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  1. mwayne

    Shoe Search

    I can second the fall off in quality of Bates' products.
  2. mwayne

    Advice request from mechanical engineers

    Thanks for the replies. I communicated with the mechanical engineer through an in between and the in between has never been able to get a response to my question. The question is, Why are those numbers so different from my expectation? After the fact I found this from Home Depot's web site: The...
  3. mwayne

    Advice request from mechanical engineers

    Maybe someone knowledgeable in mechanical engineering can explain a situation to me. I used some 1/2" all thread on a project and was told that the maximum tensile load I could allow for is 550 poundsper all thread. This was based on the information in a chart that I later found on engineering...
  4. mwayne

    Snow Tractor won’t start tonight.

    Do you have a starter relay? The one on my 2538 failed and had to be replaced. Mine is on the left hand side just behind the battery. Edit: it bench tested fine but would not engage the starter.
  5. mwayne

    2638 Relief Valve Location

    Can you post some pictures of the valve? Generally the relief will be close to the power in port. If it is a shim stack style it will look like a regular bolt head.
  6. mwayne

    Educate me on having cattle

    If I remember correctly from decades ago, we had about that many momma cows on 100 acres in Ellis county. You shouldn't have to be feeding hay with the recent rains we had until we have had a frost, thinning the herd may be needed. Spending a Saturday at the livestock exchange and chatting with...
  7. mwayne

    GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) John Deere Tractor?

    A local ag mechanic shop has an annual tractor pull and anyone can bring their tractor. This 520 was punching beyond it size and never did stall out, the tires dug a hole and he was finished. So for now the 520 is my favorite John Deere. Notice there is only one front tire.
  8. mwayne

    Let's see your knife.

    I needed a keychain pocketknife and bought this but it is a spring loaded switchblade and the thought of it inadvertently opening in my pocket changed my mind for me. Knife, Sharknight Folding...
  9. mwayne

    After service

    What I would do is to expose several inches of the original wires from the tractor, it looks like they are red/black, gray? and black. Then cut off the unnecessary plug from your new part leaving those wires long as (you can cut them shorter later) and splice them in to the tractor harness...
  10. mwayne

    Here I am again.

    Sorry to hear about your problems. How long is the connector you bought? That might give you a clue as to where it goes. If this thread is reposted in the Mahindra owning operating forum then it might be visible to others with the same tractor and they could help.
  11. mwayne

    Noob question - Mahindra 2538

    Here is a page from the 2538 service manual, please check with a Mahindra dealer before putting gear oil in your transmission.
  12. mwayne

    Noob question - Mahindra 2538

    I used Chevron THF 1000 for hydraulic fluid when I changed at 50 hours, the source for this info was the shop manual. Sounds like what you are referring to is gear oil. The owners manual may not be accurate or may be generic for a number of different tractors.
  13. mwayne

    Rear Axle Failure, Max 28, Service Manual Pages?

    That is really innovative thinking on your repair and I hope it works out long term. How did you make the epoxy to bond to the metal?
  14. mwayne

    Advice on buying a skeleton/rock buck for kubotaL4701

    This guy did something similar to what you are contemplating:
  15. mwayne

    Native Grass Seeding 10+ Acres Mixed w/o Discing?

    I'm in Ellis county, west of you, with clay loam soil and a few years into a similar endeavor. Based on my experience this far I think you would be disappointed in your ROI by simply spreading seeds on the ground and hoping for the best. Since you have a box blade (with rippers?) I would use...
  16. mwayne

    2538 Main Hydraulic Pump failed

    Great idea, but I looked it up on TYM's site and the TYM pumps are split and on the port side while the Mahindra is starboard and the two pumps are in series.
  17. mwayne

    Help with roundup mixing.

    I use Remedy for mesquite eradication and found it takes care of poison ivy, when mixing Remedy with water I use liquid laundry detergent for surfactant.
  18. mwayne

    2538 Main Hydraulic Pump failed

    Thanks for posting about this. What happened to the pump? Do you have pictures?
  19. mwayne

    Septic line distance limitations

    It can probably be done, but will your local building department allow you to do that is a question to ask. This guy did something like you are proposing:
  20. mwayne

    face mask for mowing tired of the dust?

    I like to use a N95 mask, the one in the picture is a good combination of effective and comfortable. 3M also has the 8210 but it fits tight and will leave impressions on your face after taking it off. Someone will be along shortly to say you should have bought a cab tractor!
  21. mwayne

    Gluing PVC Pipe under water/ Pond overflow

    And then use some of this if needed:
  22. mwayne

    Help identifying rotary cutter.

    The welded number may be an inventory number for a municipality etc.
  23. mwayne

    What To Use For Front Shields ON Brush Hogs?

    Based on personal experience, to me that is a symptom of the back end of your rotary cutter being lower than the front. You may want to try to adjust the angle of your cutter to see if that reduces the amount of material blowing on you.
  24. mwayne

    Load 16 ton, what do you get?

