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    TESLA Electric Truck?

    Slight update on Semi price, from Tesla website: $150,000 base model.
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    TESLA Electric Truck?

    I'll be buying one. Bought the license plate for it last night.
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    Keeping hoses off ground

    Hopefully this will make you feel better... I tried bungees first. They didn't work well for me. If I made them loose for grapple work, they sagged way too much when grapple was off. Mine is not quite like what EA now offers. Hopefully that type will work for you. :thumbsup:
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    PTO shield safety chains

    I've been researching this lately and find it amazing how controversial it is, and how much contradictory advice is given. Some people claim you should never cut the chain to shorten it as that is not safe... yet those same people cut their PTO shafts to fit without a 2nd thought. :confused...
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    Flail Mower Just received Betst Flail Mower

    It was a hard decision, flail mower or brush hog. But I want the stuff shredded, not just chopped down in big pieces. No experience with either, so I'm hoping this will do what I want. There is a long flail thread here that had me thinking a 73" Caroni might be the one I want. But I only...
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    Finally installed fire extinguisher

    I've been meaning to attach a fire extinguisher to the tractor for a long time. Finally remembered to buy the clamps while at the hardware store. Here's hoping I never need it! :)
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    Wheel Weight kits for Kubota TLBs

    Thanks for the link rScotty. :)
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    Photo Posting How To

    Xfaxman, thank you. You posted many times about clicking the picture in edit mode, but nothing I did had any effect. Until you posted this! How about that, now it works1 :thumbsup:
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    Free Ford backhoe - who says used sells for same as new?

    Of course, you get what you pay for... ;) (local Craigslist ad - several motorhomes also free in about same shape!)
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    Chains Bucket hooks

    Ken does say he cannot recommend doing it, but says it's a CYA because he has never tested it. I just drilled all the way through (I can't weld). They work fine. I would like some facing the other way so I could run the chain over the back of the bucket, but doubt I'll ever get around to...
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    Backhoe Dolly for LS XG3025 LB1106 Backhoe

    1) Here is the backhoe on its dolly. Normally it lives on concrete in the garage, but at the moment it is in the yard. When in the garage I usually put a Harbor Freight dolly (the little size, 11?) under the front end of the subframe just to keep it off the ground. Total length of the dolly...
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    Best UTV?

    Even closer to Big Bear, 4-door Isuzu Rodeo in Palm Springs: Craigslist Rodeo Betcha this would work for OP.
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    Best UTV?

    That's a very pretty Sami (in the picture at least ;)), but I think they are asking too much. If I didn't have my Isuzu I'd go look, though. Is the front lift kit mount ripping away from the frame? Picture from the ad:
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    Best UTV?

    Same as me, almost. I have a Yamaha Rhino but wanted something enclosed with air conditioning. Samis are great, almost as easy to get parts as Jeeps, but I wanted an automatic so got a Isuzu Amigo. 2-door (with rear bench seat seats 4 or 5), very short, but V6 with 4x4 with hi-lo will go...
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    Those with lightning storms, how do you protect electronics?

    Here we rarely have dangerous lightning (once in 5 years). My brother just moved to Central Texas and is unsure how to cope with frequent lightning storms (in season). I found this old thread with useful info: value-good-whole-house-surge So much 'stuff' to protect nowadays, computers, TVs...
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    Sell my UTV for What?

    I went through this, except 660 Rhino. First I put an engine cover/dust shield in the Rhino, made it so we could talk... up to about 15 MPH. Not good enough. Decided I wanted enclosed with A/C and still 4x4 with Hi-Lo range. Samurai just didn't have the power I wanted, otherwise it was just...
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    Water filter by well or by house? Does it matter?

    We want to get a whole house water filter. Our well is about 200' from the house. It would be much more convenient to mount the filters in the pump shed. Is there any reason to have the filter close to the house? Online instructions say to mount it where the water line enters the house, but...
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    How do I remove the plastic covers on the control levers?