    Since we're on the subject of cows... Many, many years ago I remember my uncle had a cow out in the pasture with a harness which held a long pole out in front of the animal, which obviously interfered when she walked. I was young and a lot of years have passed but it seems like it was several...
  25. mwayne

    Mahindra 2538 hydraulic leak

    Had a leak start today while spreading gravel with 325 hours on the meter. The power steering hoses have couplings about halfway between the steering valve and cylinder and for all this time they (the couplings) were rubbing on the steel line going from the pump to the main pressure relief...
  26. mwayne

    Need 1538 3 point top link dimensions

    Your dealer wanted $600 for one of these?
  27. mwayne

    2655 Cab shuttle phantom current draw - Any ideas?

    Have you checked for a bad diode on the alternator?
  28. mwayne

    Statistics help please

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for the future.
  29. mwayne

    Statistics help please

    This is a work sampling question, getting a sample every 10 minutes throughout a 8 hour (480 minute) day and extrapolate results from that. I quoted the question verbatim from the book and it doesn't say what the 82% is. And it is not a follow up question, it may be a character building question...
  30. mwayne

    Statistics help please

    That is my thinking also, confidence level is specified by management or the customer, not determined by field results. I'm going to start my answer by stating: "Assuming a 95% confidence interval......". And see what happens. Thanks.
  31. mwayne

    Statistics help please

    Thanks AW, I was already aware of Chegg and back when I took statistics looked into a membership. At the time it seemed like one of those deals like with satellite TV where it might be difficult to stop the autobilling to the credit card so I passed on it. This class only has a couple more...
  32. mwayne

    Statistics help please

    Long story short, my employer has a tuition reimbursement program for approved classes so I'm taking a manufacturing process class. One of my homework problems has me confused and I would appreciate some help steering me in the right direction. The problem is from Niebel's Methods, Standards...
  33. mwayne


    Braum's Chocolate Chip Cookie dough!!
  34. mwayne

    2555 and blown HST

    Does that tractor have mechanical linkage to the swash plate? Just thinking out loud, if it uses potentiometers for actuation it could be an electronic problem.
  35. mwayne

    allowed pushing with box blade

    I have a tilt cylinder on my tractor and backed my box blade up to a small stump thinking to use the cylinder lift to uproot the stump. Instead it bent the lower lift arm quite badly. So I can recommend not doing that.
  36. mwayne

    E OR M Massey?

    This guy is a good ambassador for MF and has a lot of tractor salesmanship videos out. He is also pretty good about responding to questions in the comment section.
  37. mwayne

    2538 - fuel/oil filter cross references with Bosch.

    Thanks for the list Rootfarmer. When I bought the hydraulic filter for my 2538 from Mahindra it was a Donaldson P169078 in a Mahindra box!
  38. mwayne

    Besko valve boot.... I didn't see any specs with this boot so might or might not work. If it doesn't I'm sure there are other options rather than the dealership price. Good luck!
  39. mwayne

    Rops sunshade with built in fan

    That product may be new, I've never seen anything like it. Don't think it would work for me, when bush hogging, that fan would fill up with debris and require constant attention to keep clear.
  40. mwayne

    2500-2600 hood latch problem

    Duffer, I started to have issues with unlatching the hood. Turned out the space under the latch was filled with grass etc. As I was blowing out the screens I accidentally blew it all clear and it works like new again. If you are still having problems might want to check that.
  41. mwayne

    Rotary Cutter Bush hog blades won't turn

    Another thing to consider is a keyway or roll pin sheared between either the input shaft and input gear or the output gear and output shaft. Might be able to finish the season with repairs but I agree with the others in that it is time for a new gear box. Good luck!
  42. mwayne

    New tractor purchase, 30-40k price range, struggling with choice

    Found the quote for the tractor referenced in post #26 while switching phones. The price was $28,000 but that included a Land Pride rotary cutter for $2000. I had the cutter added in for a package discount deal. The tractor price without the discount would have been $26,300. My apologies for any...
  43. mwayne

    2021 Mahindra 2638

    I have a 2538 which has a different loader valve so can't say as to your valves ports. Might be a good idea to post this in the Mahindra owning and operating section. And also post pictures of your valve there.
  44. mwayne

    Farm accidents: Low IQ levels or wrong choices

    Of the few fatal farm accidents I have first hand knowledge of, fatigue or extreme fatigue would be the primary cause. Cutting hay in the summer all during daylight hours and then servicing the equipment after dark for days on end for example, causing the tractor operator to fail to yield...
  45. mwayne

    Oil & Fuel Mahindra 1533 had fuel with water in it and I don’t know what I am doing except trying.

    There are some great threads about diesel fuel handling in the oil fuel lubricants section here on TBN. What I do is buy my fuel at a busy, high volume place by I45. Then keep it in a safety can like this:
  46. mwayne

    Oil & Fuel Mahindra 1533 had fuel with water in it and I don’t know what I am doing except trying.

    You are correct. There are no moving parts on the sensor, when you unscrew it water, if any, will drain out. And then replace and reconnect the plug.
  47. mwayne

    Oil & Fuel Mahindra 1533 had fuel with water in it and I don’t know what I am doing except trying. I'm now a dealership orphan so have been getting filters from billstractor. Also in post # 11 I wrote the Wix and Bosch part numbers, you can Google those numbers and see where else they are available. Good luck!
  48. mwayne

    Oil & Fuel Mahindra 1533 had fuel with water in it and I don’t know what I am doing except trying.

    See the attached pics, may need to click on them for better resolution. The filter at the bottom is what is in your picture. The filter at the top is the one with the fuel sensor. After looking at Mahindra's part list you have the same Bosch filter on your tractor.
  49. mwayne

    Oil & Fuel Mahindra 1533 had fuel with water in it and I don’t know what I am doing except trying.

    I think your 1533 and my 2538 have similar engines. So, on my tractor the silver can is the primary filter and on the other side of the engine is the secondary filter. The secondary has the water sensor at the bottom of the filter. You may want to see if you can remove the wiring connector...
  50. mwayne

    Rotary Cutter Brush cutting for beginners...

    Consider a composite of ideas already stated, hire the mowing out for this year and maybe next. Then you can survey and note the potentially difficult areas, if any, for when you take over the job yourself. This also takes the pressure off of needing to buy your own machinery in a hurry.