    I think he means the plasti-dipped ones (what I have for rear remotes). It isn't intended to be removed. If you find a way to do it without damage, please let us know. Would be handy for maintenance, but other than a razor, I've no idea how it could be done.
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    Geo Tracker instead of UTV?

    Update: I bought an Isuzu Amigo instead of the Geo Tracker. The Amigo is significantly larger, almost too large. The white pole is our property marker, the rock by the left driver's side limits width on that side. Really nice though. Automatic, dual sunroof, 4x4, hi-lo, V6, 78,000 miles...
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    Geo Tracker instead of UTV?

    I need to replace my Yamaha Rhino. One thing I want is quiet, so I've considered the Polaris Ranger EV. I can get a Polaris with the Voltronix Lithium conversion (used) for 15 grand: Polaris Or, I can get a Geo Tracker (148,000 miles of used) for $4,500. Upsides, Geo Tracker has air...
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    Found a new zerk (Kioti CK27 HST)

    While working near the main hydraulic distribution box under the right side of my tractor I noticed this device. Does anyone know what this device is? (large oval) Zerk at its base (small circle) is kind of hard to see here. Pretty sure I've never greased that one. :eek:
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    Loader Kioti CK27 Joystick installed wrong... questions

    Update: Turned control box around, float is now in correct spot. Here is why I'm working on this at all, one cable worked loose and the joystick was tilting further and further to the right. Boot bellows show joystick leaning: Piston out of adjustment (groove should be where locking bar can...
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    Loader Kioti CK27 Joystick installed wrong... questions

    Three issues with my joystick, which I believe was installed "wrong" (it does work): 1) lock switch comes out the front, apparently should come out the back. 2) dogleg goes to right, simply not sure if this is correct or if it "should" go forward/back. 3) this is the biggie... detent for...
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    Kioti CK30HST Manual for dummies / Hydro Issue

    There is a larger tube near the top. It is called the "breather tube" as air flows thru the "J" hook to prevent vacuum in the tank. The red cap just pops out (not necessarily easily). If you have a backhoe, the "return to tank" line may be connected to this tube. It will handle much higher...
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    Entry Gate advice appreciated.

    Here is the gate I want...
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    Trailer gate assist

    Very good. :thumbsup: Never occurred to me to make them... I just bought the gorilla lift; you're version saved lots of money. I do like having the springs enclosed, though.
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    Cut-off wheels and angle grinders

    Knowing I would need it someday I bought a Harbor Freight 4 1/2" angle grinder when it was at a good price. Also got a 10 pack of metal cutoff wheels. Today was the day so I pull everything out and start by reading the grinder's instructions. First thing it says is: "not for use with cut-off...
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    Video Surveillance System

    My thought is that anything is better than nothing. If you are budget limited, you do what you can. I went with the (similar) Q-SEE from Costco. The 60 foot camera leads shrink fast when routing to the controller... I can only view three sides of my home. My goal was to view over the...
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    Good Bench Vise Recommendations

    A 6" Wilton showed up locally on craigslist recently. Price seems a bit high, but it is dropping... I like GManBart's better :)
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    Buying used (250/2500), what to avoid (engine/trans known issues)

    I'm not a truck guy, have never owned one. Now with the tractor and land I feel I need one, but cannot afford new. I'm thinking under 10 grand, probably year 2000-2007. I need to pull about 9,000 lbs. (total incl trailer) but not often and not far. 1) Would a Ford F150/Dodge-Chevy 1500 do...
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    Got my new (used) ck30 today

    Here is the maintenence schedule page from the workshop manual. If it comes through as lower res I can email you the hi-res version.
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    Mounting mirror on tractor ??

    No drilling needed - use adhesive mounted studs. Mentioned here on TBN = Click Bond, similar available elsewhere (weld mount and others). Best results if paint sanded down first so it is adhering to the metal. Prior threads...
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    Bolt on hooks install for Kioti bucket

    So I bought the hooks from KennyD in 2014, but the Kioti bucket has a square tube along the front for added strength. Some LS buckets have this too. Which means I need 3 1/2 inch bolts instead of the 1 1/2 inch bolts provided. And I finally remembered I needed them WHILE I WAS AT THE STORE...
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    How to transport 20 foot drainage pipe?

    I need some 18" drainage pipe, which comes in 20 foot lengths. Biggest trailer my car will handle is 12 feet. Any suggestions on how to get these home? Thanks
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    Chipper GME (Danuser) 24P Chipper

    Danuser sold a chipper a long time ago. Research says it was actually made by GME (Ground Maintenance Equipment). Danuser no longer carries it and GME appears to no longer exist. The 24P chipper was a nice unit with a 160 lb flywheel, PTO driven (no hydraulics). The P in the model name does...
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    This takes a special kind of stupid!

    That was part of our reason for not having kids, but this was the real clincher: Wish we had known they were lying to us, sure didn't work out that way! :laughing:
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    Identifying my tractor

    It's a 49, 50, 51, 52 ... except that wasn't a Ford. Hm.
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    Another CL laugh - Never seen BLUE car ramps

    Probably work fine on my Smurf car, then!
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    What happened to small trucks?

    And, how about a diesel small truck (actually a car with an open, extendable bed), the Hyundai Santa Cruz? I would really like this - claimed high 30's MPG.
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    Ballast Two valve stems per tire

    I'm going to fill my tires, just bought the adapter tool (don't have it yet... Amazon) Most of the posts I've read over time and just now doing a search mention having to bleed air. The tool wants you to stop pumping to bleed... seems like a waste of time. How bad to the rim/tire would it be...
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    RTV 500 speedometer

    Link doesn't work for me, so I went to the main kubota accessories page and scrolled down until I found the RTV500 speedo ... $102.90 Accessories page: RTV Accessories | Messicks's Messick's does have a cute error page picture:
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    Yes, the backhoe on the 110TLB is almost double the specs of the Kioti KB2475. Lots bigger, too (longer reach, etc.) 110tlb vs kioti:
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    CK Series 2nd Remote Hydraulic Valve Price & Use

    That is a good price for the 2nd remote when getting it from the dealer. And remember, if you don't get the 2nd remote that slot will be empty and everyone will ask you "what's missing"? :laughing:
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    Any insights on quonset huts

    When I google butterfly roofs most are really 'V's. The wastewater treatment plant near us did a (very expensive) renovation and added large buildings with graceful butterfly roofs. These pics were gleaned from the 'net, I've never taken any pics of it, but could if you want better views...
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    Opinions PermaBilt

    I haven't used them (they work Western Washington) but based on their website I would have no qualms working with them. Meaning, contact and decide if the people you encounter suit you. Website certainly looks good. 18 grand (special) doesn't even sound bad for a 20x24 with 4" concrete floor:
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    Who can afford a new truck anymore?

    Back on topic... I could use a work truck but there ain't no way I'm buying a new one at these prices. So this is what I'm looking at, should be strong enough to pull my Kioti. Opinions on this choice welcome ... wiser than buying new or a maintenance headache?
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    Buying Advice Craigslist? Act fast! (tractor sold in 3 hours)

    I look at Craigslist every few days, not looking for anything specific right now. But for some reason I always do a search on 'tractor'. :cool: Saw this one this morning: It sold in under 3 hours. Moral: If you see something you want on Craigslist, snag it quick. And if you're actually...
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    110 TLB Grapple choice

    Good job on ordering that grapple. I'm sure you'll like it. I'm interested in their 'stump grapple' (only the GRSB1, not the one shown) 56" opening, but can't find weight. I'll contact them.
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    Adding a Gun Mount

    I've always wanted one of these on our "soccer mom" minivan... Soccer mom is optional, extra: